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  1. Aye, I've just got back to being able to access the forum hassle free, thanks to Andy!
  2. Tried it tonight and look what I got !!!!!!!! Thank you @Andy Millne
  3. I usually tried that on a Thursday night after departing the Red Lion about 11.45 pm and sometimes it worked, however Boris stopped all that a few months back so now it's all down to Andy to sort out!
  4. I installed Mcfee Alan and nothing else is a problem, only this website
  5. Can anyone tell me how to overcome my new laptop blocking this forum? Only way I can access the website is by turning off the firewall. All other websites are available with firewall switched on.
  6. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to everyone, I've not been on here for a while, my new laptop keeps telling me "access denied check your firewall settings" 🤔 I haven't a clue how to fix it, it's the only page I cannot access, what have you lot been up to ? 😄
  7. I remember it from the late sixties, I often did off from work in my dinner hour on a Friday to have their "lunchtime special" Chicken Chow Mein which cost 7/6d. I think the place was formerly Ginny's fish shop.
  8. I miss the members list as it was previously. I've also got two memberships now since early this week when I was attempting to log on with a different device. It created a second account for me and I cannot delete it?
  9. @Canny lass, he's back home and replied to me via facebook he's said he'll check in here soon!
  10. @Canny lass I've got cooncillor Robinson the case noo!
  11. I've had the same concerns, we keep in touch regularly and I sent him a message on facebook four days ago, he usually responds within a couple of hours. He still hasn't replied. @Canny lass
  12. Hi Vic, I'm catching up on the D I Y duties around the house/garden although I'm having problems getting bits and pieces because most of the builders merchants will only supply the trade. My other pastimes are watching the missus hard at work , I could sit there for hours on end. 😃 We have no snow to clear here so during her allotted break we have a game of darts,...she's now beat me three nights running !🥵 On the plus side I'd just bought a new car before the current restrictions, It's doing three weeks to the gallon.
  13. Heppell's @Vic Patterson not mine 😉 but cropped my postcard collection.
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