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  1. I have lost contact with my cousin David Walker I think he lives in Milbank Rd or in the area his Mam lived in Haig rd just need to reconnect with him thanks Brian
  2. Hope you all have a great time
  3. hope you had a good day Foxy 'ol mate
  4. Ah the old back lane many good times playing cricket and of course footbah
  5. Many a good pint in there when it was a pub
  6. Thanks to all my mates I had a great birthday my wife and I went to Rainbow Beach for a quiet few days but Lo and behold my family showed up Sons daughters grand kids fantastic day
  7. Sorry I am late but happy birthday mate
  8. Happy AUSTRALIA DAY all forum pals
  9. Happy new year CL and all of my mates on our great forum
  10. Ya HPW same to you and yours
  11. Merry Christmas to all my forum friends I have not had much activity lately but I’m back to post and answer any questions oh yea Have a great New Year
  12. Very belated Happy Birthday Andy
  13. My Cousin Peter our past away this month if anyone knew him his funeral will be held on Tuesday I think at Cowpen at 1:30 Peter lived in Bedlington station almost all his life his last place was virtually opposite the Percy arms which was handy for Peter
  14. Agree totally with your post 3G, i am sure a lot of Britons who voted to remain would change their vote if they could following some terrible comments from officials within the EU, what a bunch of backstabbers.
  15. Happy Birthday Vic hope it wasn't too cold over there mate
  16. Thanks a lot guys i had a great day lunch with my wife, then Doctors appointment, followed by a nice evening at home with the family.
  17. Canny Lass i believe you live in Sweden can you tell me if things are as bad as we hear in the news regarding immigrants .........BC
  18. Yes it is a national holiday Pete
  19. Happy Australia Day Guys i know you will all be celebrating the day.
  20. Belated Birthday wishes Pete hope you enjoyed your day
  21. merry Christmas to all my friends on The forum and have a great New Year
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