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  1. Was that before or after Carling ,Hewitt etc.
  2. OK here's another blast, can anybody remember the resident band at the Top Club called Page Five? If so who were they and where are they now? I think maybe Cympil can help here.
  3. I must admit that when the new government said they would be clamping down on the benefit cheats,they were refering to the royals.Obviously not when we are having to pay for a lavish wedding that we cannot afford!
  4. The staff in Greggs have been told Tesco has bought Elliots Garage,have you heard anything Malcolm?
  5. I think the fact that he could'nt raise a smile had a lot to do with it.Certainly no happy hours.
  6. Not sure myself but ex Newcastle footballer John Tudor had it at one time but it never took off because he got rid of the darts and pool teams, as he wanted a different clientele in there
  7. Still say we need rid of the pain in charge of the council but thats probably going to be years as well.
  8. Starting at the Ridge Farm and working your way down the street,there are nine pubs/clubs where the bar staff cannot see the toilet doors. I think you've made your point and I've made mine. Let's just leave it at that.
  9. I wouldn't know a drug dealer if I saw one,In your pub or mine,but if I did I would be wary about making accusations.
  10. Perhaps we hav'nt all got the same taste,I could name one local pub that smells like a public toilet and another where Breathing Apparatus is a must!I would'nt tar them all with the same brush,the Tavern and Blue Bell are very nice but at the moment I'll stick with the superstore pub at the top of the street.
  11. Now you've started something, I'm reminiscing, any body remember Jimmy Milnes, Smailes at the bottem end, Keenans at the top end or what about Reeds the cobblers. Am i in your age group Vic? Anybody got any photos?
  12. Malcolm.perhaps the best way to get our panes replaced in Bedlington is to get rid of the pain in charge the cooncil!
  13. A ventriloquest in the local club says "ALL IRISHMEN ARE STUPID" a guy in the audience stands up and says I'm irish and I'm not stupid! The ventriloquest says "I'M SORRY SIR I DIDN'T MEAN TO OFFEND,IT'S ONLY PART OF MY ACT! the guy says "I'M NOT TALKING TO YOU I'M TALKING TO THAT LITTLE T**** ON YOUR KNEE!
  14. The problem was there long before Wetherspoons,the parking at school drop off and pick up times is dangerous to say the least!The local police choose to ignore cars parked on zig zag lines,in bus stops and on pavements you just need to look outside the police station to confirm this.Apparantly there hands are tied until there is an accident.Give Wetherspoons a break its the best thng thats come to the town in years.
  15. Whats happened to all the talk about Wetherspoons?It seems all the Doom and Gloomers have hibernated.Its like a breadth of fresh air for the town.Weve now got a bit of life at the top end to gaan alang with the chapel of rest!
  16. Sorry, he was a stand in for some absentee.She was told to ring back later for more "technical info"
  17. My daughter who lives very close to Elliots garage phoned the council to ask what safety procedures would be in place while the asbestos was being removed, The man at the council said he wasn't sure but "just make sure you keep your windows shut on that day" Lets hope the weather does'nt pick up and we get a heatwave!
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