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  1. I was a Mona Taylor baby back in the 50s. I think it was the Sir Nicholas Garrow blind persons home later. Now it belongs to NCC & is called Hepscott Park. I went to pick up someone there from Age Concern a number of years ago. Sat outside in the car park I wondered which part of the building I was born in.: A very strange feeling.
  2. `Scuse me Symptoms. Have you read what the title of this thread is? This doesn`t fit the criteria!
  3. Here`s another musical one & thanks again to Si Drew of Loud & Flashy: Brilliant!
  4. Had a desire to take me back to my childhood days of Rhoda`s chippy in Guide Post today: Had Kings meat pattie & chips. Absolutely brilliant, with that distinctive pattie taste, that hasn`t changed over the years. Top notch scran with more chips than I could manage!
  5. Seems as good a time as any to post our membership application form. Come & join us this time around. It will be great to have you onboard. Volunteer application form1.pdf
  6. Dear All. As ever keeping you informed first: Ofcom; they say YES. More Synergy on the way! Watch this space for details...
  7. Happy Birthday Adam. Enjoy your day.
  8. Engelbert Humperdinck. (Arnold Dorsey)?
  9. Steady on there Malcolm. He`s wearing a black & white scarf :dribble:
  10. John & Adrian get to know Alex Bennett; Northumberland Fire & Rescue`s new Chief Fire Officer. http://www.northumberlandgazette.co.uk/news/local-news/officer-alex-takes-over-the-fire-and-rescue-hot-seat-1-4157281 http://www.northumberland.gov.uk/default.aspx?page=6270&article=2532
  11. Dave & Keith tell Colin what makes the Bedlington NBT special. http://www.northumbria.police.uk/your_neighbourhood/northumberland/bedlington/
  12. Just stopped laughing. Nice Job. Gets my vote!
  13. John White

    Lynn & Jonny: Leading Link

    Lynn & Jonny tell Colin about life at "The Lodge" http://leadinglink.co.uk/
  14. Managing debt, learn to save & much more: Maureen describes the workings of CUSEN to Colin. http://www.cusen.co.uk/home
  15. Thanks Maggie. Paul remarked himself how suprised he was with the time we gave him. That`s the nature of Community Radio. Hope it sold him some extra books. He might live in Maine USA now, but he is still one of ours, after all!
  16. John White

    Dennis Fancett: SENRUG, Community Help Hub

    Two for the price of one! Dennis tells Colin about the two Bedlington based groups he is involved with: http://www.senrug.co.uk/ http://www.communityhelphub.co.uk/index.html
  17. Dear All The more eagle eyed of you will have noticed the new Audio button at the top of our site. This is an audio archive of selected material from Synergy. At the minute you can listen to a slice of the 100 plus interviews conducted during our last FM broadcast. Over the coming weeks I will be adding more material which either features Bedlington people, or is relevant to our town & surrounding districts. The audio is also free to download (for community use only). Happy listening!
  18. John White

    Synergy Marks Murder Centenary

    Produced and edited by Synergy presenter John White and based on a script by the Sixtownships community history group, the re-enactment was recorded by staff and students of Morpeth's King Edward V1 School. The play is amongst a dozen of John's Drivetime show items in the Audio Archive Said John: "We plan to build up the audio archive so that people in the area who may have missed local items when they were first aired will now have the opportunity of listening to them. And as we're coming up to the hundredth anniversary of such an infamous event in Bedlington's history, we felt it just had to be included as part of the archive." Amongst other items that are now available on the site is John's transatlantic interview with expat author Paul Mann whose book "The Leek Club" describes his formative years growing up in Bedlington. Synergy organiser South Northumberland Radio Group is applying to Ofcom for a second 28-day licence to broadcast on FM and simultaneously on-line later this year. Listen Now
  19. IDS reckons people can exist on 53 quid a week! Tell HIM to try: www.change.org/IDSpetition
  20. Don`t you mean Prec`s? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Precariat Any way you`ve given up!
  21. I came out of it a bit better Keith. Having entered my details (including ticking rent) I was declared "Emerging Service Worker class" Looks like I now have to aspire to be Working Class! Seems I`ve gone backwards in life!!
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