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  1. Its definately up for sale as I know someone who was talking to Brians wife who still works there!
  2. Heard today once again, that Weatherspoons have purchased the Red Lion. Apparently this came from the Manageress of the Ashington Weatherspoons as she will be Managing it.. How true it is tho I don't know,..
  3. Certainly would not entertain AS MOON, my friend rented a property thru them last year, the attitude of the staff in the office was disgusting.. They don't know what they are talking about. I went in and quoted Housing Law, which they had to go out and read up on to know if what I was saying was correct, my friend soon got a letter of apology from them as they were in the wrong. We bought and sold with Rook Matthews Sayer with very little problem when we bought our house 4 years ago.. Our last house (in Newcastle) was up for sale with Keith Pattinson in Newcastle, they kept sending us loads o
  4. Zoe and her hubby Chris are a fab couple.. Chris runs the shop and is a Chef. They also have the Black Swan pub at Morpeth. I've not sampled anything yet myself but know people who have had food and said it was gorgeous.. I worked with Zoe years ago, real nice lass.. They have a facebook page if anyone wants a look.. Linky..... http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/pages/Bedlington-United-Kingdom/Zoes-Baps/251533933969?ref=ts
  5. I certainly think Bedlington needs a Leisure Centre or personaly even better a Private Company like JJB or similar to build a decent Gym with at least a 25mtr pool.. We pay £110 per month and have a 20 mile round trip each day to go to the Village Hotel in Shiremoor to use their pool and gym facilities. Ashington pool is disgusting as has very poor facilities for the Disabled, Morpeth is just awful and not big enough , Blyth is really nice since its referb, but is also out of the question as due to a spinal injury I can't do the ladders up the side of the pool. (The Village has a graduated st
  6. We eat out at least once a week at somewhere along the lines & prices of Accolade.. I cook an evening meal 6 nights a week and appreciate someone waiting on me for a change and having one night off each week with hubby when he's home, ( he works away several days each week). Actually we've been again tonight with family. Tonight was quite busy, nice to see them having a busy night midweek. And Yes we paid
  7. How very dare you... I most certainly am not! I Just appreciate good food.... Thats why I'm now attending Slimming World... :lol: I worked in the Ridge many years ago, Its just noticeable how much its gone down over recent years.. Having said that it is my local.. lol..
  8. Well They've been there heading for I believe 1 1/2 - 2 years now, First time we went was December 2008 . so that puts your 6 month closure idea to bed It's people with attitudes like this wanting everything on the cheap that makes these people's business fail. They are are striving to bring Bedlington something more than Social Clubs, Cheep watered down drinks and Kebab's! Its the old saying "Use it or loose it" The way it will fail is if people don't use it, same as the all the pubs that have closed due to people not using them..
  9. Hubby likes a Nan Bap, which consists of Nan Bread, topped with kebab meat and Chicken tikka stir fried with jalapeno's peppers and red onions in a tikka/tomato paste.. Its huge, feeds 2 all for £6.95.. Gorgeous.. Their Indian Curry's are really nice too!
  10. Suppose to some, 4 cans and a Best Bite or Moby's kebab must be a good meal/night.. :0) However some of us have better tastes and appreciate good food, good wine and good service.. Its really nice to be able to have a wander down the street and not have to drive or taxi for miles to get such a nice meal & atmosphere with such personal service.. Suppose if Accolade was in town or Morpeth you'd be happy to pay £5 for a starter!
  11. I think £5 is extremely reasonable for the standard and quality of food that is served.. Put the same food on the same plate in a 4 or 5* Hotel Restuarantand you'd pay more than double that!
  12. Its not huge, but that makes it feel more warm & cozy but you still have plenty of room.. There is a pic on their website... Hang on I'll upload one.. Don't think the pic gives the place full justice tho as its just one corner of it on the pic..
  13. It was Picasso's years ago. Next to the Wine Shop that closed on the Front Street.. They had a special on in jan. I had 2 courses for £11. Gorgeous!
  14. The Ridge has certainly gone down hill of late.. I've been to Accolade on the Front Street tonight. I had a starter - Roast Duck on a bed of Rocket orange marmalade/relish followed by a main of Locally produced sausages with Veg and chunky chips ( or an alternative of mash) all for approximately £10 - £11 per head.. Much cleaner, nicer, friendlier than the Ridge, with absolutely superb food.. Why Bother With the Ridge at Nights when you can get top notch food, cozy restuarant with a nice atmosphere, servive and attention to detail that is second to none.. Would rather pay an extra couple of
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