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  1. Well if its really going to happen I'm just wondering if anyone's got Cheryl Coles phone number, co's she could always pop around to my hoose for the last half hour!
  2. It is the station club and thats Jack Chapmans car who was the club chairman in the foreground, Iv'e spoken to a senior citizen from the station tonight and he confirms that the shop in the photo was a fish shop managed by Don Pattie (not sure of the spelling) Wales fish shop also had seats and the lads coming out of the pit used to go here for supper, so it looks like everybody's right. We've had two fish shops in the station with seats, if only we could fill them now!
  3. Think I'll pop in here at the weekend, somebody's sure to know.
  4. Keith, I took the photo's myself and have the date as 1980 on the coloured one
  5. Looks like she's right again Keith, the chippy was between the chemist and Walters and she reckons it was later used as a small electrical appliance shop (in the photo) She's got the lip on cos I've started calling her Jeeves!
  6. Here's a one for you Keith,My better half has just been reading these last few posts and she says were all wrong about the fish shop with seats.She says the one with seats was next door to the chemist where Walter Wilson is now and it was called Patties, she's probably right cos she's never wrong!
  7. I was unlucky enough to walk down there on Sunday morning when the Grand Prix was diverted from Korea.The speed humps are too far apart and are doing nothing to slow down the traffic.
  8. They took my wifes weekly reservation for a week past Thursday night and the place was locked up when she and her mates got there.so lets hope they have good weather while on holiday! Can't see the wife wanting to take a chance booking here again.
  9. Youv'e got it wrong again Malcolm, the taller one of the two was actually in there with me, she's my wife, I'm just wondering how you got her photo?
  10. I was in Friday night but didn't see any 6ft 3" redheads!
  11. They've blanked it Keith,it began with a P.
  12. The only problem with this is. after three days you start licking your own a*se
  13. And the quicker we get shot of them ,the better.
  14. We've already got one.Its called Knights of the round table and King ARTHURS men
  15. The a*se end of a pantomine donkey will always make people laugh!
  16. Just to add to the previous post,these posters are in the same conservation area where private home owners are being told what they can and cannot do to their own properties.
  17. You already know the answer to that one Malcolm, but getting back to my pet subject,the "In" place to advertise at the moment seems to be ELLIOTS GARAGE. Don't know if the owner is being paid or if the Moskow State Circus has just stuck their posters up there without permission but it's time the council got their fingers out and sorted it out. Moskow State Circus just about sums up County Hall.
  18. You seem to be generalising here.I was at the event and met people like myself who were not directly involved.
  19. Quite a few, and on Friday night I was in Newcastle paying £3.20.
  20. Unfortunately The Carling Is easier to get than the Ladies!
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