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  1. Fantastic! Watch this: Get really confused. Then watch the final edit! Thanks to Loud & Flashy for unearthing this gem.
  2. Sorry Pete. It some how must have slipped my mind! Strange when that happens isn`t it.
  3. BTW Symptoms; have you shown you my photograph: Every opportunity!!!
  4. Dear All Catch up on the latest Synergy News; please find Newsletter 6 for your perusal: Newsletter_6_letter1.pdf
  5. HPW. Paul Mann was indeed a Bedlington policeman`s son. Keep an eye out for the interview I did with him back in March, when he recalls his early life in Bedlington. Synergy audio archive coming soon...
  6. Malcolm. To me I look a whole lot less familiar with hair. It`s been a long time gone I`ve been at KEVI since 1975. I dont know when you were there. Maybe our paths crossed all those year ago.
  7. Keith. Just keep taking the pills. Make sure they are the red ones mind!
  8. Yep Pete it was Big Vic. He was built like a Chieftain tank! i agree: Jim Montgomery- the best goalkeeper England never had.
  9. Izal paper. Very handy stuff for pianos & being used as tracing paper for maps in Geography. For years I thought the capital of Brazil was: "Now wash your hands please"!
  10. Pete. As we are discussing cooking; thought I`d stir things up. Here`s a pic of me as a 17 year old & one of my heroes: I was born in Stannington by the way!
  11. Yep Brian my Dad did. It might have come from the fact that there is vine charcoal which is used by artists. Like pencils it comes in various grades of hardness.
  12. Here it is set to a nice piece of stop frame animation by South Shields` Sheila Graber: Mike Neville & George House used to do a LYG stage double act & often did very funny `fills` when Look North went belly up, through studio malfunction. Sheila`s animation was regularly featured on LN in the 70s. Here`s her homage:
  13. Thanks for the kind thoughts Wonky. Our 1st broadcast in March went very well & was on line, as will our next be. A link will be on the Bedders site for you to use. Watch this space!
  14. Happy Birthday Brian. Have a good day.
  15. Pete. We are going to get our heads together in the next week or so to decide a date & then apply to Ofcom. As soon as we get a date confirmed the Bedders site will, as ever, be the first to get to know. Many thanks for your interest.
  16. We used to hold the axles in place with yarking great metal staples, that would eventually work themselves loose, making the big back wheels, small front wheels or both, separate entities from the chasis, careering the pilot off onto the gravelly road & certain pain. When wooden boxes weren`t forthcoming I used to make a limited bogie. I suppose it was Citreon 2 CV class version. No box to sit in & limited luxuries- brakes. Just a big main plank with smaller piece of wood at the rear to fix the big wheels on & a pivoting one at the front for the steering. In the absence of rope I used to lay face down on my bogie & steer with my hands. The number of times I got my fingers trapped in the intricate steering mechanism- piece of wood, held in place by 6 inch nut & bolt pivet. Ouch!
  17. Even more fantastica news: we got the BLF dosh delivered today! Now for the enjoyable task of organising/producing another 28 day FM broadcast: from our Synergy home at 90a Front Street East, Bedlington.
  18. Happy Birthday Vic. Hope you have/had a good un!
  19. Sorry Brett & Maggie/915 but the word is scramptions. The best ones ever were got from Rhoda`s chipshop; next to the Queens in Guide Post.
  20. I posted these last year: Dark Day for Bedlington.mp3 The Bedlington Murders.doc
  21. Alan Parsons & Eric Woolfson met in the canteen at Abbey Road studios then made wonderful albums such as this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJR9izeYgog
  22. Hear, hear threegee! A community resource. Just like Bedlington`s very own radio station.
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