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  1. None of your above candidates will be the next PM. Ukip voters have already decided this too. It will - of course - be the one who protests the most clearly and convincingly that (s)he holds no such ambition; has undying loyalty to the incumbent, and firmly believes they should continue forever. So, you want a musical clue? Well.. this could be just about anything, because the clue is actually the format. P.S. It is of course (according to The Guardian) "the joke candidate" - though not the one the substitute-for-thought Leftie Labelers like to dub The Buffoon Candidate.
  2. Easy one (and you like a good tune don't you?): there'll be bluebirds over The white cliffs of Dover Tomorrow Just you wait and see there'll be love and laughter And peace ever after Tomorrow When the [UK] is free The shepherd will tend his sheep The valley will bloom again And Jimmy will go to sleep In his own little room again there'll be bluebirds over The white cliffs of Dover Tomorrow Just you wait and see So relax.. Albion is saved, and once
  3. You have my David-Cameron-style cast-icon promise on that one Eggy! But remember: you can't cherry pick icons*; you can't have your icon cake and eat it, and nothing is iconised until everything is iconised (apart from all the stuff Herr-commandant Barnyard demands is iconised first, of course). *This does not preclude icons of cherries.
  4. Sym, if you feel like a PC rant go for it! I won't be binning my selection of Carry On films any time soon though. I briefly thought you were talking about CL's pantomime/music hall bit (more 1870 than 1970?), until clarity settled. Only slightly deviating... It was a real scream listening to Question Time this week when the usual bunch of lefties that are held to be representative of (Highgate & Hampstead?) public opinion turned it into a competition as to who was most offended. "I find you being offended by what I just said offends me and I have a right not to be offended..." -
  5. Don't panic Mr Mainwaring! No actual data has been lost. Andy is off on a jaunt at the moment so we'll look at the problem after the weekend. There's quite a lot of other work to be done to optimise things further as we are using a "straight out of the box" configuration at the moment. Page load times will be further reduced after this work, and there's a major new feature lined up - but you all read the recent newsletter, so know that already.
  6. I don't think even Foxy has a lens that long. It's likely in the skip at the back of the Internet Exchange by now, and will be recycled into baked bean cans by Christmas. In fact sooner or later we are all has beans! This is the price of progress.
  7. Bedlington has a brand new shiny set of (hamster?) wheels! More accurately: precious milliseconds of our lives are now being saved by a new state-of-the-art server. I'm not quite sure what is going to happen to the old machine now the plug has been pulled. Maybe it should be retired to a computer museum alongside my Teletype 33 and paper tape reader?
  8. Keep clicking on them, and we might be able to afford a new pot of paint soon! Actually, Google isn't too bright, it keeps feeding me ads for English language courses all in foreign lingo! Ciao!
  9. A Remainer's lament: Give that person a medal! Nuff said.
  10. All the official stuff on the incident focuses on polyurethane insulation and the possibility of an inflammable plastic back cover having helped the fire spread, but there's a curious silence about the refrigerant used. One wonders if we will ever get the full truth here when EU legislation now permits the use of highly flammable refrigerants for "green" reasons - which are of course under pressure. This particular model must be at least eight and possibly over ten years old. If refrigerant ignition was in any way involved it seems vital that extra inspections and life tests are made on
  11. I was looking up the names of the Lavery parents in Ashington in order to answer your question; though, it sadly seems that those rumors were right after all: Ian didn't have a known father!
  12. You'll probably need to ask Macron to ask his teacher! P.S. That baby looks like a future Prime Minister to me!
  13. Sign Your Support: Jacob Rees-Mogg For Leader And Prime Minister! Yes, maybe I do - so long as I don't actually have to vote Conservative!
  14. ...and actually far more difficult than the woman on the right! DUP MPs threaten to walk away from deal to prop up Theresa May's minority Government on eve of Queen's Speech ..but she won't! Probably!
  15. This has practically nothing to do with Grenfell Tower, and any excuse would have done. They are trying to capitalist on the fact that May is unlikely to have the guts of a Margaret Thatcher. This is all building into something very ugly, and way beyond Corbyn's ability to control, and there's the obvious fact that the people Corbyn has gathered around him don't want him to be able to control it.
  16. Corbyn backers spread fake news about Grenfell Tower as Johnson blasts 'political games' Seems you are right moe! I've long suspected that Corbyn is simply being used by Marxists as a benevolent-looking front. He has obvious appeal for hand-wringing liberals and the politically naive. Whatever.. he's clearly incapable of controlling the people behind him who want nothing less than to overturn our democracy. The crazy thing is that virtually the entire PLP are going along with this charade. They need to read a bit of history and discover what happened to the moderate people who tho
  17. Doesn't seem too far away for the truth to me!
  18. Actually... you're wrong! The "Introduce Yourself" forum can't be seen by non-members. You should have logged out to check that!
  19. As the politicos would tell you "it's a dynamic situation", so you always run that risk!
  20. Which smile is genuine: Mrs May pictured with our PM.
  21. I heard that they are very close to agreement, and it's all rather painless. It's agreed that Nigel Farage will become chief EU negotiator, and that Downing Street will be relocated brick by brick to Belfast; but the current sticking point is exactly how many Trident missiles are to be re-targeted at The Vatican.
  22. Which party will that be? You can't have the Living in a Big Way (on credit) Party - that one belongs to (the other) McDon.
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