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  1. Synergy Drive Tuesday with John & Rich 5.15pm: Chris Lawson from RES talks about the new Biomass Power Station for Blyth 6.15pm: Barbara Henderson tells all about the November Club`s new theatrical production at Wallington Hall
  2. Sorry Ladies. This is the first chance I`ve had to reply to your archive question. It`s a very busy time doing all Synergy stuff & a full time job. When our 28 day stint comes to an end. I will begin the job of going through our programme logs finding stuff which is either about, or relevant to, Bedlington. The time consuming thing is it has to have the music removed from it for copyright reasons. So it will take some time for me to do. But it will get done. In the meantime after our broadcast ends next Friday you might like to listen to some of last years output available on the Audio button at the top of the page. Many thanks for the kind words.
  3. On Synergy Drive; Thursday, 4.30-7pm with John & Gary: Heather Alabaster returns to update us on her guides & Gary Nattrass talks about his long career in television. Including his early days at Tyne Tees Television. TTTV.bmp
  4. Maggie. His name was John Turrell. His website is : www.johnturrell.com The Band was The Craig Charles Fantasy Funk
  5. And did you know Maggie there is a choclatier in Lynemouth also: Click on Choc/Fudge http://www.lynemouth.org.uk/
  6. Dear All On Synergy Drive tonight; 4.30-7pm with John & Rich: Dr Chris Burgess, Northumberland County Council Senior Archaeologist. Can you dig it!
  7. I got it as far as Tynemouth. It crashed amongst the high buildings in the village.
  8. Thank you for the kind comments Both. & also for the Saturday chocs Maggie! We have to wait for Ofcoms decision to our 5 year application Threegee. Find out by December.
  9. Dear All. If you are up late: we are looking to a midnight switch on of the Synergy transmitter. Get your wireless set tuned in to 87.7 FM, ready for tomorrow.
  10. Dear All. Check out our new website: http://synergyradio.co.uk/ Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/synergyuk Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/yoursynergy
  11. 61,000 News Post Leader readers will have found out about Synergy today. Did you get your flyer in todays editition?
  12. Got a local business? This might interest you: https://twitter.com/yoursynergy
  13. I see Bernicia had an even bigger estate to manage in those days! I wonder how many vans they had then!!
  14. He now lives in Guide Post he tells me. His daughter used to go to Chantry Middle. He did a Olde Worlde cooking DVD which they sold to make some money. I helped with the post production of it but never met him during it`s recording.
  15. I was sunning myself in the car park, whilst reading Facebook, when a bloke spoke as he walked past with his dog. The voice was familiar but without my specs on I didn`t see his face properly. Spoke to him again when he walked back along the river path. It was ex Street star Ian Mercer (Gary Mallett) Signed him up for Synergy interview: nice chap
  16. Answer me this: Where`s the best place to go to meet an ex long running Corrie member who also starred in "The Scapegoat" & was in the latest "Pirates of the Caribbean" film? The River Wansbeck at Sheepwash. That`s where!
  17. Maggie. Listening will be just fine. Plus the odd text/email etc.
  18. John White

    Richard's History Listen

    L to R: Neal Younger (Synergy), Richard Pyle and Newbiggin Mayor Will Rogers. And Richard's commentaries will feature in a series of broadcasts on Synergy when the station returns on 87.7FM and on-line at www.synergyradio.co.uk in August. Richard, 53, who now lives in Zurich, was born in Newbiggin and admits to being "a huge local history buff". "I completed my masters degree on British history at Newcastle University a couple of years ago," he said. "I specialised on the history of south east Northumberland and my dissertation centred on Newbiggin." Richard's interactive guide to 14 villages and towns includes 30 sites in his native Newbiggin including Church Point, The Haven - former summer home of the Trevelyan family of Wallington Hall, and the old colliery site. "The app, which I call 'Village Guides' is aimed at visitors and residents alike and I hope it will contribute to a better understanding of the area's heritage," he added. Newbiggin's mayor, Councillor Will Rogers welcomed the new app. "I think it is incredible", he said. "It is an excellent guide to the area. We want people to come and visit Newbiggin, and this guide is a great and innovative way to sell the area". The guides are available on the itunes app store priced 99p to £1.99p. For more information contact Richard via villageguides@gm.com â–
  19. Thank you Maggie. We hope you will listen in.
  20. Just around the corner & so much to do! RSL2.PDF
  21. My mother (Jean White) worked as a waitress there for many years. An aunt & uncle used to take me there sometimes before going to the pictures. I used to also be treated to great slabs of cooking chocolate, brought home by my mother. Fine for the first couple of bites. Then you felt as sick as a dog.
  22. Excellent! Remember you can hear George talk passionately about FOGP at:
  23. Dear All. News literally just in: Come August 17th Synergy, again, will be broadcasting on the frequency 87.7fm. Excellent! Oh & don`t forget we will be on the web too, with a link to click on this here website`s homepage, as well as www.synergyradio.co.uk Other contact details to follow nearer the time.
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