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  1. Remembrance Parade 2017

    Another great turnout from the Bedlington folk showing their respect.
  2. Latest Brexit survey results

    Gubbins and the rest of her clan should stand by the result of the democratic vote that was taken nationwide, and not just here in Northumberland.
  3. Dog found wandering in Bomarsund 04-11-2017

    Don't know why they need approval, where's Andy?
  4. Dog found wandering in Bomarsund 04-11-2017

    Andy ??
  5. Todd's Barbers

    It's a canny long haul for Vic Patterson
  6. Access problems

    I have the same problem every time I visit the site, maybe Andy is busy with other things
  7. Voting began over a week ago Eggs, in the first few days loads of Bedlington folk have stated on social media that they have voted.
  8. Petition: Leave the EU immediately

    I'm wondering if you two haven't already opened a pub, and It looks like threegee is barred, not been seen or heard of since Monday !
  9. Happy Birthday Andy

    Have a Guddin!!
  10. Messages - all my previous messages to members have gone.

    Mine have gone AWOL
  11. No, you aren't imagining it!

    Today's modern server
  12. Northumberland Live at Gallagher Park

    @HIGH PIT WILMA Click on the photo and then you will have a plus sign, move it around the photo to the area you want to enlarge and click again.
  13. Northumberland Live at Gallagher Park

    Talking to one of your old marras up there tonight @HIGH PIT WILMA, Alan Stewart, if you click on the magnifying icon around the picture you may be able to spot him
  14. Northumberland Live at Gallagher Park

  15. Northumberland Live at Gallagher Park

    Another great success