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  1. Happy Birthday Vic

    Belated birthday wishes from the Fox, hope you had a Guddin
  2. Australia day

    Have a Guddin,...... that sharp come around (geordie)
  3. Foggans Yard

    I think Bells yard was further down, where Moods now has a shop. I have been known to be wrong, Eggy might know better, If not I'll bet he finds out!!
  4. Foggans Yard

    Foggans Yard.
  5. Carillion: Watershed Moment For Privatisation?

    Hope they get the Arch investigation done first!
  6. Happy Birthday Canny Lass

    Happy Birthday, hope you have a guddin and plenty more of them !!!
  7. Bedlington pedestrian subway closed temporarily following safety concerns

    That's fair enough it's not used because of what you mention, the point I'm trying to make is we're giving in to the lowlife. If it weren't for them maybe some would use it....I have a friend who received life threatening injuries on the Zebra crossing, he would use it.
  8. Bedlington pedestrian subway closed temporarily following safety concerns

    Subways throughout the country used by millions daily and Bedlington closes theirs down and allows the lowlife to win.
  9. PETITION: Flying the flag once again!

    I use hotmail regularly and it's gone through first time, someone told me if you don't use a hotmail address for a while they close the account down, it may be that ??
  10. Merry Christmas

  11. The Tumby Life

    Lord Lucan?
  12. The Tumby Life

    But you're going to miss our latest watering hole, I'll send you a pic after my first visit!