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  1. Nah, if it's pulled down it'll become a hairdressers, solicitors or takeaway
  2. Lived in North Terrace from late 1976 ish till 1988, loved it cos it was when kids were allowed to be kids, kept being chased from the coalhouse rooftops, camping out in the shelters. Was a sad time when they pulled them down.
  3. Seeing as it's made from apples, surely it should count as one of your 5 a day
  4. Tommy the eggman remains elusive
  5. GGG I asked on here when it was the 'old'* site, and really can't remember who it was who said it. So can't remember if it was quoted what they said, or where the info was from. * About 12-13 years ago
  6. I remember asking something similar years ago, can't remember the exact details but from what I do remember, it's history has something to do with the saying "pay on the nail". Don't know if this was truth or not however. If anyone can enlighten I for one would be interest to know (again, cos me memory is lousy)
  7. My vote is for slow drivers who think it's acceptable to drive at 15mph in normal conditions when it's perfectly safe to drive nearer the limit or the (and this is directed to Nissan Micra's in general) Nissan Micra (oddly enough it's always the old shape ones) doing 40 mph, normally on single national speed limit roads or dual carriageways, to profile them even more it's nearly always an old person. I'm not a speed freak and adhere to 30mph or below where indicated, but it's more on roads where a higher speed is not only indicated but is less of a danger when you don't have someone crawling along at much less than the indicated lawful maximum. Let the flames begin...
  8. I have one thing to say in favour of X-Factor getting the number one's over the years, they've put Cliff Richard out of the running
  9. Hmm would need an entry for TTD (Time_to_delivery) most times are quoted as 45mins to an hour, any deviation from this may upset the function
  10. Agreed, ironic isn't it we have loads of estate agents + solicitors if you're buying a house, but Bedlington has nothing to offer to make you want to buy a house=conundrum to solve
  11. Cheating but, http://www.google.co...lient=firefox-a
  12. Andy Brown


    Ain't Mozilla, I've just tried every option and mines fine.
  13. Andy Brown

    Windows 7

    Just goes to show alcohol can sway my brain when drank in the right quantities
  14. Already downloaded and ready to watch in HD Gotta love Sky broadband, 1.27 GB in 13 minutes
  15. Anything David Attenbrough does, the recent series Life on BBC (currently watchable on iplayer).
  16. Hi Jim, this is one I have been wondering for a while and started a topic 2 years ago almost to the day http://www.bedlingto...__1entry16482 You can't see anything for dust when the businesses open and close almost like a revolving door, new business success can be measured in weeks in Bedders, Donna's clothes, Wedding shop. Although there are the exceptions, the dog grooming place is one. It seems unless you are a estate agent, hairdresser, solicitor or takeaway then your success is limited. Although big congrats to the ones who have made it, a third barbers wouldn't have been an obvious choice.
  17. Andy Brown

    Windows 7

    Have to disagree, Win98 was bad, 98SE was miles better, Millenium was a poor attempt at an April fools joke, Windows 2000 was the launchpad to get people off 16 bit software and onto meatier systems and taking responsibility for permissions, then in the background a pesky little penguin was gaining ground in the free legal market although diversified into different distros, some were popular some weren't. Have used desktop OS's from Dos up to WIndows 7 with MS, and have tried almost every flavour of Linux (anyone else used to order from polo.demon.co.uk/emporium ?) Suse was ok, Mandrake was resource hungry (although could have been my machine) and then Ubuntu came from nowhere and now lives happily as my main OS of choice, I rarely boot into MS unless I am testing something for work. /end of pointless post
  18. And now it follows the mouse ?? Gotta admit, using Firefox on Ubuntu though. But I swear one time it was repelling the flakes then a refresh it attracts the flakes. Not complaining, it ain't broke don't fix it
  19. Must not like mine, snow goes in opposite direction, or am I missing something ?
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