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  1. Q: I will happily put in a massive bid to win... but only if the set includes a two-tone left handed cornflake magnet? Can you please confirm this is the case or not. Thanks A: Hi Sory ,but i dont think there is one of them included everything else but no food related items Regards Nick :lol:
  2. cocknose

    Ps3 Any1 Got 1

    hi has any1 got a ps3 online psn id:cheezyhat
  3. i think the same person owns it just change of name
  4. its in the new estate were the opencast was
  5. its the bt roof next to subway
  6. you can watch all the sky you want free click here and click on live channels on top of page
  7. i had the same problem turns out my extention cable was faulfy so i plug the router strait into the filter then phone socket and speed came back wireless should run fine just plug router direct to wall socket
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