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  1. Dance Hall At Bedlington Station

    Did Cooper's also used to have the bingo on Glebe road ? I think I can remember one of the sons, was it the same family of Cooper's that lived at the showman's guild trailer site that used to be behind the Travellers pub ( Wally's ) at Scotland-gate Looks like the family may still be in the bingo business https://www.addressesandpostcodes.co.uk/address/ch-SX2H7k7t/clarence-cooper-co-limited-the-pavillion-bingo-15-main-street-ferryhill-dl17-8la.html
  2. Market Place Club - Early Warning Siren?

    Was it that big cardboard cut out dog near the golf club that looks like Scooby Doo with a boil on his lug hole (or is it wearing a pom pom hat)
  3. The 'rebels' who defied Jeremy Corbyn and backed the EU Withdrawal Bill tonight Dennis Skinner Ronnie Campbell Frank Field Kate Hoey Kelvin Hopkins John Mann Graham Stringer
  4. Market Place Club - Early Warning Siren?

    I bet you did not see one of those posh expensive looking green signs pointing out public toilets Pilgrim,
  5. Market Place Club - Early Warning Siren?

    Orloff I think its a cupola and was often seen on co op buildings and made in a fancy dome design , I think it was for ventilation or light in the attics https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cupola
  6. Market Place Club - Early Warning Siren?

    I can remember going in to the Stakeford COOP as a boy with my Grandmother, no self service in those days just about everything sold was loose and was put up to the customers needs, sugar was weighed and put in to blue paper bags, butter was in a huge lump and the customers requirement was cut off and shaped using wooden spatula kind of tools then wrapped, same with cheese cut with a cheese wire and wrapped, bacon was sliced to the customers preferred thickness. The counter assistant who served you did not take your money she sent you bill whizzing along one of those zip wires to the cash office and they sent you change and you dividend receipt whizzing back to the counter. I can still remember our check number , what a job it must have been for the cashiers in those days working out all the yearly dividend payments using nowt more than a pencil and paper.
  7. Market Place Club - Early Warning Siren?

    Eggy I believe the Club was built by the COOP, the COOP was a much bigger concern years ago and had a building/construction side along with electrical joinery etc. All the clubs used the COOP for banking etc in those days
  8. Market Place Club - Early Warning Siren?

    I also remember the siren on the old police station. By the end of the cold war in the late 1980s and early 1990s, the national siren system was largely dismantled. The British Government cited the increasing use of double glazed windows (making sirens harder to hear) Some coastal areas still retain and regularly test the sirens as part of the flood warning defences and military bases apparently still have the sirens. I think the structure on the club roof is known as a cupola .
  9. What is England's most obese region?

    I blame it all on Brexit, and the Tories, and turning off the chimes on Big Ben.
  10. Good old Jean Claude, I'm so glad I voted for him Oh wait .......we did not .....did we ? .
  11. The Corbyn-McDonnell Action Plan?

    Now now Barby, divint thy be so impatient, Ya will be able ta watch it all from the comfort of ya armchair on ya telly, ..... pet
  12. The Corbyn-McDonnell Action Plan?

    You must get out more Barby pet, its all arranged for this Wednesday. The day of rage posters have been slapped all over London advertising for all hooligans rioters and looters to cause mayhem shut down the city and bring down the government. Of course our Biased Broadcasters have not given it a mention, thats why thy knows nowt about it .http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/818437/grenfell-tower-london-fire-socialist-militants-plan-day-of-rage-theresa-may-parliament
  13. Petty Vandalism

    It happens just about every year, last year all the planters on the railings opposite the Northumberland Arms /outside St Cuthberts were all pulled off and scattered in the road and footpath, local residents and children replaced and replanted them. I also noticed planters and baskets put up by shops pulled down and destroyed. Bring back the CTV cameras we used to have on the street .
  14. The Corbyn-McDonnell Action Plan?

    3G I think you missed weaponise the tragic fire in London, blame it on the Tories, the Royals, the wealthy, and anyone who has been successful in life , send momentum and the students bought with free tuition fees Led by Luvies such as Silly Lilly, all whipped up to a frenzy by our Biased Broadcasting Companies and you have the recipe for the most violent outbursts on the street of London this week end. The party of hate is a very apt description, but will Jeza be able to resist joining the baying mobs as he seems to be trying to create a saintly image of himself this week .
  15. Oh What a Lovely Election!

    Alas Jezza is preaching to the converted in Gateshead , they would vote for an orangutan.....as long as it was standing for Labour