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  1. Rather than the little local difficulty we've been fed by the media it rather looks like the second spanish civil war is about to break out. A complete mishandling of the matter by Madrid being the major factor. What we are seeing in Spain is what we've always been careful to avoid in the UK. It's also what could easily have happened if there had been an EU-style attempt to ignore or overturn the referendum result. The Catalans seem to be going about it in the right way in launching their own currency. If only the Greeks had had this much sense, or at least the sense to ignore the ECB
  2. So... the result is no longer "advisory" and to be ignored in typical anti-democratic EU fashion? Ah, well, at least we've made some progress there! It's easy to see why you - as an inveterate socialist - have a problem with the word "my". It's a declaration of belonging and duty (particularly duty to past and future generations), not an expression of property rights. Guess what's happened here since the sub-saharan invasion got really industralised? Yes, crime has shot up and the loony lefties are making all sorts of excuses for what's obvious to ordinary thinking people. We hel
  3. Pretty much says it all about how remonians view our country. Pity it got so depleted of its more worthy citizens during two world wars liberating a Europe that has now totally forgotten their sacrifice (or in the case of some of them actually resenting it). As you mention maps: here's the SS map of the European Union (yes, they did coin the name). Do you notice the subtle difference from the similar EU regional map? The difference is that at least the Nazi founders of the EU didn't actually seek to erase all cultural differences. You deride your own country, and in doing
  4. Only a modest 100,000 needed this time around Eggs! Which money would that be? The Brussels Broadcasting Corporation is part of the plot, and Merc's exchange rate is against the USD not the new Deutschmark - so he's obviously rooting for Mr Trump and not the EU-krauts (or.. maybe not?) Me, I just demand my country back; how about you? If you are still singing in the rain then you must at least change into dry socks!
  5. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/200165 48,963 signatures so far.
  6. Well, he's the closest thing to Max Headroom to grace our screens for a while, but here's a hilarious example of a genuine EU bot at work (len Eldritch simply thinks he is being EU trolled): More work needed on the code I think. Yes, this is how a sizeable chunk of our EU contributions are being spent, and where money they blackmail May into handing over will find its way toward! Please remember this when a politico tells you there is no money for something important in our own community. There's a recent Guardian article about social media bots here.
  7. A prominent Telegraph reader writes:- Whilst I agree with you 100% here Arthur aren't you a latecomer to this democracy thing? http://news.bbc.co.uk/onthisday/hi/dates/stories/april/12/newsid_2843000/2843003.stm
  8. Not at all what we voted for, and approaching a complete sellout. In fact she has compounded earlier mistakes and allowed room for even more subterfuge. Why on earth should British taxpayers shore up the anti-democratic EU for several more years? Further proof - if any were needed - that our country is run for the benefit of London-based international bankers and not British citizens.
  9. The climbdown is becoming less subtle now, but carefully geared not to jeopardise those research budgets and "scientist's" international jollies: Climate change not as threatening to planet as previously thought, new research suggests Remember that $100Bn a year of other people's money that Global Gordon thought wasn't enough to throw at the problem? And remember the more recent self-congratulatory, back-slapping charade that was the 2015 Paris Climate Change Accord? In plain language what the above means is that the "challenging targets" are likely to be met without any
  10. ...your "State of the Union" (now where have we heard that one before?) speech has gone down amazingly well in the UK. It confirms everything the Leave campaign said about where the EU was surely headed. I've now lost count of the number of if-only-we-had-known newspaper articles, and forum posts from people who voted Remain. You've provided them with a admirable rationalisation for their change of mind. There never was a "Remain" status quo to vote for, as it was always your way or no way! I suspect ever-increasing numbers of our continental cousins will be telling you "no way!" from
  11. A fairly predictable list of traditional non-Blairite, non-Marxist socialists who feel they are there to serve the needs of their constituents and their country. Quite unlike our own self-serving idiot who will go along with international capitalist liberals or screaming marxist loonies, according to the direction of the wind - in fact anything but the place and people foolishly funding his lifestyle. Wake up Wansbeck - you are living in the 21st Century now. Lavery is cruel joke, and Wansbeck voters are the butt of that joke.
  12. Used to be very competitive with the UK here but prices are moving up sharply. The point is that after ten whole years of discussion with the networks and much crowing the EU has achieved precisely nothing, or at least nothing positive. They've now made it impossible to obtain a SIM without a heavy monthly commitment, most of which you'll never use. I suspect the rate of investment in 4G has been scaled back too. Yes, we do have 4G services in town here now, but it's often only token 4G, and when I go out on bike rides there are areas where even GSM drops out. This isn't some third worl
  13. Yes, another of the flagship promises to the gullible has bitten the dust. What they were told would happen is now happening with a vengeance. Now that the honeymoon period is over mobile charges are shooting up to compensate for the loss of revenue, so the only people to now benefit are a highly select number of highly mobile people, and you can guess what social group they are over represented in. Personally I've seen my monthly PAYG charges bumped on both my continental SIMs. But it's worse: you used to be able to buy a SIM card without a costly monthly contract, but when I
  14. As someone who lived directly across the street from it as a child (in the 1950's), and so could have seen it every day, I severely doubt that it was ever used for this purpose. That doesn't mean there wasn't an intention for it to be so purposed at some point in history though. The siren on the old police station was frequently tested and was easy to hear from the Market Place, so why place another so close? And where is the actual motor supposed to go? The electric motor and side vanes on the old police station one were always plainly visible. Here there is a shuttered core which lo
  15. No I don't agree. The base figure the Remonians cling on to is actually a year or so long rise caused by the market's belief that Cameron was going to win. We were/are still in fact in a recovery phase from Global Gordon's seriously bad mistiming of the normal economic cycle. He convinced himself that the good times were bad times, and that he'd ended "stop go economics" when in fact things were still in the warm shadow of previous market reforms, and about to turn down again. Real economists were telling him that he was wrong for several years, but a lecturer at a second rate polly cl
  16. Curious that the Remainers predicted the economy would tank at even the hint of a OUT majority? Cable predicted a stock market crash of -30% whereas it's now +30%. So where do you want the place goal posts on this major economic setback? You can have your pick, but "somewhere over there" isn't going to get written into the rules. Someday sometime is also the problem with socialist politicos and their sunny uplands; they attempt to string generation after generation along whilst ensuring that everything is working well for their class IN THE NOW. The USSR's apparatchiks ran out of excu
  17. I gave Wim Duisenberg (former Eurobank supremo) twenty years, and he still hasn't delivered on his "the UK economy will tank in months if it doesn't join my Euro" strictures. Wasn't just him of course - the whole EUphile establishment were at it at the time. You'd almost have thought they had a vested interest in talking our economy down, but "our European partners" would never ever do a thing like that! I hope the EU-SSR has a few more years, but from where I sit it's looking increasingly unlikely. If we can get past becoming a Caliphate (no bets on that one) the UK is now good for an
  18. threegee

    Chimney Fire Safety Week 2017

    There must be a point at which this sort of "public service" is dreamed up simply for the purpose of creating public sector employment, and a building a bigger empire (hence budget). I can't help thinking that we passed this point a good while ago! Chimney fires used to be a highly regular occurrence, and a certain way of getting your chimney cleaned. They were sometimes unpleasant, but part of life in the area. Preventing them required only a modicum of common sense, and so there was social pressure not to advertise you were a t** and/or too tight to pay a sweep! Apparently such an e
  19. I'm now beginning to appreciate that you Remainers were right about several things Merk. Take for instance those three million unemployed: we'll.. I've found them! They're right here in Southern Europe, bravely propping up the value of the New Deutchmark. And, Frau Merkel's desperate refugees are still coming in ever increasing numbers - the bitter civil war in Nigeria is particularly relevant at this moment. We really must let a few million more in to help in the NHS - as per the free-movement directive from the fatherland! Chickens? As you've probably noticed, so many were hatchin
  20. More news we won't hear reported on the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation (or their chums at EU-funded propaganda machine C4):- http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/09/03/poorest-will-gain-brexit-says-labour-report/ Meanwhile Blair - having failed at every other machiavellian ploy - is doing everything he can to ensure a "Soft Brexit" - a term created to pretend that democratic process is being followed whilst ensuring that nothing actually changes. The French euro-elies got away with this by creating Merkron (no, not a typo!), and the French people have woken up the fact that th
  21. Yes, you guessed it! http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health-fitness/0/englands-obesity-hotspots-does-area-compare/
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