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  1. John Fox (foxy)

    Arch to go........

    There'll be a few glum faces when building work does start.
  2. John Fox (foxy)

    B.U.D.C workers - 1950's?

    Someone has Identified it as the construction of Guide Post roundabout @Maggie/915
  3. John Fox (foxy)

    Bedlington Memoirs

    Could it be Netherton Lane?
  4. John Fox (foxy)

    Happy Birthday, CL

    Happy Birthday πŸ™‚ 🍾
  5. John Fox (foxy)

    Bedlington Has A New Residents Group

    Good news for Bedlington Station and well done to all involved ! πŸ‘
  6. John Fox (foxy)

    Coal Mining

    Aye, and I'd bet all the other lads were jealous!πŸ˜‰
  7. John Fox (foxy)

    Old Lloyds Pharmacy

    Whatever it is will be better than a boarded up shop.
  8. John Fox (foxy)

    scan 14-3-15109.jpg

    Yes that's right Alan, here's a pic of it being demolished!
  9. John Fox (foxy)

    PETITION: Send Blair and Soros packing!

  10. John Fox (foxy)

    Coal Mining

    Don't know why but it was waiting for approval, maybe it's like facebook and you've been put in the nick @Canny lass!πŸ˜‰
  11. John Fox (foxy)

    Political History

    Put that on the Bedlington FB pages and the Local Labour Party will blame Brexit, Climate Change, Dark nights cutting in or the flavour of the month with them..... Independent Councillors.
  12. John Fox (foxy)

    Petition to protect woodland from development threat

    Keep politics out of West Bedlington Town Council. We can Manage without interference from the Local Labour group.
  13. John Fox (foxy)

    East Street

    Good to see you back Symp, we've missed you !!! πŸ˜‰
  14. John Fox (foxy)

    Where Are The Flowers In Bedlington?

    First pic is Bedlington Front Street, others are the Station where there is a canny show as well this year Vic!
  15. John Fox (foxy)

    Happy Birthday Foxy

    Cheers, owld nicky wasn't ower keen o me ! πŸ™€
  16. John Fox (foxy)

    Happy Birthday Foxy

  17. John Fox (foxy)

    Then And Now

    Anyone got any stories?
  18. John Fox (foxy)

    Happy Birthday Foxy

    Thank you all !! πŸ™€
  19. John Fox (foxy)

    Bedlington........Dying On Its A..e

    I would move away if I was a "Glass Half Empty"type @OvalteenyπŸ˜‰
  20. John Fox (foxy)

    Bedlington........Dying On Its A..e

    It's a canny night out there tonight,
  21. John Fox (foxy)

    Bedlington........Dying On Its A..e

    No problem, unfortunately I used my phone to take the pics, so apart from the chatty lens I'd had a couple of pints, could be a bit camera shake in there as well. 😩
  22. John Fox (foxy)

    Bedlington........Dying On Its A..e

    Bank Holiday Monday.......quite a few like it !
  23. John Fox (foxy)

    Bedlington........Dying On Its A..e

    I usually stop and have a pint......love the place
  24. John Fox (foxy)

    Councillor Robinson - April

    Re the first sentence....He who laughs last 😁😁😁
  25. John Fox (foxy)

    Councillor Robinson - Updates!

    It'll all end in tears !