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  1. Like the idea threegee. I would welcome more ideas `cos I`ve run out of them! I sent the begging bowl out last week!
  2. John White

    The Bill

    Watched The Bill for the first time for a while last night to see PC Tony Stamp go. I was amazed at the number of credits to script writers. How could so many come up which such a dour programme! After so many years they couldn`t give the brilliant Graham Cole a great episode to leave on. Speaking of credits. When you are looking at Bill re-runs check out the sound dubber. It might read Garry Nattrass. I taught him media at school back in the 70s. We became friends back then & I have just produced an ad with him to be shown on the Dave channel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAJ5Rv4iXcY&feature=related Turn the HD off
  3. Following extensive research into the demographics of our intended broadcast footprint we have compiled a playlist that will see music from the 60s through to present day played throughout the day. There will be music for everyone targeted at various times of the day. With a great deal of speech input from local, individuals, interest groups & organisations.
  4. Monsta. No not yet. We would like to do one of our 28 day test broadcasts on the lead up to Xmas. We have the studio area. What we need is money. We are currently extremely busy writing numerous applications to various funding organisations. Unfortunately without any success so far. Times are hard! So if anyone has any ideas how to raise a few grand we would love to hear from you! Be rest assured when we are about to go on air you will know about it! John.
  5. Hi. Thanks for the message of support. Re. Lionheart: Myself & another SNRG colleague were original steering group members, seeing it through from day one to the successful fulltime licence. It`s a not well known fact that the first two LHR meetings were actually held in Morpeth. My other SNRG chums were also involved. One of them being a director for a time. Look forward to having you on board!
  6. Thanks MG. Things are starting to move so we will be looking for volunteers to do various stuff in the not so distant.
  7. Thanks Andy. Very generous. When did you come into money?
  8. Thanks HP. One "Maybe" & a "Yes" from your good self. Not a bad start I `spose. John.
  9. Hi thought I`d say hello & introduce myself. I`ve been involved with local media, in the form of Hospital radio/tv, & community radio as well as media education for more years than I`m willing to admit! I passionately believe in local TV & Radio for local people You might of noticed the latest news on Bedders.co.uk, about the possibility of a Bedlington based radio station. What do you think? Do you think it`s got appeal? Would you listen if we manage to raise the many £Ks needed? Have you got a spare £57k? If that`s a yes I can come around tonight! Look forward to your comments on this thread. John W. SNRG
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