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  1. My family lived at the Hartford camps. I believe it was from 1949 to 1952 or thereabouts, I was 4 when we moved to 88 Westlea...I have vague memories of the !*!@# heaps there and the communal netties and washroom. I remember Marjie from Pattison the butchers driving her little van to deliver meat. Seems like a million years ago.
  2. I posted to this site a few weeks ago in the hope's of locating any of the people I went to school with at Westridge from 1960 until 1965. Me...Ken Straw, lived in Westlea, brother Peter and sisters Pamela and Pauline. I currently live in the Atlanta Ga, area of the USA. Been in the US since 1982 by way of San Diego CA, I would certainly like to hear from anyone or perhaps the son's and daughters of anyone who attended Westridge at that time. Here's hoping someone reads this, I visit the UK every year to visit my mother and siblings, one still lives in Bedlington and the other in Whitley Bay and a sister in Calgary, Canada. I'll be waiting Ken Straw
  3. My uncle Sparky Aynsley (Stobhill, Morpeth) raced dogs years ago at Gosforth Park, he kept them until they reached a natural death. They should cut there lugs of and sell tickets for the venue, then donate the dosh to the RSPCA.
  4. I spent many a good night there in the sixties, we would all gather in the big back room until closing and then go to the Dominoe until 2. Then walk home to Westlea. Do they still have the Off-License?
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