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  1. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to everyone, I've not been on here for a while, my new laptop keeps telling me "access denied check your firewall settings" 🤔 I haven't a clue how to fix it, it's the only page I cannot access, what have you lot been up to ? 😄
  2. I remember it from the late sixties, I often did off from work in my dinner hour on a Friday to have their "lunchtime special" Chicken Chow Mein which cost 7/6d. I think the place was formerly Ginny's fish shop.
  3. I miss the members list as it was previously. I've also got two memberships now since early this week when I was attempting to log on with a different device. It created a second account for me and I cannot delete it?
  4. @Canny lass, he's back home and replied to me via facebook he's said he'll check in here soon!
  5. @Canny lass I've got cooncillor Robinson the case noo!
  6. I've had the same concerns, we keep in touch regularly and I sent him a message on facebook four days ago, he usually responds within a couple of hours. He still hasn't replied. @Canny lass
  7. Hi Vic, I'm catching up on the D I Y duties around the house/garden although I'm having problems getting bits and pieces because most of the builders merchants will only supply the trade. My other pastimes are watching the missus hard at work , I could sit there for hours on end. 😃 We have no snow to clear here so during her allotted break we have a game of darts,...she's now beat me three nights running !🥵 On the plus side I'd just bought a new car before the current restrictions, It's doing three weeks to the gallon.
  8. Heppell's @Vic Patterson not mine 😉 but cropped my postcard collection.
  9. Not sure if this is it @Alan Edgar (Eggy1948) sorry about the watermark but the pirates have been selling them again.😡
  10. Hope you have a Guddin !
  11. Details removed @Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)
  12. Hi @minitoonmook, one of the admins on this site would probably be able to point you in the right direction. I've tagged him so he may respond to your request ! @Malcolm Robinson
  13. Many thanks folks just got my eye on this, I've been busy as usual. Birthdays appear to come around quicker these days,as my favourite Band says: So you run and you run to catch up with the sun but it's sinkingRacing around to come up behind you again.The sun is the same in a relative way but you're older,Shorter of breath and one day closer to death.
  14. I was talking to Dave last week, I know him well and will bring this to his attention @Brian Cross @Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)
  15. Pity we couldn't get the same investigative team to look into the Archgate affair!
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