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  1. haha Joe is a top bloke like, always smiling =D
  2. Best Bite, and takeaway pizza from verdi's. Yum. Nom nom nom!!!!!
  3. I briefly worked in The Grapes, which was... well, entertaining... We drink at the Commy (bedlington community centre) and because hardly anyone goes there, it feels like our own little bar! Plus one of our good mates works there, which is added bonus =D
  4. Haha! I do have to agree, it is mad that they have so many check outs, but they're almost always closed. I shop on a saturday or a sunday, you'd think they'd open them all on their busiest days! lol
  5. Just wanted to start a Verdi's Appreciation thread! Verdi is a gorgeous little restaurant, where the food is always top notch and the banter is class =D and it's not too expensive!!!!
  6. Rei

    Left 4 Dead 2

    theyre both canny good like
  7. Rei

    Gears Of War 2

    GOW2 is amazing, I absolutely love it!
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