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    Something about parking, and re: the redevelopment of Tesco's. All a bit over my head!
  2. jojax


    Does anyone know what the situation is with Tesco now? I see the car park toilets are closed and there's a notice on the lampposts about the car park. Just being nosey
  3. jojax

    Sun Inn 1900

    She worked there!
  4. jojax

    Sun Inn 1900

    The woman in the front was Margaret Ann (Meggie) Morris who married John Fender.
  5. My Grandma was born in Rothbury and lived there when this photo was taken. They lived down the hill, towards the right, Bridge Street, past the hotel.
  6. Hi all, I would like to know if any others have been diagnosed with ME. I was gravely ill a few years ago and this has left me with ME. I don't work because of it, but find people don't understand, as I look well. I'd like to chat about it to someone in the same boat. Any comment would be helpful. Thanx
  7. Thanks to all who replied. That's my curiosity satisfied!!
  8. Does anyone know anything about a fire yesterday at the deli next to the Post Office?
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