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  1. May be if we decided a time for everyone to go on it, then we would know that it was going to ber used at that certain time so we could log on and chat?
  2. Bring back the live chat or mini me will kick you in
  3. All i want for christmas is my two front teeth
  4. SuperMan

    Next Gen Xbox

    As long as it dosnt over heat after 30 mins of playing i will be happy Anyone know if Microsoft have thought/decided on a name?
  5. Atleast it looks abit nicer with the front street, will look nicer without the metal fences, the christmas events may not be great but its a start, i think old Bedlington is going to get a bit better as time goes on
  6. Do you know what type of food will be served and if it will be anygood? Better not just turn out to be another takeaway!
  7. By the looks of it no, never really used it myself
  8. Nice site, i dont many pictures of Bedlington but will be taking a few more after Christmas when the weather gets a bit nicer.
  9. When will people be able to sign up with no invite, i dont want to use it at the moment but its not like Google to limit people to use there products. Seems a bit silly to only let afew people use Google Wave but its proberly just to hype it up.
  10. Thanks FourGee, Your the man!
  11. Thanks mate, will try something later
  12. Hi, On Sunday (6 Dec 09) i shot a few pictures of Gallagher Park using a camera that was set to shot the pictures at 11 MegaPixels but when i tried to upload them to the Gallery on this site it says they are to large, anyone know how i can make the size a bit smaller? The help would be handy and next time it will shot at about 5 MegaPixels! Thanks Note:When i say making the pictures smaller i dont mean cropping them i mean making the size of the picture smaller.
  13. Does anyone know what the three metal crates in Gallagher Park do? apart from being another place for people to graffiti
  14. Cheap advertisment Thumbs Up allround
  15. Looks like a visit to the Library is needed Just dont end up doing what that guy did
  16. The US defence research agency has launched 10 red balloons in a contest to assess the accuracy with which information spreads on the internet. The group that first pinpoints the exact location of all 10 stands to win a $40,000 (£24,000) prize. More Here If you see a red ballon in your backgarden you may be very rich but i will need a share in the money for telling you this
  17. Just saw this very interesting video about the Leek Show in 1962 and wanted to share it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TuQsje-N4yg
  18. Saw this on the internet if its anyhelp... proberly not. Bedlington Northum. Bedlingtun c.1050. Probably 'estate associated with a man called *Bēdla or *Bētla'. OE pers. name + -ing- + tūn. Of this Website.
  19. Errm Sheep That isnt me in the picture... i promise.
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