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  1. St Bede's 1963

    Aye a think he did live in that street, a havint seen him for a lang time a hope he is still gannin
  2. Has anybody noticed?

    Big Gob and Snug Mug talking aboot tha arses, a supoos it mekes a change from talking oot tha arses .
  3. Has anybody noticed?

    I love me love, you love me too love, I love me love me love Wee was it sang that song again . I aint heard it in years until ta day Ehhhh an I used ta luv that song by the Smiths Big Gob Strikes Again, Me an wor lass often have a bit jig around ta wa owld records like, . . .
  4. St Bede's 1963

    I knew a lad called Stan who had the nickname Stash, he was in to body building and weight lifting, he went to work for the old Newcastle Breweries and used to move hogs-heads and barrels like they were made of cotton wool. He ended up in later life living in Morpeth and was well known, people often refered to him as the gentle giant as he was a right canny lad . I have not seen him around lately so hope he is still going.
  5. Has anybody noticed?

    Smug Mug stikes again
  6. Has anybody noticed?

    I wundard who lang it would be afore big gob annie would be alang ta defend her little playmate marrow, the pair of ya just like a snake wi two heeds spiting and hissing at everyone on the board who doesint meet with thy aproval . Mevies we sould all stop posting and just let ye and Gormless Hector force tha opinions doon enerybodys throat and use the board ta tell us all how how we all wrang and kna nowt. The pair of ya are full of wind wata and admiration for yasels ,
  7. Has anybody noticed?

    Three of the trot, thy must be riled up hinny, mevies thee is egg boownd. thy cartinly seems full of sumic
  8. Has anybody noticed?

    I wunda if thou would dare post one of those postas insultin the Christian faith if it was insultin the Muslim faith lad , sum how I doubt it as thy would be cacking thyself waiting for a knock ont door . I think all this runnin from shop ta shop imspectin all the choccy eggs has sent thee dollay tap lad, or mevies thy has been suppin awer much of that spotted hen thy gans on aboot, But I supoose thy canit help been gormless bonny lad it must cum natural like.
  9. Has anybody noticed?

    I me and wor lass had a ganda at Morrisons again this morning a found one that said this box contains one Easter egg in a little square on the back of the box, not ta worry as wasint gan a buy one anyway we only went in for a tube of Germaloids and a big orange. Boil ya own dye em and decorate them, ya cannot wack a bit of the owld tradition, and divint forget ta trim ya bonnets
  10. Has anybody noticed?

    Naa botha Les, I enjoyed the crack, I agree with thee 100 poorsent its a shame aboot the eggs. Not ta woory me and wore lass will still be ganinn booling wa yaries doon the Harr- Hill. weather poormitting .
  11. Has anybody noticed?

    Thats Sugar far left and a think the lad with the beard was called Danny. I did not supp in the Folly for the last couple of years before it closed but it was around 1991,no one knew Jimmy and Betty were moving out the flat they just vanished on day ( they had a cottage at Wooler maybe they went to it ) It stood empty and boarded for a short while not long, then it went on fire, Tha was a lot of gossip controversy over the fire and I remember tales/ gossip from folk saying of the wrecking crew demolished it at the crack of dawn so no one would be around to stop them as they had no correct permission, but who knows the truth. Eddie may be able to shed some light on those tales
  12. Has anybody noticed?

    They only tried the meals for mevies a couple of weeks it interfered with Betty Licensed Vitulers garvorting, and of course she wasint that keen on graft. The meals was served in that little back room ya mentioned. Some of the pictures of the pub dont ring a bell with me asweel a cant remember seeing a plain empty wall in the Folly they was all covered in Jimmys nic nacs (nay pun intended ) .
  13. Has anybody noticed?

    I remember somebody hung up a turnip lantern and it hung for years, it shrank and looked like some wizened faced owld Man with naa teeth. And who could forget the record company advert hinging on the cellar door for the company's latest 78 record of Goodbye Dolly Grey, talk aboot stuck in a time warp, the jack and Jill was so owld it made the one in Arkwrights shop look high tech.
  14. Has anybody noticed?

    That Brian Hedley him and his wife I think she was called Carole were regulars , along with John Brown, Colin, Sugar, Micky Jolly, John Packard, Alfie, Tommy the pig farmer, and so many more that I cant bring to mind at this minute. Old Reg is sitting in front of the famous portrait of Jimmy that Betty would take down when they fell out It was one hell of a place well patronised it should never have closed ,
  15. Has anybody noticed?

    Aye thay was called Britannia tables, popular in pubs years ago but the things weighed a tun, cleaners would not be allowed to move em these days Can ya remember if you wanted to have a Tom Tit you had to ask for the sit doon lavvy key and the toilet roll from behind the bar, the key was attached with a bit of string to a great big lump of wood so no one would put it int pocket or nick it, I think most folk would nip tha cheecks till thay got home, but if the tortoises heed was popping oot then ya had na choice