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  1. We always have fish and chips on a Friday and the hot topic of discussion in the queue today was the trouble last weekend with most folk having a story to tell, I heard one person saying that a young police woman had been knocked out in one incident , i cant say of course if this was true, but why would they lie about it, The event known as Bedrock takes place in some of the pubs Vic, I think its about three pubs that put on live music, but the majority of trouble comes from the crowds who drink on the streets, there is no music or any form of entertainment on the street for them but for some reason crowds of people buy alcohol from off licences and bars and illegally consume it on the street and it always seems to end up with trouble, alas this year seems to have been one of the worst. As for folk using terms such as Glass half full or glass half empty, my guess would be no glasses bottles mugs pots or tankards, flagons or yards of ale will be the case for the public areas in future events such as this
  2. No Vic, I cover Northumberland and Durham with the service I provide, sorry if you also think I am knocking the residents of Bedlington because that's not what I have said or done here in this thread, But I do most certainly condemn most strongly the disgraceful antisocial drunken behaviour me and my family have to endure most weekends and bank holidays from what can only be described as louts and yobs. Some who post here know absolutely nothing of what happens on the front street late at night and early morning, and are blinkered and biased attacking me if I dare to complain about what they seem to think is paradise or heaven on earth.
  3. I owe nabody nowt hinny , an its drunks and spewers a slag off your anotharin saying things that a havint said, noo divint get ya sell all rilled up hinny, its not good fo ya blood pressa ya naa
  4. I will not be answerable ta ye hinny, an if ya divint like it then tough luck a winnit be jumpin through naa hoops ta keep ye sweet By the way hinny did a tell ya that a ran me own business an that a was a businessman, did a, did a tell ya Is that steam cuming oot ya lugs hinny is it, is it steam
  5. Whey ya good at powkin ya snoot in hinny , if owts hummin an sure ye will be the forst ta niff it, ya knaa what the say though hinny, the one that smelt it dealt it.
  6. Never ye mind whats gannin off ootside my hoose hinny ,its got nowt ta dee wi yee
  7. You are spot on Andy, an as we live just ta the back of front street we get all this anti social behaviour outside our house, and sometimes actually in our garden, we have had cars damaged plants uprooted and gardens used as toilets , it ok for some folk who don't live in Bedlington or indeed in the UK to tell me its a good thing , maybe if they had the damage and disruption that we have they would not be so keen, we still had folk knocking around in the early hours last weekend shouting arguing and screaming ouside our house (in fact that's the case on most weekends )
  8. Then hinny its a shame ya said that a had said that every single person was minging and spewinn, I divint like liars but as a say a accept ya apology Now a naa that me and wore Goorty me sista wornt minging like coss a divint drink like, (mind wore Goorty is minging but not wi the pop like if ya naa what a mean hinny ) I knew sum of the lasses that wor laying on mind ya, a used to supply them wi razor blades and work boots, an wore Gorty had trained a couple of em ta carry t Hod when sha worked ont buildings like, aye nice lasses hinny. But a canit say owt positive aboot breakin the law hinny as much as thee would like ta think it all rite, the hole street boozin thing was illegal like an am ganna write ta the chief constable ta find oot why it was allowed ta happen and get it all stopped a say stopped ! , http://www.northumberland.gov.uk/NorthumberlandCountyCouncil/media/Public-Protection/Notice-of-DPPOs-to-PSPOs.pdf I think as a business man a should set an example like ya naa, did a tell ya a was a business man hinny, did a ,did a tell ya Its a shame folk cannit gan oot and listin ta music an enjoy them sells withoot getting absolutely minging , as a said ta wore Goorty sum folk divvint half show em sells up hinny Aye
  9. Bonny lad, can ya point oot wheera a said every single poorson, cos a didint hinny, am telling ya from the gallowas gob what a seen hinny , now am pleased ya marrows wa behaving tha sells its only right an propa like, and a accept ya apology hinny. A grand day oot, aye for drunks mingers fighters and spewers, mevies next year the should get sum of them portable lavies, mind a divint kna if they would use em
  10. Botha, thats an undastatment hinny, a seen some lasses mortal , a mean absulutly mingin at hapast three, laying on wi fists, a tell thee hinny they was that rough tha made the Fat Slags oot the Viz look classy. It got warse later on as the booze took owa, fights all owa the place and a tell ys more fightin lasses than lads. An folk just teckin a leak any place squatinn or standing it made na odds. If ya shoes warnt covered in spew then the mutta got ya Aye just the place ta teck the bairns hinny, a grand day oot
  11. Ya first two posts jacksie and tha booth aboot me, is thy infactuated hinny, nowt ta be ashamed of mind as a Businessman a get a lot o folk tryin ta get in ta me social circle ya naa, did a tell ya a was a Businessman Jacksie did a did a tell ya like ya naaa. now a think Jacksie has just joined up ta talk ta Moe havint ya hinny. Ya seem familiar like Jacksie hinny, what otha names de ya post unda on here.
  12. Ehh thy should a seen it last nite, it was like Beirut , sirens gannin and blue lites flashing all owa the gaff, folk roowlin aroound an spewin , twas just like one of then zombie flicks. All very historical mind thee, or should that be hysterical hinny
  13. Ehhh Hinny thy needs ta spit that woorm oot, thy jaws must be saa from chowwin ont, Moe 19 says waste oh dosh and looks daft 🤣
  14. Spit that worm oot hinny, ya must be sick o chowwin on it
  15. Whey a divint think Cuthbert will be buying owt hinny, sandals with socks are big a no no
  16. Bletchley Park reports Colossus has blann a fuse trying ta work it oot and are passing it ont the Enigma Research Section
  17. Whats museums and St Cuthbert got ta do wa buying a pair o socks in Bedlington hinny , ya away on a flight o fancy again
  18. Its only important to ye and a handful o folk who like ta talk aboot the past, and it has absolutely nowt to do with what wa talkin aboot in this thread, most of us wor glad ta see the back of pit heaps, middens, tin baths, and wiping ya backside ont News of the World. The good owld days of Polio ringworm Scabies and TB ? a think not, a naa what ya can dee wi em hinny. as ya said wi the banks and money its time ta look forward not back
  19. Ya wor doing al rite hinny then ya away wi the fairies again talkin oboot caretakers in Japan. A would like ta see ya put one o them broocken pushchairs in ya pocket, and as for where ta put the owld tyres, they would fetch tears ta ya eyes.
  20. Hoy ya hamma owa here hinny .⛏️ it soounds like ya talkin Japanese Geordie, a will have ta send ya reply ta Bletchley Park hinny, the lasses might be able ta meck summit oot of it, but a wudint hold ya breath Ha ya sell a nice relaxinn cupa and stop chawinn them woorms, they stick in ya crop 🐦
  21. Eggy Hinny, ya want ta read what ya postin before ya hit the reply button, all ya doing is repeatin ya sell and talkin fluent wally. Ya to easy ta wind up man .
  22. St Cuthbats Cross, a bet he would be cross if he was here ta see that monstrosity, Hinny that looks more like the salt an vinega bottles from Moby Dicks fish shop
  23. Ehhh a thusand apologies pet. mind If that intarrested ya hinny you must have had a slack day, A will have ta start and call it a doorty one horse Toon. Mevies wa can make one o them new shops inta a Toon Hall , betta than stannin empty
  24. Whey av probablly forgoten more aboot business than ye will ever knaa, wi been runnin worse for owa forty year and its still gannin strang . But am pleased ya agree wi me that them new shops are never gan a meck anyone any money and are doomed afore they open . Its nee good selling Champagne when the demand is for Broon Ale hinny
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