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  1. Nope would not, my dignity is worth more than that. It's the after event and the effect it would have on family would weigh heavy on my mind, screw the money. My private life and dignity is worth more.
  2. I really hope cost wasn't a factor, cos I will kick off big style. It's the same when the Bedlington Fayre was cancelled, apparently the poclie were charging too much to cover the event, hence no fair, hence no extra income for the town, seriously I am thinking of emigrating as this country has cost on the brain
  3. The reason they're in there is cos they have no personalities, money left, dignity etc, I for one will NOT be watching
  4. If it's over cost then I have my pen at the ready, how dare they cancel or even think about cancelling over costs, those guys gave their lives, they should be remembered as should the current serving soldiers giving their all
  5. As long as we had one, I had heard rumours that there wasn't going to be one, my poison pen was ready for assault to the council, but when I saw the roadblocks go up and saw the bands congregating I knew there was going to be one
  6. Another poll could be :--- Who the hell cares ?? More reality tripe to pollute the airwaves as well as X-Fixtor (according to rumours), don't watch it so don't know. Strictly Come Stomping is another blot on the TV schedule. Spleen vented, opinion given, gloves on here we go
  7. Apparently we did, there are wreaths on the cenotaph, sadly I missed it
  8. I've heard a rumour that Bedlington will not be hosting a rememberance day parade, does anyone know any different ?
  9. Well not me, ahem ever, cough, erm I may have done sort of in the past. Soulseek was good for music, erm previews that I paid for later honest, ahem Haven't heard of these progs since Bittorrent came on the scene, reminds me need a film for tomorrow night Soulseek was apparently good for music I heard
  10. Port blocking for popular file sharing progs (Limewire, Kazaa, WinMX, my informant tells me he could start downloading quite happily over various file sharing progs, then at 08:30 they would just stop, downloads would stream in at a nice rate then drop off exponentially at half eight, and wouldn't work again till roughly 7pm.
  11. This is from the same Talk Talk who cuts off file sharing ports from 08:30, ahem allegedly, I was told, by someone <cough>
  12. 'words to that effect' = summick like that like
  13. Got to admit it's good, it just found 6 rogue files that my albeit free antivirus didn't pick up on till the MS scanner did.
  14. Still need some funding though, I've got 57p to get you started
  15. Aha, that bit wasn't mentioned.
  16. Apparently it's part of their license agreement they have to have door staff
  17. YYYYYYeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just need the rest of the trash to go as well
  18. 3 times a lady by the Commodores (and I answered before using the spoiler)
  19. Much like TV= X Factor, Britains got (no) talent, icedancing for out of work celebs, and for !*!@# sake that moronic game where they make shapes and let walls with holes pass over them, give me a refund !!
  20. Crikey that's an old game, must be 10 years plus since I played the original !! Although was a good 'un, Guybrush Threepwood if I remember was the name of the main character ?? Now going older on the games, anyone ever play 'The Dig' ?
  21. That would have been the F-16, very loud and yes impressive. Chinook was my favourite though, really wanted to go Saturday for the Vulcan
  22. Andy Brown


    Then look back at September and realise the last few days of rain were like a trickle in comparison Still not nice for those who thought they were going to have to sandbag the doors again.
  23. The cash it generates will/should be used to pay for wardens to clamp the lazy b****rds who park in the disabled bay in the Market Place disabled bay (who aren't disabled), and the ignorant twits who park on the crossing next to the newsagents.
  24. Andy Brown

    Who have you seen?

    So have I, and was there the night he walked off stage at the City Hall, never watched him again after that. He can give it but he can't take it.
  25. Andy Brown

    Who have you seen?

    Ones that I remember Bon Jovi Def Leppard Aerosmith Skin Van Halen Ugly Kid Joe Meatloaf
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