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  1. I'll get on to that right away Eggy, Thank you!
  2. https://www.facebook.com/groups/114039225363/ Symp, If you sign up to Facebook I think this will take you to the page and then you should click the "Join" tab, you may have to wait until a mod ok's it before you can post on the page.
  3. Rumours it's going in the Lion Garage.
  4. I've bought a lot of their products Brett and they're all good quality stuff but they can wear you down with incessant phone calls trying to sell more.
  5. Brian was good mates with my brother in law and he would always pay him a visit on the Friday night before Match day when his team were playing against Newcastle. Never forgets where he comes from and still keeps in touch with his old mates.
  6. I'm sure Pennine Windows have a webcam fitted in my house, just as soon as they see me sit down to a meal they're on the phone telling me they have massive discounts on all products throughout their range.
  7. Surprised you missed this one Eggs, I've had it on FB more than once!!
  8. Yes it's outlook, but if an address isn't valid why does it arrive in my inbox?
  9. It would be nice to have a system that works for blocking unwanted emails. This is the message I get now when trying to block the pests.
  10. Bye mind that ones sharp cum aroond... pleased am a lang way aback of yi....have a gudin
  11. Where is he then, Saturday morning, probably out shopping with the missus, I'm sure we'll have a reply soon.
  12. until

    Malcolm, there's a facebook page "Past Pupils of Westridge" maybe get some advice/info from there.
  13. And all the best to you and your family Vic.
  14. Aye its him Symp! and where have you been this last few months?
  15. I'm not sure about facts and figures but I lived at the "Gate" around about the era you're talking about, I used Teeny's and Rhoda's fish shop and also knew Syd very well. My mother worked as barmaid at the Gate Club and I thought at the time someone called Lockey was Steward but I couldn't argue, maybe someone on here can confirm?
  16. Haway Canny Lass, it's on the poster at the top of this thread,............ must try harder
  17. Damian, I was very close and good friends with Mixer, I haven't seen him for years, hope he's well and tell him Foxy is asking after him.
  18. So is it all one way traffic Moe19?
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