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    Lepard 4.jpg

    Dont see many of these around Bedlington anymore.
  2. Its a real shame he had to die on Christmas eve to, it just rubs it in your face that little bit more
  3. I just got the mouse mat, thank you i will be using that from now on. It looks nice and sturdy and has a great websites domain on it
  4. Christmas is cancelled
  5. What are you going to do with the building, hq of bedlington.co.uk?
  6. Would that be the bedders.co.uk signs on the building next to the Dog Grooming place?
  7. Ive seen the tags on your clothes and they all say ASDA and primark, dont lie now
  8. Thats some strong stuff, i never knew her myself but she dosnt look like anyone important, she proberly still gets all her cloths from Primark like the rest of us and dont pretend you dont
  9. They should be made to work, and the money the prisons make will mean they can expand for more scumbags
  10. I just wanted to follow the animation theme
  11. When will the fences around the Grass in the Market Place be taken down? There is no point in having them there
  12. I hope X Factor dont get another xmas number 1!!!!!!
  13. Bet it takes a lot of money thought
  14. Nice, imagine if Bedlington had one of these 18 Gigapixel things
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