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  1. Quite loving this at the minute http://youtu.be/Qzby0B4Ahqs
  2. We really need to promote all leisure activities in Bedlington, I'm involved with an organisation trying to get kids from all backgrounds interested in football, they've tried obtaining an indoors venue for the winter but have been quoted £106 +VAT for a daily hire ??? They/we are looking for an indoor venue for youngsters to train with qualified/CRB checked coaches for roughly £1-£2 per session, this is a not for profit organisation and all money raised goes back to supporting the kids, the coaches are doing this in their own time and for no renumeration. Please go support www.footballfun.org.uk and let's get Bedlington the centre of attention
  3. I've also just bought (completely out of character) this one as well http://www.amazon.co.uk/Together-Jonathan-Charlotte/dp/B008ACC9CM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1349038661&sr=8-1 I really shouldn't drink and be let loose in the internet :/ I honestly thought it was Peter Kay at first, but when he opened his mouth to sing I was blown away
  4. Thanks Keith Sounds like you dealt with the same idiots I did, despite numerous calls and letters telling them I had no desire to watch complete and utter garbage, but the set would *only* be used to watch DVD's and videos. They weren't having it ! They wrote threatening letters telling me I'd be taken to court. I asked a friend of mine who was at the time a TV detector agent (He used to do the door knocking when people had been caught) and he said as long as the set wasn't used for receiving signal then it was fine. But again they persisted, I even offered to them to come and inspect the socket (I removed the connection), but then they took the 'you could use a set top aerial' (Give me strength), so I gave them the analogy, I have a car which I pay for and drive on the road, though I could use it to mount the kerb and aim at pedestrians. Finally they accepted everything and all was good with the world until the then girlfriend moved in !!! and wanted the TV connected
  5. Quick question Keith, do you get hassle from the TV detector ppl for having no TV ? (Don't work for them, so no interest other than when I was single I never had one plugged into the aerial cable anyway, but used to get threatening letters, etc telling me I had to have one) Cheers
  6. I remember Mama Begbie well, how she used to hate kids pumping up bike tyres with the air hose.
  7. Noticed some workmen there yesterday morning, approx 8am. Front shutters were open but couldn't see what was going on !! Things moving forward with Bedlington development ??
  8. Already a member and am sick of being robbed at pump point everytime I need fuel, I've done less than 200 miles and put £45 in the car !!!! On another note, in north Northumberland I could not find a petrol station near to Alnwick after finding due to panic buying, the one and only station in Alnwick was empty, we ended up driving very carefully to the only other one I could think of (in Amble) after trying all the little towns and back roads in hope of a filling station (a journey of 27 miles from Alnwick, plus return = 50 + miles) I actually should have just driven back to Morpeth, filled up and driven back to Alnwick (well Thrunton woods where the caravan is), the main point being Where the hell are all the petrol stations in North Northumberland ????
  9. Had a listen earlier, sounding good
  10. True Adam, I forgot to add on estate agents.
  11. Going with the current theme of businesses in Bedlington, it's going to be either a hairdressers, florists, solicitors or coffee shop, IMO anyway
  12. http://elfyourself.jibjab.com/ Considering the time of year
  13. I must admit I haven't seen him in a while, the education system could do with a few more like him.
  14. I remember that one, bring back the Beck and the cheap prices
  15. Good god, Matty Hall has been going a long time, a well respected and scary teacher should all be like him these days to teach these little chavs a thing or two. Would he have stood for kids with these daft mullets ? or any back chat ? Should have sent Matty in to sort out the London/Manchester riots, a good whack with his trusted sawn off hockey stick would have them sorted....
  16. Agreed, they should also be charged the full amount to cover cost, then some to cover wasted time, resources, etc.
  17. My god, it's just like being at work....
  18. Now there's a business idea to get the economy flowing again I'm seriously writing to the headmistress to put in in the parentmail, cos it winds me up to see idiotic parents risk lives for the sake of walking a few extra yards to a designated crossing point.
  19. Hi Toffo, it's the West End lot when they cross at the end of the fence at either side of the road, really makes my blood boil. But I hear what you're saying they should all have some common sense.
  20. Cheers for that Keith, I have a couple of ideas on the cards to help the *local* ie Bedlington populace and surrounding areas, as well as other ideas, will give them a call in the next week or so
  21. Why in the name of all that is holy do 'responsible adults' insist on trying to show kids how to cross roads by 'NOT' using the provided crossing facility next to the school they are trying to get to ???????? It winds me up that parents are encouraging their kids to cross the road 'next' to the crossing rather than stand 'AT' the crossing and waiting till the 'Green man' West End parents I'm talking about you !!!! the times I've seen some of them trying to cross without using the 'PROVIDED' crossing is uncountable, let's teach our kis the old Green Cross Code !! Please let's bring back some common sense !!!
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