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  1. Wouldn't want to cross that talent with a chav though, cops would never catch them
  2. Hi Merlin, I wasn't going to record near the school (not that daft), it was more the idiots who fly round the estate past the house (it tends not to be parents, more people turning round or taxis), and yes it is the West End lot, it has gotten a lot better this week since the notice from the Police, I would like a speed limit notice placed at the top of the estate, may see about this next week
  3. Merlin, our estate is a large oval, the rule of thumb seems to be if they can't turn round at the top safely, they will race round to get back to the top as soon as possible, it's not just school times which are the problem it's weekends (when kids are playing out) and nights, though now it's the darker nights the kids aren't playing out, but that's beside the point. There is a large green in the centre which has bushes planted round it where kids play that old favourite 'Let's cross the road without looking', only a matter of time before there is an accident. I'm starting to record repeat offenders number plates, for the record the parents tend to be ok.
  4. The pupils from West End had a letter from Northumbria Police advising of the situation and that it was being monitored, tbh I know parents have to drop their kids off and that isn't the problem, it's the inconsiderate 'blimps' and the park half on/half off the kerb brigade. Although I also know they are trying to keep their kids safe as well as trying to be considerate to drivers trying to get past so it's a catch 22 situation, but at the same time those of us walking on the path have trouble getting past when they leave their doors wide open and are standing chatting. I'm going to have a word with the police about the speeders/taxis/morons who seem to think we live on a race track, there's times they are in excess of 20mph which doesn't seem a lot but when there's parked cars and young kids about it's a lot.
  5. If I'm not working away that week, I'll come along mate, would really like to see this get off the ground, I know your passion for doing this is beyond reproach so fingers crossed things start moving
  6. Not being a footy fan in anyway but am glad for one reason or another someone is wanting to invest in our little lost town, maybe this may bring the much needed infrastructure for future jobs and the much asked for leisure centre etc. Sick of Ashington, Morpeth and Blyth gettin all the attention about time the capital of Bedlingtonshire had it's 15 minutes of fame
  7. Ha ha ha ha ha, haven't seen any Texans floating about
  8. Saw some workmen in front of Elliott's garage the other day, doors were open and all the roof insulation was all over the floor, dunno what they were doing but had some sort of drilling/inspection equipment in the old forecourt, maybe surveying for possible petrol station ??
  9. Also with the Great North Run being on, the Red Arrows did a few flyovers of Bedlington and Blyth which I've never seen them do before.
  10. On this particular note, it amazes me how many mothers try and cross either side of the barriers instead of using the crossing, I saw a mother today with 3 kids doing the usual 'if I put the nose of the pushchair far enough into the path of traffic then they'll stop' outside West End gates', I looked at her and shook my head in disbelief. I can't believe some people are so reckless and stupid to risk their kids and their own lives for the sake of not wanting to 'cause a fuss' and stop traffic. And on the parking issue, I live near West End and it is like dodgems trying to get past cars with approx 80% of the car on the path with their doors flung open. Another area which suffers is near Whitley Memorial, I lived in Eden Court and was constantly plagued with inconsiderate drivers blocking my drive as I needed to leave for work myself, even challenging one of them resulted in 'I'll just be a minute'. So after that I used to stand with a camera pretending to take photo's of number plates which would then be taken as evidence blocking access to a private driveway, when they started complaining they were offered the helpful advice of not parking there in future, and if they did then they could expect their car to not be there when they got back as I was going to hire a HIAB to lift cars which were blocking not just mine but other drives as well. The school knew about the problem but were powerless to do anything, but not long after the yellow lines were painted, and harmony was restored
  11. Anyone else see it today heading East at approx 13:00 over Blyth ? According to http://www.vulcantot...ppearances.htm,l it must have been on it's way to Leuchars Airshow. Sadly not able to take a pic as my pathetic camera wouldn't have managed the zoom, but the shape and noise was unmistakeable, so have attached a pic by someone with a much better camera (though not taken today)
  12. Agreed, can't compete with when they're trying to move the piano, or in the sawmill, makes me LOL everytime
  13. Just had the pleasure of talking to them, started off nice enough till he launched into the !*!@# he was hoping I'd take in. Saying they were getting reports from my computer about infections, so asked him what was my computers name, ip address, etc he couldn't answer as he was then deviated from his script. Then I was asked what anti virus I used, told him that was none of his business, again he was stumped. So then I launched my offensive telling him I knew of his companies scam trying to frighten people into handing over confidential information and credit card details, I was going to trap him into thinking he was going to get my ip address, then really have some fun but he hung up. Sadly didn't have the counterscript to hand
  14. If you get a call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft saying they need to take control of your PC, hang up immediately. They will be calling from 012127773019, and claim to be working in association with Microsoft to clear viruses from infected machines, please see http://whocallsme.co...px/012127773019 for more info. And obviously don't give them any identifiable information, or if you want a little fun, follow the attached script. I missed a call from them but always do 1471 then check http://whocallsme.com to see if it's a scam. He may say he is calling from a company called iGlobal if pushed Hope this helps Telemarketing Counterscript.pdf
  15. Same happened to me as well, despite being with them for over 5 years, they just hiked up the premium, for a smaller car and less powerful. Were going to put payments up to £60 a month for 1.6 Astra as opposed to £35 for when I had a 1.8 Zafira. When challenged they just said it's the way the market is. They were stunned when I said I didn't want to continue and had found cheaper, they asked 'How can they do that ?', told them 'It's the way the market is'
  16. I used to work for a well known mobile telecoms giant, and the amount of angry people called up kicking off over a 1p charge was laughable, the ironic thing was most would be calling from their landline to a mobile number !! (Can't remember what the charge was for now, something like delivery a delivery report)
  17. Having had a read through of arguments for and against, I am in complete agreement with you, we need to get Bedlington a source of community spirit and sense of direction. There are too many empty buildings maybe awaiting the consumption by a conglomerate to swallow the town on the name of providing jobs, but are these jobs what the townsfolk want ?? or is the said corporation wanting to swamp the region with it's own brand products ?? In the name of fairness I am pleased to see a major name come in and promise much needed jobs but at the cost of localised business acumen and indivualism ? We have already seen the banks and building societies metaphorically stick up their hands and leave, only HSBC and TSB left, how long till they ride the last stagecoach out of town ?? Pubs are changing hands faster than hooky tobacco and spirits with constant changing of hands.At the suggestion of an internet based cafe idea, I myself mooted the idea then I realised, how many of you are reading this from home on a 'free' broadband connection as part of your telephone package or mobile deal supping coffe bought from the major player in the central market place ?? Would have to sell a lot of coffee to break even... Please excuse any nonsense, as Mr Smirnoff has taken over my fingers and brain
  18. Ah, but if you click on view picture, all becomes clear
  19. Hi Vic, I'm not saying I sit in their boot and flash me lights, but they are the inconsiderate ones driving in the middle of the road, not checking mirrors etc, I appreciate that older people have slower reaction times and I respect that, but it does infuriate when you can't get past. I'm not saying they should drive faster, and yes they should drive at a comfortable speed but when they are causing a hazard is it time they stopped ???
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