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  1. For some strange reason I seem more attracted to the beer adverts .
  2. And who could forget this classic .
  3. A thread on another of the boards forums made me start reminiscing about bygone days I wonder how many of you remember the adverts we used to have on TV in the 60s and 70s Oh how watching them now on you tube makes me smile. This was one of my favourites.
  4. Sounds most charming., I cant wait to pop in and have a cowld bottle of dog and mevies a game of hoousie now if only I could find me false gnashers , I mean I de want ta meek a good impresion. A wunda if they let lurchers in.
  5. ...........................................................Welcome To Bedlington .......................................................... A Terrierrific Place ........
  6. Local residents resort to taking up arms to protect homes and families from rampaging mob led by without borders cronies.
  7. The moggy is safe, Immigration judges would probably rule that sending him back home would breach his human rights by interfering with his family life. Or am I just having an episode of déjà vu
  8. All this beheading people, stoning people to death killing gays public lashings and treating women as less than third class citizens carried out by Isis is sickening and needs to be stopped, sadly our Government has no problem shaking hands and fawning over middle east leaders whose Countries carry out many similar practices
  9. moe19


    I think they ewere searching for the man who was missing from Cramlington, sadly he was a day or so later found dead near Arcot .
  10. moe19

    Glebe row

    The Vicarage on Burdon Terrace may have been the original Vicarage for St Cuthberts Church. And Maggies Mission must have been part of St Cuthberts Church. http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/rd/5cba5070-b612-4986-8514-bcae816db024
  11. moe19

    Glebe row

    The first house on Burdon Terrace next door to the secondhand shop beside the Wharton Arms was once a Vicarage, maybe that had some conection to Maggies Mission
  12. moe19

    Glebe row

    No Glebe road was seperate to Glebe Row , I think Glebe Row was just the row of houses the stood next to the Tanky pub. I can remember going to Thompsons Store on Glebe Road, its now a closed down car showroom . can anyone remember the big sign on the side of the building saying Thompsons Red Stamps, those must have been the earliest trading stamps ever ,long before green shield stamps and copererative store stamps.. The portraight of the daughter of J. Todd Thompson of Hartford Hall, Bedlington, the founder of Thompson's Red Stamp Stores did hang in the National Portraight Gallery. http://www.bbc.co.uk/arts/yourpaintings/paintings/miss-thompson-miss-patricia-thompson-47426
  13. moe19

    Glebe row

    Many folk here will remember the Tankerville arms that was also on Glebe Row it was on the Doctors side of the dual carageway. http://www.alancordner.com/g1/p1479.htm
  14. How a purveyor of cheap beans setting up shop can be seen as a new begining for the Town is a mystery to me. When I think of the many the many wonderfull things that could have been created on such a wonderfull central site in the Town it makes me sad.
  15. Amen to that. It makes my blood boil having to pay the Biased Broadcasting Company a yearly ransom that's used to give platforms to celebs and luvies who don't know stork from butter. The BBC is so out of touch with reality they think Joe public actually cares what those morons have to whinge and moan about . Oh the trauma of having to drink warm Champagne .
  16. Well RT (Russia Today ) is the number one propaganda channel in existense. It makes Tokyo Rose and Lord Haw Haw look like the Womens Institute. Russia Today is Putin's weapon of mass deception.
  17. Strange how you never seen any of the whistle blowers or chanting baying crowd in the video, only one bloke holding a placard close to the camera for effect. it looks very much like those sounds have been dubed on to the video later. A poor atempt at propaganda.
  18. moe19


    Those of us who are getting on in years and dont drive have one hell of a treck walking from Millfield to Morrisons to buy a few suppies, then climbing back up the Glebe bank with bags of shopping is enough to give an oldin a wobbler. Why are all the food shops at one end of the town,surely Lidle would be better of building its store in the centre of town on the waste land next to the old fancy that shop in the cut at the market place, our end of town has nowt.
  19. Its actully the second time they will have opened a store here, Morrisons when originally built was a Lidle store, it then became Netos and is now Morrisons. I do think it will be a shame if the giant weeping willow tree in front of the day centre is cut down.
  20. Talking about Lidle any trouth in the roumor Bedlington day cenre is to be torn down and a Lidle built in its place
  21. The application for the premises license is now on display on the wall outside the Lion.
  22. Its been bought by some one from the Toon who is going to rent it to any one daft enough to hoy tha money away
  23. Offices to rent upstairs, and downstairs has been rented to the folk who had the furniture shop ahind Tescos, think it was called Sandgate furniture.
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