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  1. You forget it's the "whinging locals" that have tolerated lack of investment and interest from political representation for years, foxy. as a moderator on a COMMUNITY run forum I don't think it's appropriate to refer to us in this way. We only want to see the council stand up and be counted in what is becoming a dying town that we care about, as for us becoming commuter town we need the transport network to support it which isn't in place, nor is it planned (look at the struggle to get the train lines reopened for passenger use through the station). You can buy similar properties nearer newcastle on much better transport links not a great deal difference in price and council tax charges.
  2. Apologies to the Red Lion I was referring to the Ridge Farm I would have edited it if i had seen the error!
  3. Foxy I've yet to come across a politician who treats the electorate fairly never mind a level playing field!
  4. Surely we can call for a public inquiry into all of this or at least begin a motion of "no confidence" in NCC. Me personally say try and break free of the shackle of NCC if there is such a way!
  5. The majority of houses that have been sold in Hazelmere in recent years have been bought up by "buy to let" investors (one owns 10+ properties alone) charging £600 + a month rental, thus restricting the ability of tenants to save for the large deposits lenders require now! The reality is the young generation have no employment prospects locally so travel afield and demand a lot more for their hard earned cash than the ghost town we are becoming, with empty properties both commercial and residential! The top and bottom of it is as long as we have no decent basic infrastructure such as shopping/ welfare/schools/ public transport / nightlife to support an expanding town no one will want to move here! But never mind we have "Bedlington in Bloom" to brighten up the soon to be empty derelict market place row of shops, the old derelict school building, the incomplete old folks home, the empty rundown former "top club", the closed down former Red Lion Pub that has obviously ran aground!
  6. Malcolm this map was photographed at Miller Homes public consultation a few weeks back (not by me may I add) so I think it's safe to say it's pretty up to date with their intentions!
  7. Interesting reading, they admit themselves building would have an impact on, traffic congestion, encroachment onto Greenbelt, removal of wildlife habitat and risk of flooding! It beggars belief! http://northumberland-consult.limehouse.co.uk/file/3252874
  8. Malcolm, As a local elected representative being "a target with bullets fired" comes with the territory I'm afraid, as a democratic society we have the right to chose who represents us and if we feel personally that the elected aren't doing that job then we have the right to question and criticise and judge by way of manifesto as to whom we feel will best represent the future of the town. No doubt some of you do work tirelessly and hard for us but unfortunately when it comes to local politics and issues you will always be judged on your successes and criticised on failures. Maybe an informed column in the Newspost Leader or a leaflet through the door would be beneficial to all concerned as not all residents are able to make council meetings, surely this would not only allow people to make "informed" comments but also the opportunity to see the hard work some of youse carry out?
  9. Here's a proposed plan of the said area. Plot A 290 dwellings, Plot B 100, Plot I 110, Plot I I 160 the layout will affect the traffic across the whole town!
  10. Apologies for late reply Maggie/915 I only just seen your post its on Netherton Lane about half way down, oh and they have begun to test drill as of last weeks!
  11. The top and bottom of it is if there are no facilities for our children ie "the next generation" this includes sports/welfare employment and commercial enterprises, which all go hand in hand, we run the risk that they will move away thus creating a further downward spiral in the economics of the town, it's upto us as parents / current generation to change what is happening and if our locally elected councillors aren't standing up for us, then we vote someone in who will.
  12. Interesting this development has been approved without any need to place in papers or notify more than 9 residents! No wonder there was no objections! http://publicaccess.northumberland.gov.uk/online-applications/files/4C36A3EBDF742338024CD4EDEADB128D/pdf/14_04131_FUL-OFFICER_REPORT-424114.pdf
  13. http://publicaccess.northumberland.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=summary&keyVal=NIRY9EQSGPK00 There has been an application for change of use to D1 to be occupied by "vets4pets" and a shop front with ATM! http://publicaccess.northumberland.gov.uk/online-applications/files/529013ED09D56AD4ED12518AE881AF64/pdf/15_00228_COU-COVERING_LETTER-429959.pdf "D1 Non-residential institutions - Clinics, health centres, crèches, day nurseries, day centres, schools, art galleries (other than for sale or hire), museums, libraries, halls, places of worship, church halls, law court. Non residential education and training centres".
  14. Passed by today see the diggers at creating an entrance route and land is marked out can't find anything on planning part of NCC website?
  15. We were informed the spare land on Hazelmere ten years ago was allocated for a first school, I think the majority of residents on Hazelmere would have welcomed the afore mentioned shops / pub / school if asked, last year? if this new build goes ahead surely school / traffic congestion will worsen? Wonder where the supporters will stand then if having to run the gauntlet of leaving arriving during peak times?
  16. Hopefully Malcolm the community did get together recently and a 76m wind turbine was rejected for the same site I beleive, as well as development opposite recently and in the past! http://publicaccess.northumberland.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=summary&keyVal=9400011168FUL
  17. Foxy due to the nature of my employemnt I'm away from home a fair bit and dates often clash, however I will endeavour to attend the meetings, if dates are put up on here
  18. For the record in not shy to throw the proverbial and county either, they will and do get my opinion on any matter that has an impact on us!
  19. Malcolm surely our parish council has a say? And can voice opinions of residents?
  20. Miller homes planning to develop land on road to Nedserton even though a simlar application has just been refused on the opposite side! What about Bedlington council investing in better facilities instead of more housing that really isn't needed!(apologies for spelling using phone and cant undo errors!)
  21. So Twsco has withdrew its application leaving the Market place looking like a derelict ghost town, it's about time our councillors and MPs grew some and forced the companies in the area to address the state of the front street it's gone froma bustling vibrant local run business area to a half finished dump in a matter of years!
  22. Bit disappointed to see its running for 4-6pm by the time we get home pick kids up etc will more than likely miss it, could have been so much better organised over a weekend! Such as lights on fri evening (no problems with school nights and keeping kids out later) stalls out all weekend give the whole town and any hopeful visitors a chance to look round, look at what newcastle and morpeth achieves! Aim high Bedlington!!!
  23. Great news Malcolm hopefully this is something that goes from strength to strength !!
  24. Great news Malcolm me and the family will be there to show our support!
  25. Great to,see the Xmas event back on however I nominate close the road off and have the international Xmas market stalls set up and create a real buzz, this would attract more people into the area and would be beneficial to all, after all it would happen like that in Morpeth!!!!!
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