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  1. Correct webtrekker, that was in what is now Tallantyres shop, it was called Hay and Hindmarsh and would probably have been the first self service shop in Bedlington, It would have been in the early seventies
  2. I can also remember one called Moores Stores or Mores Stores The old store also had a cheap shop around the back (it used to be the coop wine and spirits and food department) cant remember the name but it was something like crazy cuts
  3. PETITION: Flying the flag once again!

    I use my hotmail account everyday so I know its active, its is one of the old @hotmail.com accounts
  4. PETITION: Flying the flag once again!

    I have tried signing this and a few other petitions in the past on that Government site, I use an old hot-mail email address and have never ever received the verification email from them to click on and verify my signing. I wonder how many other folk have also been prevented from taking part in these petitions due to similar problems
  5. FireFox for Firestick

    Firefox for Fire TV Stick TV If you use an Amazon firestick on your TV you can now download Firefox from the App Store for free and surf the net on your TV
  6. Ronnie the Part-time Rebel

    What a difference two months can make. https://www.newspostleader.co.uk/news/following-my-beliefs-in-eu-vote-1-8755929
  7. End the BBC Licence Fee - Petition

    This is just a reminder that TV licence will be debated at 4:30 on Monday 20th November in Westminster Hall’s Grand Committee Room. The sitting will last for up to three hours. Entry is free of charge. There is no system of tickets or advanced booking. Places are limited and visitors are admitted on a first come, first served basis. You can also watch it at http://www.parliamentlive.tv/Commons. A transcript will be published the following day at hansard.parliament.uk Also, I've been chatting with a few journalists recently to make sure they are aware of the debate and intend to cover it. Even a TV channel producer contacted me yesterday because they want to make something special on Monday, so keep your eyes out! Bye for now Caroline @lalionneuk
  8. Councillor Wallace - Bedlington Central update

    I could not help noticing a few weeks ago that according to his profile Russ Wallace has never visited these forums ?? . Russ Wallace Members 12 Content count 12 Joined June 16 Last visited Never
  9. Who will loose seats in North East

    I think your predictions are spot on Bedlingtonian Last election for Berwick 2017 the Tory won 22,145 votes (52 per cent) this time round, compared to 16,603 (41.4 per cent) in 2015, with Labour's Scott Dickinson (10.364) Could you imagine Ashington as a Tory Town they would be chucking themselves of the pigeon Crees
  10. Thats the wonderful thing about living in a democracy we all get to have our say, although I an sure some wish we did not
  11. Some may see it as negativity when folks views and ideas differer to the ones they hold, I see it as voicing an opinion
  12. https://www.aldi.co.uk/about-aldi/property/required-towns/north-east-england-north-yorkshire-and-cumbria More cheap beans, just what we need, how long will it be before one of the other supermarkets close, Tescos could not make it pay when they were the only store in town . Three supermarkets can not survive in Bedlington
  13. So hopefully we wont be seeing any more Hairdressers, Barbers, Tattooists, Dog-groomers or purveyors of Baccy and Booze. .