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  1. might have been used as a cottage..lol..one thing for sure is..if its a public toilet it should be open for the public..theres nowt worse than wandering round the shops or market and to be busting a gut for the bog and find out there is none..pubs and cafes are for customers only and the last thing you want is to be dilly dallying around with the tortises head popping oot !!
  2. wow !! that was some saw !!.. its sad that some people just cant share public property and want it all to themselves. its obviously either down someones allotment or in the back garden and theyre probably all delighted drinking their cans of dutch gold round the bonfire..i can think of a stronger word than lowlife that is unprintable on this site but it does rhyme with a type of flat bottomed boat.. had it have been a metal bench it would have been weighed in for scrap value and probably been spent on cider or drugs.. if I had my way id have them tortured and paraded up and down outside the post office on giro day...name them and shame them..
  3. lol..lads..this chair is proving to be quite a hit @ the new shed, all that come in cant resist having a blast though as yet no one has wanted to buy it..as for the bdsm..lol.. I saw a bondage headboard once on the internet and it was up for sale for three grand..what kind of sick person would shell out that kind of money for a headboard..of to the shed and built a huge headboard..all forks and spoons, and evry spanner I ever stole and welded the lot together,,gothic overtones and curly scrolls...advertised it for 1000 yoyos and had to withdraw the add due to offers of payment in punishment..its been rusting up in the back garden for about 5 years now and I have been thinking of power washing it and spraying it with about ten coats of clear laquar..might try and sell it again to some sad wealthy person with more money than sense..take some pics for you tomorrow lads..wonky the welder.
  4. well..been at the shed all weekend again and have built this rocky chair from the scrap corner..i know its not in the same league as the bedlington bench but its probably just as pleasurable to sit on for a while..will try and finish it next time I have a few hours to kill and get it sprayed up all sparkly new...had I have been asked to commission a bedlington bench it would have probably looked like a robot...so..fair play Malcolm .
  5. we have whats known as the credit union over here in Ireland ..its like a bank but run by the members and everyone can have a go if they like. they will lend you 3 times the amount of your savings with out too many questions and with much less fuss than a visit to the bank..the whole country seems to be a member and some familys rely on the credit union just to get by..they even lend money to the unemployed after a means test..its pretty cool really .though because it is run by the members it means that joe soap or mrs mac from down the road might be working on the counter and have access to your personal finances and be sharing that info with your neighbours or enemies..back in the early nineties my local branch was actually in someones kitchen down the street and to lodge money you would have to return the following evening to get your book back after it had been stamped..there have been cases where credit union staff have done runners with the funds ( a bit like leek show treasures).. years ago I wanted to borrow three grand to buy an old half decked trawler and when I told them what the loan was for they insisted that I drop in with some fish with my repayments..only in Ireland..lol
  6. wonky

    Wonkys Back

    lol..cheers Maggie...its swear words I am making...gets all the frustrations out and makes me feel good about myself...lol..just thought of a word that rhymes with canny. thanks for that....lol
  7. wonky

    Wonkys Back

    lol..wonky fabrication cork..is where its at..
  8. wonky

    Wonkys Back

    wey aye man !! wonkys back..i know its been a while and i am guessing some of yous probably thought i`d been in prison or shot but the truth is i have been up the walls busy in the new workshop and the internet has just been so far away from my headspace latley its just been used for spending money and my special time when the wife is at bingo.. i have been working on average 12 hrs per day since november,7 days a week,spending money as fast as it comes in and it has now come to the point that the north east of england is in my thoughts again and its time to switch off the welder for a while and tune in to some other headspace. last week i was given a crate of motorcycle chains, hundreds of them and started cutting them up and welding them into swearwords. i have started turning them into signs..evryone needs a f##k off sign i thought and have went a little mental and started making a whole collection.. i have a limited edition range of wonky welding called (say it with flowers)..this range entails swear words made from chain decorated with iron flowers that were left overs from a recent commision.. i made a two foot long C word, all jazzed up with metal daisies and put them up on display in the showroom area and it has stunned all that see it...still not sold any though, perhaps i was wrong about this idea. these can be viewed on the wonky fabrications fb page to any one that may be interested in serious upsett. so...enough of that for a while and a catch up with the world outside wonkys workshop as spring is here and the spring adventure show in harrogate is just around the corner so it wont be long before i load up the zombie killer and head home for a few days..done some massive work to the van recently and its ready for the road . should you see the van around humford or the hapenys i am probably diving into a kebab with the missus..dont be put off by the metal wildow grilles thats just in case i have to park in blyth,we are quite friendly in the real world. i am deffo planing a visit to the new bandstand to see it with my own eyes, the pictures look great and it is a credit to all that were involved in the project. lets hope the local lunatics with the marker pens and paint cans dont ruin it.a greggs pastie on the bedlington bench would be nice too so lets all hope the sun shines on bedlington for my visit...wonky. heres a pic of the zombie killer.
  9. aye..get carter..probably the best of the lot of them..however...the bit at the end was a bit far fetched..on min he was in the toon then the next hes off running aboot on the beach miles away..even brenden foster couldn't have travelled across Northumberland that fast..lol
  10. nice..they don't make them like this anymore..reminds me of the early days when we were traveling Ireland in an old chineeze 6..mosley continental..now that was a bus and a half..
  11. ayeayeaaye, back in the day it was fun,,before corporate events and when we all had far less sense. fireworks in the phone box and stolen diesel and petrol were my favorites..we once played football with a burning couch cushion and it was great fun until mad reggie headbutted it and all the foam rubber droplets clung to his face,,that put a bit of a damper on the evening and all his mother could say was do you know how much this stuff costs as she was rubbing stork margarine into his peart !! bonfire night in Ireland is in june and last year I was handing out welding rods as sparklers to the kids in my street..oh how I laughed as they tried to light them..lol
  12. .the great manc comic mike harding ( malcom robinson lookalike) once said.." if music be the food of love,why don't rabbits play banjos ?" never forget that comment and i learnt to understand it fully.lolthe one thing I discovered with the ability to play an instrument is you will never be lonely and if you feel lonely you can use A minor and E minor. really that simple..it is certainly a gift to some people but most people over here can just get by with an old washboard or pair of spoons..lol
  13. great. the bench turned out well in fairness to you..i have got a delivery of assorted horse shoes coming at the week end,,about half a ton in a pick up..the guy wants me to make him a patio set for the coming summer..that will be interesting..i made a rocky chair from horseshoes a few years ago and my shed was stinking for months after,,they are really stinky to weld and clean up...horse shoe screens are becoming desirable these days so might knock out a few of those too..best get some febreeze in..lol gre
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