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  1. Councillor Wallace - Bedlington Central update

    I could not help noticing a few weeks ago that according to his profile Russ Wallace has never visited these forums ?? . Russ Wallace Members 12 Content count 12 Joined June 16 Last visited Never
  2. Who will loose seats in North East

    I think your predictions are spot on Bedlingtonian Last election for Berwick 2017 the Tory won 22,145 votes (52 per cent) this time round, compared to 16,603 (41.4 per cent) in 2015, with Labour's Scott Dickinson (10.364) Could you imagine Ashington as a Tory Town they would be chucking themselves of the pigeon Crees
  3. Thats the wonderful thing about living in a democracy we all get to have our say, although I an sure some wish we did not
  4. Some may see it as negativity when folks views and ideas differer to the ones they hold, I see it as voicing an opinion
  5. https://www.aldi.co.uk/about-aldi/property/required-towns/north-east-england-north-yorkshire-and-cumbria More cheap beans, just what we need, how long will it be before one of the other supermarkets close, Tescos could not make it pay when they were the only store in town . Three supermarkets can not survive in Bedlington
  6. So hopefully we wont be seeing any more Hairdressers, Barbers, Tattooists, Dog-groomers or purveyors of Baccy and Booze. .
  7. My Good Friend Charlie Kyle

    I first meet and became friends with Charlie in the early seventies when I worked in Morpeth, he was a well known and well liked lad who enjoyed a drink but never caused any trouble or had a bad word to say about anyone. He had a brother called Geoffrey (Geoff) but Geoff and Charlie were like chalk and cheese, total opposites, Geoff died very young I think he would be in his thirties, he contracted some tropical parasitic disease while i think he was working in Africa . Charlie’s favourite drinking dens in those days would have been the old Grey Bull , the Earl Grey, the George and Dragon and the Queens Head, (all long gone) , I can well remember one particulate night after a lock in at the George and Dragon Charlie rather worse for wear after a good day on the hoy left the Dragon to go home in the early hours and on exiting the front door of the Dragon turned a full circle and walked through the large plate glass window of the Abbey National Building Society , he ended up sitting among the window display covered in glass but did not have a mark on him, we still had Bobbies on the beat then and it was not to long until an amused looking copper arrived to de-tangle Charlie from the window display. I did not know Charlie had passed away until I read it here today , He will be missed by those that knew him (and by the pubs he drank in ). God bless Charlie mate, and rest in peace.
  8. Dance Hall At Bedlington Station

    Did Cooper's also used to have the bingo on Glebe road ? I think I can remember one of the sons, was it the same family of Cooper's that lived at the showman's guild trailer site that used to be behind the Travellers pub ( Wally's ) at Scotland-gate Looks like the family may still be in the bingo business https://www.addressesandpostcodes.co.uk/address/ch-SX2H7k7t/clarence-cooper-co-limited-the-pavillion-bingo-15-main-street-ferryhill-dl17-8la.html
  9. Market Place Club - Early Warning Siren?

    Was it that big cardboard cut out dog near the golf club that looks like Scooby Doo with a boil on his lug hole (or is it wearing a pom pom hat)
  10. The 'rebels' who defied Jeremy Corbyn and backed the EU Withdrawal Bill tonight Dennis Skinner Ronnie Campbell Frank Field Kate Hoey Kelvin Hopkins John Mann Graham Stringer
  11. Market Place Club - Early Warning Siren?

    I bet you did not see one of those posh expensive looking green signs pointing out public toilets Pilgrim,
  12. Market Place Club - Early Warning Siren?

    Orloff I think its a cupola and was often seen on co op buildings and made in a fancy dome design , I think it was for ventilation or light in the attics https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cupola
  13. Market Place Club - Early Warning Siren?

    I can remember going in to the Stakeford COOP as a boy with my Grandmother, no self service in those days just about everything sold was loose and was put up to the customers needs, sugar was weighed and put in to blue paper bags, butter was in a huge lump and the customers requirement was cut off and shaped using wooden spatula kind of tools then wrapped, same with cheese cut with a cheese wire and wrapped, bacon was sliced to the customers preferred thickness. The counter assistant who served you did not take your money she sent you bill whizzing along one of those zip wires to the cash office and they sent you change and you dividend receipt whizzing back to the counter. I can still remember our check number , what a job it must have been for the cashiers in those days working out all the yearly dividend payments using nowt more than a pencil and paper.
  14. Market Place Club - Early Warning Siren?

    Eggy I believe the Club was built by the COOP, the COOP was a much bigger concern years ago and had a building/construction side along with electrical joinery etc. All the clubs used the COOP for banking etc in those days
  15. Market Place Club - Early Warning Siren?

    I also remember the siren on the old police station. By the end of the cold war in the late 1980s and early 1990s, the national siren system was largely dismantled. The British Government cited the increasing use of double glazed windows (making sirens harder to hear) Some coastal areas still retain and regularly test the sirens as part of the flood warning defences and military bases apparently still have the sirens. I think the structure on the club roof is known as a cupola .