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    Hi. The photograph was of the first football team at Barrington school. When we played away games, mostly at Ashington, we had to walk to Choppington Station to catch the bus. Another story from Barrington is that when my father took me and my brother to see Newcastle play we caught the bus at Choppington Stn as usual, went upstairs for a good seat and guess who was sitting there - Jackie Milburn on his way to play in front of 80,000. He had been working in the mines on the Saturday morning; needless to say I got his autograph,that day Charlie Wayman scored a hat-trick and Len Shackleton scored the other.
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    Hi Alan, John Lowe on Line brother of Raffie. This was the first Barrington school football team with the school providing new Yellow football strips. Jimmy Bailey, Will Foster and Spratty ended up at Bedlington Grammer School playing along side Bobby Charlton .Will became a teacher and Jimmy Bailey a linesman at the Bomarsund pit along side Rex Parker Happy days hope this fills in a few missing gaps.
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