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  1. I have pictures of the buildings you talk about in the gallery, on this website. The picture above was "taken" from there 3 years ago and has since been used for financial gain, hence the watermarks on all images in the album.
  2. Unless it has been moved overnight, it is still lying just inside the perimeter fence waiting for an accident to happen. I think the person who told us on social media that it was in the Church and then at the Whitley had dreamt it up.
  3. Looks like a man with a white stick is arranging the next refurbishment of the market place.
  4. Thanks for the info Webtrekker, although there were Two Thousand Four Hundred and Forty Four supporters ( I don't dispute the figures) where were they at the photoshoot? I counted nineteen. Two of them didn't want their photograph taken!
  5. Which sums up a recent photoshoot at the tree !
  6. I'm looking forward to see how many turn up at this meeting. Perhaps we'll see how passionate people are about the town, they're making a lot of noise on social media sites.
  7. I'm a distant relative and saw Paul last night but I'm not in contact with him, If I see him again I could pass info you want to give onto him. Just pm me if you wish to do so.
  8. It's me thats made the original mistake, Jimmy is number 20
  9. Spot on Brian, what boils my pee is why does he think he knows better than me, why should he tell me which way to vote, and to round off a good week he's been proved a Liar and I haven't.
  10. You've got the two pics and names mixed Alan, too many beers?........ second thoughts, I'm not sure whats right and whats wrong but if you bump into Number 29 Jimmy Bradley you could get into trouble!!
  11. Well now that we can upload pics perhaps Maggie can show us what we missed?
  12. Maggs I was given the choice of either going on that trip or having a new Bike. I think the cost was roughly £30, for either .. I foolishly chose the bike and missed out on a visit to the Olympic Games
  13. Eggy, I Havent been able to upload owt in the discussion forums since website was changed, I've just picked these two at random today and both uploaded first time. Threegee must have had his big hammer out over the Easter hols and put things right.ps both pics from Isle of Man TT 2011
  14. I know their telling Lies when I see their lips move.
  15. I can upload some into the Gallery but not others irrespective of size. Cannot upload any onto discussion threads..........been like that since the website changes.
  16. Tony, chin up lad it was either Randall or Hopkirk, not sure which one was there on Thursday night, too many Coors.
  17. Both facebook sites I've posted this on show comments that confirm it's happening all over the town. Someone from Blyth says It's also happening there, It's probably a good idea to set up a database where residents can add the post numbers that are causing an obstruction, it can then be handed to NCC to rectify the problem before the contractors disappear, if not compensation claims will be flooding in.
  18. The housing will come first, and as there already is an abundance of empty properties in Bedlington that the young people cannot afford, new Tennants who will qualify for benefits will soon be Shipped in. Watch this space. .
  19. Cannot find it Merc, I'm sure Fourgee will manage when he resurfaces.
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