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  1. On 16/01/2020 at 21:28, Andy Millne said:

    Found this in the loft;


    @threegee tells me it is Mr Weeks who has a connection with the mines and was an owner if not the original owner of Lairds House when it was built in 1777.

    Does anybody have any more info? I thought it might interest others or at least serve as mild amusement if nothing else.


    He was the Bedlington Coal Company over-manager; in modern parlance the Managing Director.  I say over-manager because both the Doctor Pit and the 'A' Pit had under-managers.  His son was the 'A' Pit (Bedlington Station) under-manager and my grandfather (James David Millne) was the Doctor Pit under-manager - though grandfather had a manager's "ticket" and was offered colliery manager positions elsewhere which he gratefully declined.  Both reported to Mr Weeks Senior - which I've always assumed is the above depicted one.  The Weeks family were succeeded at Laird's House by the Crudas family.

    Mr Weeks was also probably a board member of the coal company, and likely held shares.  The house was owned by the coal company, so in fact he didn't actually own it.  I can tell you this as a certainty as that's the party it was purchased from in the late 1940's or very early 1950's.

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  2. Another farce perpetrated by our utterly biased BBC!  I'm not going to bore anyone with further comment, but will simply relay the correct answers to the questions.  These are answers no one at the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation actually wants to hear!


    1) Can you guarantee to get Brexit through parliament by the end of October?

    A) Of course it can't be 100% guaranteed. No one can guarantee it, and anyone that does guarantee it must be looked upon suspiciously. However, the plan that gives us the highest possibility of success is to inform the EU we will be leaving on WTO terms at the end of October, state clearly that there will be no money changing hands in that case and we will start to prepare for a WTO brexit as pace. If or when the EU want to come to London to discuss altering the current deal they have on the table we will of course listen to what they have to say.

    2) In the event of a no deal, my husband could lose his job and my children face an uncertain future. Why contemplate a no deal?

    A) There's no such thing as a no deal brexit.  Even if we were to leave at the end of October without the withdrawal agreement, over 100 agreements and side deals have already been reached to allow brexit to happen with a little impact to the current trading agreements. There's no reason to believe leaving on WTO terms will impact the property sector as that is largely unrelated to trade in international goods. As to your Children's future, there is little that they will not be able to do after a WTO withdrawal that they can do now.

    3) How will you solve the issue of the Irish Border?

    A) As PM I will not be putting up border infrastructure between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland in any eventuality. If the EU wish to interfere with Irish national sovereignty and infrastructure and put up a border that is up to them and it is something that we will strenuously point out to the EU and Ireland is not a good idea. Unfortunately the residents of Ireland will not be able to ask these questions of the candidates of the EU presidency as there is no election and the decision about who is to be president is made behind closed doors.

    4) What is your plan to lift the tax burden on the working classes?

    A) I will align national insurance to the income tax rates. Ensure nobody working on the living wage pays any tax. Ensure that the basic rate bands are extended to ensure people aspire to progress and generate jobs, and will link the bands to inflation so they continue to raise automatically. I will also within the parliament combine employees NI and income tax to streamline and make the burden of administering your tax affairs simpler as well.

    5) What are you going to do for vulnerable children?

    A) While Government spending has decreased to councils, the local councils have been able to keep more of the income from business rates. This offsets the cuts and gives the councils more incentives to regenerate their local high streets and retail areas. Unfortunately some councils have chosen to stockpile their cash and use the government cuts as a smokescreen for poor performance. I will conduct a thorough investigation in to each and every council that has reduced support for vulnerable people and if they have been found to be wasteful with money then I will ensure there are special measures implemented to improve their financial management. Where councils are found to be in genuine need then, yes, I will look to improve the funding, but this is not a zero sum game. If we put more money in to supporting vulnerable people we need a grown up conversation about which programmes we will have to take money from to do that.

    6) Do words have consequences?

    A) Yes, of course they do. Some words more so than others. Just last week the BBC allowed a comedian to claim that they thought battery acid should be thrown on politicians. A disgusting comment. Unfortunately the BBC is allowing that same comedian on air again. Comments that incite violence should never be tolerated. Similarly the anti semitic comments currently coming from the labour party membership shows just how far that party has descended in to racism. The Labour party has been referred to the equalities watchdog for its racist comments, the only other party to have do so before them is the BNP. A serious consequence for vile words.

    7) Will you commit to zero carbon emission by 2025?

    A) No I will not commit to zero carbon emission by 2025. Unfortunately, as unpalatable as this message is, the UK accounts for less than 1% of the world's CO2 output. The two biggest culprits are China and the US. Some of the biggest exports from the US and China are iphones, android phones laptops and consumer gadgets. If you really want a serious discussion on CO2 emissions, then I would like to see the climate rebellion take leadership by shunning all forms of phones and electrical equipment. Bringing London to a standstill is pointless. Going without electrical equipment is the kind of leadership that you will need to demonstrate if you want to be taken seriously.

    Credit for the above goes to Brian Chambers.

  3. Some interesting info from Lord Ashcroft's polls about how the establishment parties are fracturing:


    More than half (53%) of 2017 Conservative voters who took part in the European elections voted for the Brexit Party. Only just over one in five (21%) stayed with the Tories. Around one in eight (12%) switched to the Liberal Democrats. Labour voters from 2017 were more likely to stay with their party, but only a minority (38%) did so. More than one in five (22%) went to the Lib Dems, 17% switched to the Greens, and 13% went to the Brexit Party.

    That's totally astounding, and obviously there are still more to make the jump.

    The establishment line will be that it's only a protest vote, but the polling indicates that a majority already see it as a permanent transfer of allegiance.  So, things can never be the same again - thanks Theresa and Jeremy!

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  4. Oh, isn't this fun, and Labour's utter duplicity is clearly getting through to Labour voters too!   TBP actually out-polled Liebour in Bradford.  A majority of immigrants starting to think just like native Brits is socially cohesive and bodes well.  It means Blair's cynical plan to flood the country with ever-grateful voters who themselves have no idea where he's actually coming from, is running out of steam.

    One more push and we are free of a system which gifts power to some pretty despicable and useless people at multiple levels (I'm looking at you too Mr Lavery) on the eternal basis that they are the lesser of two evils.  Britain has finally woken up!  Onward the revolution!  :D

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  5. 2 hours ago, Symptoms said:

    I wonder where Cympil (the orignal poster) is now ... he was last here in 2013.  I often wonder where all our 'lost friends' end up - some must croak and other might just get fed up of the Forum.  I don't post as often as i used to ... I just got turned-off by the infestation of all those Kippers a while back.  The place seems to have been fumigated so perhaps it's time for some more Symwisdom. 

    You've got the gender of Cympil wrong I think.  Nothing wrong with patriotic Kippers, unless you've still got a dose of that leftie "common purpose" bilge they serve up at uni, and I'd have hoped you'd have got most of it out of your system by now. :D

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  6. And another one representing #1, and who refuses to do the honourable thing...


    Nck Boles has quit his local Conservative association in the face of efforts to deselect him over his views on Brexit. The former minister said he was resigning "with immediate effect" because he disagrees with his association's support for a no deal Brexit, which he said will "do great harm".

    However, Mr Boles said he will continue to "take the Conservative whip" at Westminster if it is offered "on acceptable terms".

    Is he going to refuse to accept the money when he decides not to do what he was elected for, but committed to do in order to get the job?  Answers on a post card...

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  7. Once again Ronnie Campbell does the right thing by his electors and has abstained from a whipped vote for the so-called Spelman Amendment. This attempts to take the no deal option with the EU off the table, and so tie our negotiator's hands.

    The same can not be said for our Mr Lavery, who is once again playing politics with his country's future!  You'll come to regret your duplicity Mr Lavery; your electors aren't as stupid as you assume!

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  8. Quote

    ..still no response from the government :- 

    Why would the people with their noses in the trough ever agree to this without receiving a huge kicking at the polls first?  The same is true for constituents right of recall of their MP.  When Carswell tried to introduce a RoR bill it was rapidly buried by the establishment.  We are going to have to drag the ConLabLib alliance kicking and screaming into the 21st Century!


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  9. Quote

    "There is a rapidly growing petition to re-run the referendum but I would strongly oppose such a move because Britain has already delivered its verdict. Those MPs who, like myself, came to a different view during the campaign must not seek to obstruct the decision of the people".

    Sarah Wollaston MP: June 2016


  10. Quote

    Stop possible second referendum on E.U. membership

    There is a growing band of people that want to reverse the result of the democratic vote of this country to leave the European Union and are calling for a second referendum. This is mainly by the people that lost the vote two years ago and cannot accept the democratic vote of the majority decision.


    I disagree with the "not legally binding" bit (because there is a load of historic and constitutional evidence to indicate it is binding) but that's a mere detail.

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  11. Yes, my kind of thing Maggie.  Post the lot please.

    People have forgotten what a brilliant idea EFTA was, and that it actually worked well for small business, and was entirely free of political BS.  I wondered why we started it then abandoned our friends in it in the early 1970's.  The true reasons are now very clear.  It's doubtful you'll find this info anywhere else, as it's politically inconvenient to our politicians and big business lobby groups.

  12. 1 hour ago, mercuryg said:

    "...Now that's an interesting point. Out of interest, and as you and I both know the agricultural workers from Eastern Europe are not going to be 'sent home' (I speak of those who are here legally, working, paying taxes etc) who do you surmise would to the job of picking turnips, cutting leeks, pulling beet - all necessary - if, in fact, those foreign manual workers were not here?..

    Well, I think you've answered your own question - it's not going to happen, mostly!  The problems farmers have were there well before Brexit, and we need a government that will encourage robotics and innovation, as well as operating a fair work visa system that's not politicised.  Government no longer has any excuses that they can't do this or that because of Brussels, so we are entering an interesting political era - one that establishment politicos don't seem to like. :)

    Anyone who lived through the immediate post war era, and met Poles who came to the UK during wartime has the greatest respect for their work ethic, and indeed loyalty to our country through the war and beyond. On the other side of the coin, it's always very easy to attack others for being lazy, and that's exactly what the EUphiles in Germany are saying about ALL Italians, and their refusal to become good little Germans.  In order to preserve their crumbing political project they're sowing the very division they claim it's working to eliminate.  "Knuckleheads" are everywhere, particularly in the universities; so don't be too hard on the poorer less educated ones locally!

  13. 2 hours ago, Steve Turnbull said:

    Project Fear! Love it. Was that the drive to get people to vote for what was never going to happen? I mean, as we’ve said before, a whole wedge of voters said leave on the grounds those horrible foreigners would go home? 

    A "whole wedge" of voters frequently do the right thing for the wrong reason, and a "whole wedge" do the wrong thing for the right reason.  Over time this tends to balance out and we are left with a democracy that everyone respects the result of - or that used to be the case before Tony Blair.

    I think you'll be really struggling to find any politician of note on the Leave side who ever claimed anyone was going anywhere.  On the Remain side you'll find lots that perpetrated the lie that Brits living in the EU would be going home en masse.  The Remain side also perpetrated the lies that we'd starve because Poles wouldn't be able to work on low income jobs, and that produce would go bad in the fields, plus of course the NHS would come to a halt because of lack of skilled EU medical staff. The irrefutable logic that once we had recovered sovereignty such a thing could only be self inflicted never deserved mention.  In other words the going home myth suited the Remain campaign admirably, else they'd have pointed out the obvious absurdity.

    The Leave side was left deliberately disorganised by our distinctly EUphile Electoral Commission (packed out with Blairites) - which actually picked the campaign they thought they'd do best against.  That that campaign didn't make too many fluffs, and got it mostly right is an indication of the strength of the underlying case, and not any indication of what would have happened if there had been a level playing field.

  14. ..for voting for the House of Lords amendment to undermine your own country in our EU negotiations!

    The Labour MP's who did the decent thing and took this out of politics were: Kate Hoey, John Mann, Graham Stringer, Frank Field and Ronnie Campbell  So pitifully few from a party that once supported the British working man, and loyalty to the nation above all!

    The traitors on the Tory side you can probably guess: Ken Clarke, and crazy Anna Soubry. Both will be history come the next election, and they'll likely collect their thirty pieces of silver from some EU related slush fund.

    People have longer memories than you now suppose Mr Lavery!

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  15. 2 hours ago, mercuryg said:

    ...Even the local Eastern European contingent are no longer concerned in the least...

    That's because the lies of Project Fear have been made thoroughly obvious to all.  The latest one to go down in flames was the supposed broken undertaking (from people who everyone was aware weren't in a position to do this) to fund the NHS with the Brexit dividend.  Can you remember mad Vince Cable's sneers about this when he knew full well that it would be a good while before there was any dividend?

    NHS to get £384m extra a week, as Theresa May locks Britain into leaving EU


    Oh, and all those European health workers that were going to go home and so cripple the NHS? ...well the most up to date figures show that there's now a record number of them!  But hey, we are heading for three million unemployed because of all Clegg's jobs that depended on our EU membership (you do remember Nick, don't you?), so we shouldn't be so complacent! ;) 

    The Second Peasants Revolt rolls on regardless, and it's spilling over into Germany right now.  That's because there are a reported 80,000 so called "refugees" currently gathered near the Austrian border that the BBC guardianistas don't think anyone needs to know about!  Merkel's head next!

  16. Monday 28th May, 2018

    Why are people who advocate respecting animal rights utterly disrespectful of all other rights?



    Marlow Butchers, in, Ashford, Kent, was targeted earlier this month by activists who daubed red paint on the doors and windows of the shop.

    Since then, the business has been subjected to online abuse.

    Wayne Marlow, who runs the business with his father and brother, told Kent Online: "On the internet it has been very threatening.

    "It has got ridiculous - activists from as far away as Australia are getting involved.

    "The internet is the worst thing as not only are they threatening to physically destroy our business, but they are also tying to ruin our reputation online, too, by leaving negative reviews and comments.

    "They want to close us down and people are threatening to smash the windows or petrol bomb the store.


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