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  1. My sister is amongst those affected, the staff have started there consultations, I once worked there many moons ago, awful for those affected
  2. Malcolm Farquhar was my godfather - more like a dad to me
  3. Now that is the million dollar question
  4. And the parents of the school will complain saying it will make there children unhealthy by encouraging them to eat fast food, can't please everyone though
  5. How about a weight watchers ...
  6. How about a place that kids could use instead, it's what bedlington is crying out for, let's face it if it wasn't for pubs and hairdressers bedlington front street would be a ghost town
  7. That would certainly provide some entertaining times
  8. Or for the more refined palate a la gavroche with Michel Roux working in the kitchen, personally I agree and think it will be demolished and houses built on it, if anyone at the planning office had the b***s of course they should decline and make way for something fresh and exciting to be built
  9. whats the funniest thing you have heard someone say ... ill start it off Im not buying anymore fruit ... you just eat it Your phone is lighter than mine ... i must have more messages than you If i had known you were bringing that much money i would have left my wallet behind ... behind what ??
  10. The keel row used to be nice ... not sure what its like now tho ... we eat at the toby @ washington services, they do special nights through the week too, toby carvery curry night is lovely, dont knock curry and yorkshires till you try it
  11. Ive recently joined another forum closer to where i live now and the forum is soooooo busy ... what happened to the good old forum Bedlington had?
  12. GB - Tony i am gonna take this home to bed and have a good ........... (im not sure i can type the rest without being banned but ya catch my drift)
  13. excellent there breakfasts are fab, went to asda at blyth the other day and waited 30 mins to be served in there canteen and vile is not the word, hope wetherspoons are gonna do food, good for when visiting the mother
  14. anyone any good at either of these, one of my exes used to make these for me damn they were fab one of the many things i miss lol
  15. I dont live in Bedlington anymore ... so glad i left but my mum does still live there and her street is a nightmare now, was lovely when i was lil but now she is frightened to leave her house if anyone is in the street!
  16. Things i miss are my family - i only get to see them now and again and honestly nothing else!!
  17. Congrats on the move, must say i thought moving was the most stressful thing to do until i decided i would get a mortgage and buy!!! goodness me .. stressed is not the word, hopefully it will all be worth it when i can shut my brand new front door and say this is mine
  18. Facebook cafe, some people didnt even have doors lol
  19. yeah also giving away lightbulbs too and if ya find a red one ya win some cash
  20. ah thats ok then, bit hard in txt to determine whether something is said in jest or not
  21. No ulterior motive at all just as I said thought it was a bit harsh
  22. That was a bit harsh lyk, as much as me and mr d dont get on that was out of order, i think/hope by now that he has learnt a valuable lesson - give him some slack!
  23. i must be sad too cos i thought it was funny
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