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  1. The film will be called ...They didn't Listen.
  2. This ones more important than the next one in June @Canny lass the towns been neglected by our County Councillors for decades now and we allow them to walk all over us in support of their leader Grant Davey, now they ask for our votes. Similarly the MP has recently kicked the toys out the pram and threatened us with legal action for defamatory comments made against him, days later a General Election is called and now he's asking for our support, mmmmm!
  3. Not sure what that means without the "C"
  4. Good luck Malcolm, wish I could vote for you!!
  5. Hope you have a Gudin enjoy !!!!!!!!!!
  6. CL, The fella that allegedly represents your old "patch" has become known locally as the invisible man, I've no doubt he'll be getting the bandages on soon to walk the streets and begin the election campaign.Total contribution to the town in four years has been to fund a bus shelter. He set up a facebook page for his electorate but he just recently banned a number of people from the page for asking questions that he doesn't like. No need for me to tell you which political group he's affiliated to, I'm sure you'll get it in one!
  7. In a nutshell Canny Lass, the dummy was spit out two years ago when control of the council was taken from Labour. I could write a book, better still I've got a video of a meeting where one of theirs is being told how to vote by another of their own. Watching them is certainly better entertainment than Emmerdale on a Thursday night! BTW they do visit this website although they do not comment, Guilty as charged !
  8. When I look at the attendance records of some it makes me wonder why they want to be councillors. I also wonder if anyone who voted for them feel it has been a vote wasted.
  9. There's a regular pattern for delivery now, when Arch/NCC wish to make an announcement or place an advert the NPL is delivered to all their chosen pick up points in the town and are readily available to be collected by the general public free of charge. Similarly it is delivered by hand to my neighbourhood and many others on a Wed/Thursday afternoon. When there is any controversial factual readers letters they don't want you to see as was the case yesterday, the delivery system fails and the Lion Garage, Community Centre and many neighbourhoods failed to receive their copies I think it really is time the rag was renamed the News Post Labour. It's also worth a mention that of the three letters I've wrote to them all were edited by them to "water them down" before they were published. Says it all for me............
  10. I'm sure that's your loss CL
  11. It hasn't taken the Red Army too long to start the Development of the new Kremlin that is going into a neighbouring town.
  12. There were two Tommy Darlings in Bedlington, if this is the one from Grange Park he dealt in Fruit and Veg/ General Dealer. The other worked for Prudential Insurance.
  13. County Council have their own agenda for the "Cut" and we cannot shame them into moving these.
  14. Best thing we've seen come to Bedlington for a Generation.
  15. Here's Trevor playing against Blyth Spartans in the F A cup 1970s @Stu Green
  16. Have a guddin, I'll get my pint from you when you've recovered from the Vets bill.
  17. No it hasn't but there's councillors in the East hoping it gets one.
  18. I'll get on to that right away Eggy, Thank you!
  19. https://www.facebook.com/groups/114039225363/ Symp, If you sign up to Facebook I think this will take you to the page and then you should click the "Join" tab, you may have to wait until a mod ok's it before you can post on the page.
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