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  1. Just a quick question, who got the S the wrong way round on Market Taverns window ?
  2. Andy and Debra getting married at Ridley Hall at 3pm.
  3. He's got a rare disease called 'IGetlostitis', which means when you turn your back he gets lost. Seriously I was at my Dad's sorting things out, and went to take the ashes from the fire to the bin, turned my back and he was off. More like 'Scooby Dooby better not do it again otherwise he stays at the cat and dog shelter'. £45 to get him back.
  4. All ok, he was found wandering Bedlington front street last night/early morning, just picked him up from Benton cat and dog shelter. Thanks to all
  5. Thank you, he's done this before and always come home again, but he's never been out all night before.
  6. If anyone sees this dog or has him could you please contact me on 07745 133 682 ? Thanks. He went missing on 27/02/06 in Bedlington East area, notably Hollymount Square He's approachable and friendly, and answers to the name of Scooby
  7. Latest rumour is it's going to be an internet cafe.
  8. Just thought, could it be yet another solicitors, Bedlington just doesn't have enough
  9. Something happening in the old shop, new shutters being installed. Anyone know what's happening ?
  10. Does anyone have any info as to why the police were swarming over Bedlington this morning (31/10/05) at approx 1am ? Apparently the incident was centered on the old Frontier restaurant (to be confirmed), from memory there was 8 police cars and two vans. -- Andy
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