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  1. I have just had a walk around the oval area and can't believe the stat of the grass. Why are they not cutting it. I agree that it would be quite difficult to cut it with an ordinary grass cutter as It's so high and when they do get round to doing it I've no doubt they won't bother clearing it and it wll be strewn all over the place. Can anyone from the council put light on this reason or are they going to blame this on the economic crisis as well even though we still have to pay our rates.
  2. totally agree foxy the shop fronts are great. what a difference to the front street. What a nice change to be proud of some part of Wansbeck.
  3. Keith, |Are you any relation to John or Frankie Scantlebury as we lived near them for years at Roslin Park Bedlington Station.
  4. Answer to your opinion Siszell I find that doing a driving test every 10 years is not really an issue. I am talking about reckless speeding which has nothing to do with competenceor ability to handle a car it is just plain recklessness. My husband has been on one of these speeding courses given out that he was driving at 34 mls per hour and given to him 10 yards of a no speed limit sign coming out of Ashington towards Pegswood so we do put our hands up and admit It can happen but when some idiot is deliberately putting others lives in danger something needs to be done. We can't keep ignoring this.
  5. I was travelling past Stead Lane tonight on my way to Bedlington and I could'nt believe it when at the bend next to the turn in at the Terrier came a stupid imbicile racing at least 90 mls an hour. The rubber he burnt was just stupid but he's buying the tyres. I will stop myself there as he probably doesn't have any tread on them anyway. I really can't believe how many crackpots we have on the roads at the minute or am I getting old. I really feel we need cameras down that stretch even though I'm not usually in favour of them but its just a matter of time before someone is killed. Incidently we live on the main road up to Bedlington and my husband has had two mirrors replaced through people not pulling out when passing or braking to let others through. Its relly scarey if you happen to be sitting in the car as they wait till the lat minute to break. Is everone on a .death wish
  6. Six of us went to La Torre on Saturday evening for a meal and was not disappointed. It was smashing and the atmosphere was good. The service was spot on but my only gripe is the room at the back which was very poor. We wanted to sit down and browse thru the menu and have a drink but it is the darkest lit room Ihave ever been in and of course could hardly read the menu and felt that they did'nt reall wish to encourage this practice. Otherwise I repeat excellent food and really hope they keep up the standard. Just in case someone is looking at this from the Torre please can we have cream and a choc with our coffee in future cause I'm sure others would agree a coffee is nicer with these.
  7. hello malcom I have been on the site stick man and I just don't get it please enlighten me.
  8. I watched this documentary and I'm afraid to say a lot of my workmates had missed it. I thought it was brilliant even if we did'nt play well it really was entertaining and eye opening I suppose for the players who met Mr Rich. good for him to be so generous to the lads.
  9. I remember Patties fish and chip shop after going to the wallaw pictures with my dad It was smashing. Tables and chairs and I remember they had a chip cutter next to the friers and I was fascinated by it. Whales at the top was great too It had a big table with forms and salt and vinegar on the table and the fish and chips tasted lovely, mind I 'm telling lies because we could only afford chips with scramshing on the top but they were great times with no money but appreciated anything.
  10. I have just been told today that the Bank Top is to close. Another one bites the dust.
  11. carrying on with the state of the station whats wrong with having a coat of white paint on the railway tavern as this looks a proper eyesore if there ever was one. We've got three pubs and none of them have a decent appearance on the outside never mind the inside so they are letting the station down big style.
  12. I know its the same old topic but does anyone know where our new Tescos is going to happen as its gone very quiet lately.
  13. Hi Brettly I didnt think you were being offensive I just wanted to make a point and I totally agree about the chemist corner but that is probably what strangers would be seeing when they pass through.
  14. There you go Brettly, you happened to be brave to go thru The Station that says it all. What is going on when The Station is thought of like that. Take heed Councillors we are not amused.
  15. Hello Keith, Well said you really put it right I could,nt have said it better. I really can,t believe that we are putting up with this like you saidJakes Bar has been like this for a number of years now surely there should have been something done.What is going on with the clayton though why do we have to see windows out and not replaced every time I pull up at the junction I want to cringe at the sight of it.Can you imagine what strangers must be thinking when they visit the lovely Bedlington Station. Then they go up to Bedlington Front Street and think isn,t this lovely. Why are we putting up with this?
  16. I,ve just come home from shopping in Bedlington and I must say I was really pleased with the look of Bedlington tonight. The flower beds are beautiful and the town does look nice and well kept but I can,t say the same for the 'station' as it really does look dreadful. I do know the Clayton has never looked good but it has never looked so bad at this moment in time. The chemist shop paintings are filthy and I have noticed theres also a window boarded up. Jakes bar surely is owned by someone and ofcourse with the newsagents now being closed it just looks a right state. I thuoght at Xmas time it was smashing and I thought at last we are not now the poor relations but I,m afraid it is back to normal. I do think its a damn shame and why should we be ashamed
  17. Does anyone know what the are intending to build on the terrier land. I had heard it was going to be a care home but It was mentioned that they were going to build bungalows.Just being nosey and am pleased that something is happening at last.
  18. hello I was reading the news post leader this week and at last in print is the application for tescos demolition but I really wanted to see the erection of new large store so won't believe till it happens.
  19. can anyone tell me if there is any news about there being any building to be started on the Bedlington Terrier land. Its such an eyesore.
  20. Does anyone remember the quarantine hospital as you went for a walk to the granary point. We were talking about this the other day and my husband remembers there was also an abbatoire along there also can anyone confirm this. If it wasn't an abbatoire does anyone recall what it was as he remembers the big steel dishes that was possibly used to collect the blood in.
  21. Hello Merlin About the conotations of my name I just can't decipher what you could possibly mean. Please enlighten me. Hello Brian I do get the message regarding the Bank Top as not liking the atmosphere but when I went I deliberately chose the nights when it wasn't so rowdy and have certainly heard some good patter and good atmosphere. but never mind it looks like this will be no more. It just seems a shame that we are losing so many pubs.
  22. hello everyone I just wanted to say we have actually got a new bus service. Its the A2 and it starts from Blyth and finishes at Kirkhill in Morpeth It now comes past Stead Lane and goes up toBedlington till after eleven at night which is really handy if you want a drink or a meal in Bedlington Its a mini bus but may it long last as we haven't had a bus service going this way late at night since Raisbecks finished I dont' think theres a lot of people are aware of this so just thought Id mention it.
  23. hello Brian, You are probably a younger generation person so I can understand what your saying regarding the decor of the Bank Top but me being of the older sort I was talking about the beer which pubs usually sell. It was a free house and sold some nice ale.
  24. We had a drink in the Market Tavern the other night and a very nice pint it was. I really was quite impressed with the pub as whoever owns it has really tried and thought about the punters to encourage them in. There are comfortable seats and pleasant cosy decor but the only complaint I have are the toilets which are painted brown and really could have done with a total overhaul, but all in all as I say they are trying to encourage people in so I hope they can get some support from the locals as we are losing our pubs as we speak. For instance the Bank Top is finished the Landlord and Landlady are leaving and as far as I know there is no one to replace them. What a shame the breweries are killing off the decent tenants.
  25. I have been hearing that Asda have taken over Netto. I was in the Blyth branch today and the staff are looking forward to having a nicer uniform and maybe the staff discount. Someone at the checkout says its Asda's plan to open lots of smaller Asda's in the next five years. I just can't understand why Netto sold out I thought they would be doing OK but they probably got an offer from them they couldn't refuse like Tesco's do.
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