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  1. Hello Threegee Nice to meet you... (again !) Thank you so much for the information about my Grandad. I have been searching for a while on the internet and even asking family friends as to where he is buried but all were unsure of the exact location. I have many fond, great memories of him and from what I remember he was a well liked man around the town. He used to take me with him to get his tobacco from the local shop and it would take well over an hour due to the number of people coming over to say hello and to have a chat. He was great. Now that I know where he is I will come to Bedlington, pay my respects to him and tell him that everything is good with Ian. So thank you again for the information, it is really appreciated, and thank you for the kind words you said about him in your post they really mean a lot to me. All the best Ian
  2. Hello everyone on the Bedlington Forum... My name is Ian Brown, 27 years old from London. I am searching for any information on my Grandad, Dr John Brown. He died in Bedlington in February 1996, three months after my Grandmother Eileen Brown in November 1995. From what I know and have been able to find out is that as well as being a Doctor in Bedlington he also had a great interest in the cricket club in the town. I am also trying to find out where he is buried. I believe he is buried along with my Grandmother in one of the church cemeteries of Bedlington but as to which one I am unsure. I have very fond memories of both my Grandparents but due to circumstances at the time was never able to pay my respects at either funeral. So, if anyone as any information on Dr. Brown or where he might be buried I would be most grateful. At some point I would like to visit where they are buried, lay some flowers and tell them that I love them, miss them and still think about the wonderful times they gave me. Many thanks for any information and any help that you may be able to give. Ian.
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