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  1. I never know about the road accident
  2. Newcastle will never be like they were before I dont watch football anyway so dont mind
  3. This is something to do with MSNs server being flooded with other people trying to login. Just wait a few minutes and try logging in again. If this does not work dont us MSN
  4. ROM: Read Only Memory
  5. Im getting sick of them changing the flowers on the roundabout
  6. There may be lots of free parking, but there's nothing to do in Bedlington The only people who use the shops are local and can walk. So the people who park there must be lazy, or there town must be really crap if they come to Bedlington to shop Not actually a car park in Bedlington
  7. SuperMan

    Torture Chamber

    Poor child. Bet he didn't expect that
  8. Thats the big fuss about? When he was alive everyone hated him and called him a pedo. But when he dies everyone is sad As for the jokes a quick Google search will find you tons, or just click here
  9. I cannot stand modern day music It all sounds that same, like garden furniture being smacked together and if you like that then i have a few plastic chairs if you want them Just ignore the cannons and text under the cannons.
  10. I dont think Jesus would vote for any. If Jesus walked this earth he would properly be a politician.
  11. Click Here Big Brother will be only aired for one last time before being removed from Channel 4. Im glad this is happening as i think Big Brother has turned tv into a pile of reality rubbish. What do you think?
  12. You should not have let your wife get like this!
  13. I love the GTA games. I think they keep getting better.
  14. If you stand it up it increases the change of the CPU coming loose in the older models, and as my 360 has had a red ring 3 times i let it lye flat
  15. I have Gears of War 2 and gave up half way through as it was to easy and boring. Its a real shame as i was looking forward to that game and paid a fair sum for it. I have never played over Live as i do not have Live. I have heard its good over Live.
  16. Thanks FourGee for putting the slideshow in the post
  17. Last night at about mid-night i was awoken by a helicopter hovering over my street (HollyMount Square) i looked out the window and saw a police car and a ambulance, the helicopter was a police one. I was just wondering if anybody know what had happened?
  18. SuperMan


    Where abouts is this photo taken? its a nice spot
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