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    Computer geek, not quite furry toothed but do use it quite a lot. If riled I turn into BOFH and will cremate users with the use of 240v AC and water.

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  1. Cheers Alan, hoping someone knows her in real life land, I'll be posting the letter back to dvla monday.
  2. This is not a relative or family friend, just she's had a letter arrive through our door addressed to her. We've lived here 14 years and this is the first time we've heard of her. Postcode ne22 6dj, it's a letter from dvla so dont want her getting caught for no vehicle tax. Thanks
  3. That'll be Tommy, always walking between his house and his allotment. Also known infamously as Tommy the Egg man who once turned on Bedlington Xmas lights (I forget which year)
  4. Thank you all, my curiosity has been fed
  5. Apologies if this has been asked before, but does anyone know what that tower is off the coast Thanks in advance
  6. I ​​mean 'coincidence' right ? ​
  7. Not trying to be negative or anything towards facilities being available, but does anyone else feel cynically opposed to the closure of Bedlington pool with 'problems' coinciding with the soon to be opened £21million leisure centre in Ashington ??
  8. Foxy, I was about to put the following statement on FB regarding the lack of leisure facilities in Bedlington quote -> I'd like qualification on Labours statement of in the last two years they're aiming for enhanced sports facilities in Bedlington when Ashington is getting a multi million pound centre and Bedlington has nothing. The dust hadn't settled on the old Asda site when building work began on the new centre, I'm no expert on building but surely work from architects, surveys and tenders went out long before the demolition began ?<- end quote I'm not aiming this personally at Mr Lavery, but at our council in general
  9. I see the sign above their office is misspelt, surely it's missing an i ?
  10. I'd quite happily throw the TV out of the window as there's nothing but utter rubbish on, however in keeping with the point in question, I'd rather *NOT* pay a forced tax on channel (s) I don't watch. I had bother with the Tv license people for 5 years threatening court action, detector van visits and all sorts of nonsense when I did have a TV, but didn't have it plugged into an aerial socket. Each time I was told that I had a device capable of receiving a TV signal, and each time i'd reply I have a device capable of holding milk but I don't have a cow, I buy it when I need it and don't pay a yearly/monthly fee for the pleasure.
  11. Since a lot of campaigns gain a lot of exposure via social media, I thought I'd start (vodka told me to) with sending a tweet to Tesco in the form of @Tesco I understand you still own the building in #Bedlington, if this is the case then may I on behalf of our town request you sell up asap 140 characters is an unfortunate limitation, but if enough voices whisper then surely they will bow to pressure, worth a shot if nothing else, and only did it cos I care for our town and there's bugger all on telly
  12. Wouldn't be surprised if it was going to be a hairdressers, solicitors, estate agents or florists
  13. http://itsmylist.co/what-this-hiker-found-hiding-deep-in-the-woods-is-unreal-and-he-took-these-photos-1
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