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  1. I've now been in my property 18 months and noticed in the newspost a couple of weeks ago that my little flat that i moved out of is now back on the market. Although i doubt they will get many takers as they have it on the market with AS Moons. However Moons still have my details and photo's in the window!!!! They have been told on numerous occasions that I had sold, yet the details are still there. Good Luck to anyone who puts their property up with Moons.
  2. Thanks, I know the response is a bit late but I've just seen the post. Had a good birthday as was on Holiday in Corfu. C
  3. Claire

    Dun Cow

    Thanks Splodge, think we'll have to have a trip down this weekend.
  4. Noticed that the Dun Cow has now become The Milfield, anyone know the craic?
  5. Totally agree Keith is should be the ones who've never had a job and play the system.
  6. How about those people on the dole who are nice and warm in their houses going out and clearing some of the snow for their money! Or if everyone in their own street cleared outside their houses it would make things a bit better. Get some community spirit going.
  7. Claire

    Playstation Move

    Ordered Resident Evil 5 for it (cause it was cheap) I'll post a review once I've had a go.
  8. Yes I drink in Bedlington nearly every weekend. My reference to the binge drinks were to the last days of the Lion, we used to drink in there every weekend till the end when it was just full of kids looking to get served. Once the Lion closed they started to spill into the Sun where we used to drink but we moved to the Tavern because of them.
  9. Claire

    Playstation Move

    Thanks, the move is like a wii, if that is any help to you.
  10. Claire

    Playstation Move

    I've just bought a Playstation move, anyone recommend some good games for it?
  11. I've been to spoons to day for dinner as I was one of the many that got free tickets to the pre-opening for a free meal and two free drinks. I was busy and well organised, just like many of the other spoons I've been to. The food was very good and a nice quick service. The staff were all nice and very friendly. This is just what Bedlington needs, somewhere for people to go without the binge drinkers, just to sit have a quiet chat with mates and some decent food if required. I for one will become a regular customer.
  12. Well said. They'll have my custom
  13. Claire

    Big Cat

    About a year ago driving back from the Metty with MrsVic we (or should I say she) had a sighting near Hartford Hall. Driving along she starts shouting 'There's a beast, theres a beast, in the field' so she then procedued to try and do a 180 (into on coming traffic) but then decided to drive on and find a safer place to turn. After turning around and getting back to where she saw 'the beast' she jumped out that car and went towards the woods. Turns out there was a man there walking his black labrador!
  14. Stange date, a Tuesday! They are also posting pictures of the work inside on the FB page
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