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  1. Not at all Adam. Not a fixed wing I know, but served well in war & peace. I would add this much loved beauty: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUIKxnS6tQc Who in trouble in Northumberland over the years wouldn`t recognise that sound & be gladdened by it!
  2. Ah yes the Barnet Formula. I came across this when NCC councillors held a public meeting at County Hall (late 80s) prior to them going to London to plead Northumberland`s case for more money. I video`d the meeting & I somewhere still have the tape. NCC commisioned an AV presentation to support their case. The slide which set out the "Formula`s" formula was unbelievable. If I remember correctly money is allocated partly using density of population against dimensions of the area in question. That`s where we lost out! Maybe I remember wrongly. Anyway I prefer Sanjeevs explanation... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-27423110 Well it`s either that or cry!
  3. Great concept. Excellent production & edit... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8WOO6qoEcgo
  4. New in the Audio Archive: http://www.bedlington.co.uk/audioarchive.html/_/malcolm-robinson-terrier-benches-r29
  5. John White

    Malcolm Robinson: Terrier Benches

    Malcolm Robinson, Bedlingtonshire Development Trust, talks to BBC Newcastle`s Anne Leuchars about Gallagher Park`s new place to rest. http://www.newspostleader.co.uk/news/local/paws-for-thought-on-new-bespoke-benches-1-6517362?utm_medium=twitter&utm_source=twitterfeed
  6. So much for this then... http://www.bedlington.co.uk/audioarchive.html/_/chris-lawson-res-r22
  7. Ordinary was like gnat`s. Best blew your brains out! Inbetweenies like me drank "mixed" My first pint was at 16, in the back room of the "Shakey" in Guide Post... Tartan; but only ever in a `chunky` glass, with a handle; that real men never used!! When I came of age I progressed to the Bar... A smallish area which resembled London in the smog!
  8. Now. Now Foxy!
  9. Symptoms/Ex Bed. It`s always been Synergy policy that we would not ask our presenters to put together quality programmes on the off chance of being listened to by a small number on the net. Nice thought though both. Thank you. I hope we gave you something you liked to listen to on the 2 FM RSLs Who knows Symp. that guy in the red suit might bring you a solid state trannie this year!
  10. No Maggie. Sorry there isn`t anything that can be done. Their decision is final. Many thanks for the eagerness to have a try. Also many thanks for the chocolate!
  11. You`re right. It seems Ofcom don`t listen Adam. Or they declined to say they did, when we asked them! Many thanks for your support over the years. Good luck with WBTC stuff.
  12. Dear All, Ofcom has not granted the application by South Northumberland Radio Group for a full time community radio licence for Synergy to broadcast on FM to people in south east Northumberland. After six years of hard work by the Group to establish a genuinely accessible community radio station and two well received 28-day FM broadcasts, the decision of Ofcom is a great disappointment not only to our members and volunteers but also to the many individuals and organisations in the area that have supported our efforts since 2008. We believe that the broadcasting service we provided did much to ease social isolation and meet the information needs of the communities and public at large in south east Northumberland. We would like to place on record our grateful thanks to everyone who supported our proposals. We wish Koast well in its endeavours in fulfilling its obligations to provide the type of community radio service the area deserves as the result of the award of a full time licence, and high standards of broadcasting which our listeners have come to expect. The Group will meet in the very near future to consider its future.
  13. Just posted this on Synergy thread: http://www.bedlington.co.uk/audioarchive.html/_/gary-fildes-kielder-observatory-r14 Well done Kielder!
  14. Well done Kielder Observatory. Synergy got to speak to them first: http://www.bedlington.co.uk/audioarchive.html/_/gary-fildes-kielder-observatory-r14
  15. You are correct Viv. That is where I used to go to buy my single/albums. If they didn`t have a record I wanted Sylvia would get it in for me & give me DJ discount, as I worked for hospital radio at the time. Spent many an hour there: & loads of dosh too!
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