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  1. Seems like your idea has allready been taken http://soupercan.co.uk/
  2. SouperCan, i like it Im sure Fourgee wont mind it
  3. Sorry, didnt mean to cause offence
  4. I remember a few years back there was a little fair thing there with a blacksmith making triangles and arts & crafts and other things, thats the only time ive seen it used.
  5. If your on about the kids on bikes then i did see one of them wrap it today on the way to Tescos, made my day. The new paving slabs have only been down a couple of days and there are black skid marks all other them.
  6. I was watching a bit of it but its all pap and then i heard my computer calling, not a big fan of Michael Jackson When he was alive everyone was calling him a kiddie feeler, but when he died everyone was saying he was great. You can never win Note: What happened to the live chat? Was it taken off the site?
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=upCAqGIrv08 Looks a bit time consuming
  8. Just wanted to tell everybody about a program called Freecycle, it is a service were you can give away old items instead of just binning them, once you have donated a few items you can ask for items you need and its free! The nearest group is in Morpeth, and there are 4000 members, so theres a big community. Link Here Note: remember to not click the option to get all the message sent to you inbox, or you will be flooded with messages.
  9. Need to update Flash or some other video coder? Poor internet connection?
  10. This will never catch on... atleast i hope it doesnt as i will lose my paperround
  11. Put Shoes on. Walk out door. Go to Greggs. Buy Stotties. Go home. Then eat them.
  12. SuperMan


    Where are the monkeys found in Madagascar 2 Escape to africa nds game? To find all the monkeys to complete the mission, you must travel back to all areas of the game that you have played. For example: The watering hole. If you go to the menu and go to your MAP view you can scroll through all the areas and levels played so far. As you scroll through the menu there should be a picture counter at each map 'site' that says how many monkeys in this area you have found so far. For example: As you go through the map and stop at the watering hole, you will see a picture of a monkey with 17/20 writt
  13. SuperMan

    Forza 3

    Looks good... Shame im getting rid of my Xbox 360 [Keeps getting the RROD]
  14. If it ment the money was going to be spent to make Bedlington better, then Yes. If you live in Bedlington you can just walk to the Shops instead of parking so you wont have to pay.
  15. Just wondering what Bedlingtons Favourite Browser is. Links to download the the Browsers are blow this. FireFox Opera Flock Safari Google Chrome Internet Explorer
  16. The ribbon theme is the default theme for Firefox 3.5 isnt it?
  17. I dont think this will look nice, we are allready sick of companys coping of each other... But i still love FireFox
  18. How are Shepard's meant to see there sheep at night?
  19. I like Best Bite and Moby Dicks Both tasty and not to expensive... apart from the 1.5 litre bottle from Best Bite for £1.20!
  20. The worse a sheeps going to do is nibble on your trousers
  21. What is the purpose of this App? To stalk people Allso lots of pointless apps in this video, but just to make your blood boil a bit more theres an annoying child narrating it.
  22. Sure this picture is not edited? If it isn't then that woman must be in a fair bit of pain
  23. This thread is ment to be called Good Jokes isn't it? Only Kidding, some of the jokes are good and heres mine. How does Michael Jackson pick his nose? From a catalogue
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