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  1. Four German dwarfs went to Amsterdams red lignt district and hired the services of a 6ft tall prostitute. They went back to their hotel room stripped off, tied springs to their feet and gave her the time off her life. Its whats known in the business as THE FOUR SPRUNG DWARF TECHNIQUE.
  2. Seems to be an awful lot of secrecy about the place, no advertising. Looking at all these posts. Assuming the pub is open Makes one wonder if they want anyone in there.
  3. Mistaken identity here Malcolm,Dr Pit introduced himself to me on the street last week and thats definitly him.
  4. If you have no success finding any photographs,just have a look at Elliots Garage in the conservation area of our town, that should give a good idea of what it was like. You will need to be quick though Council Planning reckon the foundations for the new building will be in by the end of the week.!!!!!!
  5. Well then we may have met at some time because I lived in the houses on the right with my granny until we moved to the new council estate opposite the cemetry/ridge farm. I think one of the houses on the left was used by the Bedlington Harriers before they were knocked down,I was probably one of the kids that you remember going to the Whitley School,(more clues for Dr Pit aka Inspector Morse)
  6. And when God was giving out heads,they thought he said sheds,so they asked for a big wooden one!!!!!!
  7. How about the one's that knock on your door and say "Sorry to bother you but" If there sorry why did they knock in the first place? You can guarantee Its between 5-7 oclock when folks are usually eating.Just the right time to sign up for a buy the glass and get the frames for nowt deal that you cannot refuse.
  8. To be fair Brian when I "joined up" I did'nt realise you were expected to introduce yourself, probably due to my inexperiance with websites etc.I only became aware when reading another post a couple of weeks ago (keith I think) that it was an issue. Too late for me, but perhaps LinziBinzi still has time to put it right.
  9. I will do that along with another shot of him, and a shot of another well known character in the town just as soon as I work out how to do it! I'm not too good with all this modern high tech stuff. OOOOOOOps, hope Dr Pit does'nt read this he's sure to blame the old age.
  10. Just incase you don't, here's a memory jogger:
  11. Does'nt matter which, It'll end up a bump in the a**se for drivers coming off the roundabout one.
  12. If you look in this weeks local rag you will see NCC have increased the allowances paid to six post holders by approx £10,000. This is despite them telling other workers they will be SACKED to save money. However the people responsible are actually very professional in the way they conduct themselves at the council and forum meetings,they can look you in the eye without getting embarrased.When asked a question they can wriggle around,not answer or if they do reply the favourite is "WELL THAT WAS THE OLD WANSBECK COUNCIL,IT DOES'NT EXIST NOW"
  13. Not sure,forgotten,What was the question?
  14. My father passed ALL his CDS down to me.
  15. Thats the second time you've asked my age, how about changing your user name to INSPECTOR MORSE?
  16. The POLICE walked on the moon in 80s but nobody can get them to walk along Ridge Terrace at school drop off times!!!!!!
  17. You would end up with tennis elbow before you sort that lot out.
  18. I think you better double check before you say "I do" he spelt B******s wrong!!!!!!
  19. You could always come back and give him a go yourself,or is he not that attractive after all?
  20. You could have overlooked a small matter here Brian,this guy says one thing and does another.You can always tell when he"s lying, his lips move!
  21. The local plod as you put it don"t bother with illegal parking on their own doorstep i.e. outside the station on the footpath (next to the bollards in the middle of the road) so they are not going to travel the half mile or so to do owt there.
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