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  1. Meeting at 10:30am 11:30am Setting Off From Woodhorn Museum 11:38am arrive at The Plough, Ellington 12:00pm arrive at The Widdrington Inn, Widdrington 12:30pm arrive at Amble Quayside 13:20pm arrive at Alnwick Gardens Car park 14:23pm arrive at The Black Swan, Morpeth 14:48pm arrive at The Market Tavern, Bedlington 15:13pm arrive at The Eagle, Blyth
  2. Some great replies and a great link thanks. I am well educated on this cool Motorcycle run now! I hope many take part.
  3. Thanks for those replies all. If anyone hears more please post it here including any adverts for it and who organising so can contact as I know a few who would like to partake. Cheers
  4. Does anyone know exactly what this is all about(I see it is about delivering easter eggs on motorbikes!):- Where it starts and when, where it goes to, how long the ride is and who are the easter eggs delivered to and where? Does every biker have to deliver eggs? How many bikers are expected to go? and can anyone confirm it is 23rd April? cant think of any more questions............. cheers
  5. Tesco's , Lord Bedlington, new scoreboards, painted pub, cleaned up Tallantyres...............hey, Bedlington will be mistaken for Morpeth within weeks! On a serious note, Weatherspoons will work as it will attract more locals who dont go drinking in Bedlington now.The Wharton will therefore benefit from spillover and gradually things will improve down the street in other pubs. Whats going to happen to the Ridge Farm though?Surely they are going to be priced out. Someone told me that it was going to be an Indian restaurant.Any news on that? Would be nice to have seen some efforts/publicity on more xmas lights going up this year in Bedlington (and some old ones coming down such as those awful lampost ones)as that would have brought some feel good factor to the place and that along with the Red Lion opening would have been a great festivity. Can anyone ask Lord Bedlington to help out (and with the leccy bill)?
  6. I really can't see any other better site within the confines of Bedlingtonshire. Currently it is a waste of space and all of the residents should be able to utilize such an area. The problem is this town will never see any improvement or move with the times with those who refuse to accept change. Just look at the forum about the old school on Church Lane; it has cause so much annoyance to those who like to view old, dilapidated buildings and are so conservative (small 'c')will never accept change.Lets face facts- this town is stagnant and will always be so. Just in case something better will happen to that broken eyesaw building opposite Tesco, why dont we just fight to keep it just in case something new, fresh and vibrant is built in its place? That will also keep the wheel clampers happy!
  7. The above chart of numbers for each pub are more relative to the number of pints each pub has sold in the last 12 months- ghost town! Give it another 20 years and they may get up to triple figures.
  8. Does anyone know when we will get the final decision regarding Tesco ? The consultation on the Morpeth store was "late January" so it must have happened by now.
  9. I agree with previous posts that the likelihood of Bedlington getting a bigger Tesco is zero. It is a shame that this store has moved into our town, bought up buildings here and there, given us all hope that Bedlington was at last on the up so to speak, for what? so they could have a back up plan if their plans for Morpeth didn't go through.We will be left with a shop the same size as it has always been and loads of empty buildings around it, the old supermarket that is next to Tesco now has plants growing out of its top windows. It looks a mess, and lowers the tone of our town.
  10. I find this thread pretty unbelievable!what a load of FAT! People demanding fast food readily available for their kids! In such a climate of fat people and so much education in the media about fat deaths and costs to NHS because of such fat people I cant understand why more fat food should be sold around here. BEDLINGTON NEEDS A HEALTH FOOD TAKEAWAY!! Have a look at the following links; it might add 20 years to your life www.eatwell.gov.uk/healthydiet www.healthyfood.uk.com http://hcd2.bupa.co.uk/fact_sheets/html/healthy_eating.html www.HealthyDirect.com www.healthypulses.co.uk
  11. They have done Hazelmere today- footpaths and all- only taken since 1st January! But well done anyway..........
  12. Im surprised that no one has replied to this thread,unless everyone is coming on 14th,or everyone is content with what Bedlington has to offer and what it looks like. There are so many topics and issues surrounding what is needed in Bedlington aswell as the complex politics surrounding the Town (ie- the money sidelined from the sale of the Golf course for sporting facilities/Gallagher Park that has now been criminally taken from 'The People', why Bedlington has always been second best to Blyth, Ashington, Newbiggin and other matters) I would like to see what I feel is the most important issue for this Town brought up at the meeting: Leisure Facilities! Not only do youth need such facilities, so do adults. This Town is crying out for a large multi functional Leisure Centre. It has the Demand, the Land and the Will for it. We need backing. We need the right people who know how to fight for such a facility to help: MP's, Councillors,solicitors etc so enough mney can be found to build it. I know many are trying and are talking about it but can someone publicise what stage this is at and what is required to move forward in gaining a leisure centre/facilities? I would also like to see some sort of fund set up for a fantastic christmas light display supported by the council. This wold bring good publicity to the Town and bring people from around the area to see it. I know it doesnt sound much much things like this are all beneficial to the bigger picture in bringing others to the Town. For places to attract people , attractions are needed, no matter how big or small. Christmas lights, activities on the main street on a regular basis (minors picnic type of events, ice rink, stalls, fete's are a just a few). I was under the impression that there was a lot of money available to do up the main street shop fronts etc? All that has happened is millions spent on paving in front of Tesco on a BMX/skate park. It would be good to find out what developements/facelifts there are planned for the near future.
  13. Are they placing dog poo bins around it for all that dog fouling that will go on there when the fences are down, oh, and some wardens to pick it up and put in them?
  14. I wish for this to become an area for.............. Youth disorder, skateboard park, BMX track, speedway, waste disposal site, skid marks,fighting ring .............need I say more? At least I have my wish
  15. Possibly a sign that there are not the visitors they wanted. This developement was ratified prior to the recession so it could be hitting hard. I have been to have a look at it and yes, its nice, but I really thought it would be more impressive than it is after all the 'hype'. Its still a lot better than the forgotten Shire (BEDLINGTONSHIRE) . Hopefully we can catch up. I remember Morpeth over 10 years years ago when things were run down and many shops empty and shut. It hasnt taken them long to get it how it is now. We should take a leaf from their book of redevelopment and follow suite. COUNCILLORS/MP's should be ashamed of themselves allowing Bedlington to become the forgotten land and should start rectifying things with money other than hand outs and lottery grants
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