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  1. Hillbilly

    Sun Inn 1900

    I think she still drinks in there!
  2. I'd rather have snow as the bloody misery we've had this weekend... did it stop raining for more than 30 mins at any point!!?
  3. Hmm... so what is actually happening with Netto then. Have we been able to establish that Asda have DEFINATELY bought it? If so, what are their plans... they must have some if they have handed out notices to staff!? Also, does anyone know the outcome of the review that happened on the 16th in relation to the new Tesco yet??
  4. http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2010/nov/04/bedlington-terriers-billionaire-investor
  5. http://www.nebusiness.co.uk/business-news/latest-business-news/2010/11/10/northumberland-supermarket-plans-set-to-be-approved-51140-27631996/
  6. I registered on the portal a few weeks back and received a letter earlier this week saying that the planning permission will be heard on Tuesday 16th... so a decision should be imminent!
  7. Maybe the fact that we are talking about the place closing before it opens is the reason that no-one invests in Bedlington... just a thought!
  8. Well ladies and gents... I guess time will tell after the crack the seal on Tuesday. While we are all entitled to our views, I'd just like to make the observation that Wetherspoons is a VERY successful business and I am sure they have some very clever people who have spent a long time deliberating over this investment, which must have been significant. They must be convinced the demographics work and they must be confident that the numbers stack up otherwise lets face it, I am sure there are 1000 other run down pubs across the land that they could have pumped their cash into. I say good look to them and if the place ends up as a family type pub/ bar... so be it! I for one will be sampling their grub and beer my earliest possible convenience!
  9. Thought I'd give this one a bump... as it has had 400 views!! There must be a picture of storeys buildings somewhere... I have a challenge for you all, can anyone find it??
  10. Great picture Barton Rafie... bet there aren't too many pics of choppington station still knocking around - what a find!! Thanks and keep them coming!!
  11. Tenner says it's another nursing home!
  12. Malcolm, I saw the plans on the planning portal a couple of months ago... were these approved? Any dates etc would be of interest as Monsta points out... and no Monsta, I have no idea about the old Terrier site. I noticed the roof is completely gone from Elliots... PLEASE tell me they aren't going to leave the place like that... it was already an eye sore. It looks like a bloody bomb site now!
  13. Thought I'd give this one a bump and ask if anyone has any more info on whether or not the new store is actually going to happen???
  14. Bins being emptied... please don't get me warmed up on that one!! We pay as much council tax as some of the counties best looked after areas in the county and the bin men won't bend down to pick a bin bag up off the floor!!!
  15. I have to say... I think all this talk of backstabbers and having a prefered option here is a little short sighted. This thread was originally started over 14 months ago and things move on. Surely if Ultra and/ or Koast want to set up we should extend them the same enthusaistic support that we have to John W. SNRG... isn't that only fair?! I have chipped in here before and supported the concept of setting up a radio station in Bedlington... but the nature of free commerce surely means that if ideas are put out there and not capitalised on quickly enough... some one will always come along with another variant of the idea and fill the void. Good luck to all 3 of you... may the best man (or woman) win!
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