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  1. Messages - all my previous messages to members have gone.

    Mine have gone AWOL
  2. No, you aren't imagining it!

    Today's modern server
  3. Northumberland Live at Gallagher Park

    @HIGH PIT WILMA Click on the photo and then you will have a plus sign, move it around the photo to the area you want to enlarge and click again.
  4. Northumberland Live at Gallagher Park

    Talking to one of your old marras up there tonight @HIGH PIT WILMA, Alan Stewart, if you click on the magnifying icon around the picture you may be able to spot him
  5. Northumberland Live at Gallagher Park

  6. Northumberland Live at Gallagher Park

    Another great success
  7. Visit Bedlington

    I'm sure our online secretary/research officer @Eggy1948 will be onto that soon
  8. Bedlington Station Park?

    4 Robert Wakenshaw 6 Ken Johnson 21 Alan Wilkinson
  9. Bedlington Station Park?

    What a great photo, Eggy we need this numbered and ID put on here @Eggy1948
  10. Petty Vandalism

    We were told at the Bedlington Forum meeting on Monday night that due to "cuts" the CSOs shift pattern had been changed. Instead of patrols by them continuing until 1am they now cease at 10pm........ just what the burglar ordered!
  11. Happy Birthday Foxy

    G and T
  12. Happy Birthday Foxy

    Well thank you all for the Birthday wishes, although it looks like Canny and Maggs both failed their maths, so we can only blame Westridge teacher Danny Douglas for them thinking I have reached Vintage Years. I remember the top club with @STREETLIFE on my 40th and I still get out on the lash, how about you?
  13. Making the county greener and cleaner

    Hopefully the hedge that is blocking the view from the Bus Stop on Choppington lane travelling south will be cut back. After three years of asking and debate with my ex County Councillors spokesman without success I may add, could we now be about to see a result?
  14. Netherton Colliery Silver Model Band 1906

    Aye we've also got an in house "tagger" on here @Bandsman1966 I'm sure he's hoping your stuck for a name or two. get them uploaded!!
  15. Bedlington the Movie 2017

    The film will be called ...They didn't Listen.