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  1. There should be a page for Bedlington girls ‘family name’ / ‘married name’ to help us keep track of old school friends. With guys it’s easy, with girls difficult
  2. My uncle had an allotment on the pathway right by Furness Bank. He grew some beautiful roses there. We used to visit him and always got a 'buttonhole' (silver paper from his woodbine packets wrapped around the rose stem), also always got told 'not to gan any farther alang there'.
  3. Hello Brian, I was one of the many Hendersons that lived at number 21 Millbank Terrace. Only moved as far as Plymouth but still remember the old back lane.
  4. Jack Henderson

    Remembering Doctor Brown

    He knew you had to be really ill or injured before mum would 'call the doctor; so when called he came anytime day or night, and in any weather.
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