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  1. When was this taken? There is no one on the streets! EDIT: There is people on the street, ignore this comment.
  2. The Mega BreakFast at ASDA is to die for... literally.
  3. For £5 i could get a pint a curry and a packet of crisps and still have change for the weekly shop
  4. £5 just for the starters!!!!!!!!!! :o !!!!!!!!!!
  5. If they dont like this county they can !*!@# off back to there own country
  6. Do they provide a bucket? Because after £35 worth of pizza your going to need it!
  7. Amazon is quite good for computing items and is quite cheap
  8. Damn i hate Ted "The Count" Hanky
  9. SuperMan


    This link may help link Its also a good idea to get a account on the Ubuntu Forums as there are linux gurus who can help you.
  10. Someone hire a fast food van and stick it down the front street to shut everyone up.
  11. How to chip a xbox 360
  12. Munchie Moos (or whatever they are called) sell things like Bacon Buttys, what more could you want?
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