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  1. http://www.newspostleader.co.uk/community/opinion/town_is_ignored_by_the_county_1_3555231
  2. Should be the American Billionaire who has invested in bedlington terriers http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2010/nov/04/billionaire-robert-rich-bedlington-terriers
  3. I agree that school such as Bedlington high should not be off school as they could walk to school but as bennies is a catholic school only about 50 people who go to bennies live in bedlington as only 50 people from meadowdale get into bennies which mean the rest come from the other catholic schools from all over the county .
  4. Your not wrong and then they put sand on and it looks worse
  5. Morpeth Town Fc are using Bedlington Terriers Fc ground and it is making the pitch really bad how long will this go on ?
  6. like I said its only a suggestion instead of having 10 unused buildings
  7. What about the old maxi freeze building next to watsons like i said its only a suggestion i would rather a leisure centre but bedlington only ever get old peoples homes and more houses the best fast food in bedlington is the burger van that comes to the market which may i add is the only good thing about the market .
  8. Also its only a suggestion insted of all the un used buildings such as Red lion , Elliots Garage , Spend n save , The shoe shop , The old school next to the church
  9. Blyth - KFC , Mcdonalds Ashington - KFC . Mcdonalds , Morpeth - Subway Cramlington - Mcdonalds , Subway Bedlington - ?????????
  10. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Make-a-fast-food-resteraunt-for-teenagers-in-Bedlington/231174277294?ref=nf&v=wall
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