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  1. We've just suffered an event very close to the election of a new President of the US of A. In fact it's more relevant than that as last time I looked we were still an EU vassal state; so he's our president (or at least the principal one). Tuning in to the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation Thursday morning, I confidently expected Martin Selmayr to be headline news. If his "appointment" was ever even mentioned in the morning program I must have dozed off again. Ever expectant I tuned in to every BBC news bulletin throughout the day without any mention of the great event. OK, this is sure to
  2. Martin who? Well the surname is Selmayr, and he's a 47-year-old German lawyer known as a "monster eurocrat", and the "Rasputin of Brussels". Nothing to do with me you say... well, not quite. By some mysterious process he just became "Secretary General of the European Commission". Still nothing to do with me you say, as he's not even in the European Parliament. You'd be right there, as he's now the guy that heads the junta that hands down law for the European Parliament to rubber stamp - law which our great and good have "wisely" made transcendent to English law. Understand why he's
  3. My excuse is that I didn't write the software, but Andy might have had a hand in the authorship. My excuse is that IF I'd been capable of writing it, then I most certainly wouldn't have written it in PHP! [private joke there]
  4. You placed single quotes around the words sleeper and activist. Please point out where I ever used either of those words, or apologise for the misquote. That's not how I see the evil of Islam. How I see Islam is in the terms radical Islamists mockingly tell us to see. They mock because they can see our weakness, and realise - as many in the West do - that our so-called liberalism makes many of us blind to their strategy. They also rejoice in the fact that in current times those liberal values mitigate against basic common sense. Read the Quran, and don't for one second believe that
  5. That's pretty much it Maggie, except it doesn't mention the "Mare" (seafood). Don't go near that myself, as I draw the line at eating things that look back at me or have suckers. Brits keep getting asked why they reside here. It's a mystery to the Italians as many of them want to get to Northern Europe or the UK to get employment - the EU having completely b*****ed the once strong economy for at least the last decade. If you say the climate they never quite understand this, so it's easier to just say the food. Then, they just smile broadly and agree. One of the first things you have
  6. Wasn't the "dunkirke" thing a (glorious?) exit and not an entry? Normandy could be the place to think.
  7. For a pedant you don't half blunder on into irrelevancy! The "European Union" wasn't a public issue in his time, and he was clearly referring to the EEC. Thanks for the "research" anyway, as I'd always assumed that (like naive young me) he would have taken what he was told at face value, and voted for EEC membership. In fact the reason I raised the matter was simply his sage advice "That is no way to go into a negotiation. You ought to go into a negotiation on the basis that they have need of you, not just you of them." Pretty relevant to Mrs May & Co. right now I would have though
  8. Got there first time, this time around! And... dead with him any shred of patriotism or basic integrity in the British Labour Party! Corbyn Labour wouldn't even risk a spokesperson's exposure to the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation at lunchtime. So zero hope our local Einstein will attempt to explain their position on the EU to the little people. It would doubtless be a painfully protracted form of "Four legs good, two legs bad." - so maybe a small mercy?
  9. What's your take on this Mr Lavery? We really need to know!
  10. This isn't a real country by Anglo Saxon standards, and is still very regionalised. It's what made it a push over for the EU. Berlusconi has his areas of support in the center of politics. The Northern League are far to the right of him and they have their geographic areas. You would certainly call the Northern League right wing extremists. My point is that all major parties are now advocating policies which you would label extremist. I think your supposed "right wing" views are international capitalist, and you'd have been a Tony Blair supporter in the times before he was totally dis
  11. Excuse me but you've told us all quite clearly in the past that you hold left wing views, and are proud of this! Good use of the old Ad Hominem there Merc! Berlusconi is reflecting the views of most people - it's how he regularly gets elected. The bent EU compliant judiciary have tried to disqualify him, but he keeps on coming back as he represents the views of the majority in a large part of the country. Upstart and left wing Five Star will get most of the votes in the South, and they need to adopt exactly the same tone to get a majority. There are right wing extremist parties but th
  12. Always amusing how leftie keyboard warriors urge people who are in touch with the real world to get out into it. This is what "ordinary people" here think: Social bomb ready to explode’ Berlusconi pledges to deport 600,000 illegal immigrants And... before you tell us it's the right wing extremist Daily Express, this is the sanitised version of what you'll find in the Italian press! Italy is far from alone, and even the brain dead conformist Germans have had enough. Regarding the "some of different persuasions": left wing Five Star is promising more or less the same, so it's now
  13. If you are referring to slavery, we pioneered the abolition of that - a practice which had gone on for thousands of years before we brought the forces off Empire to bear on it. But you lefties only wish to highlight the bad of Empire (and remove it from historical context) and never the overwhelming good. Your historical arguments have just been blown out of the water, and you still refuse to address the here and now! I ask you once more: how many immigrants are enough?
  14. The "somehow" is evident if you read the earlier posts. There are two dimensions to this unprecedented mass immigration and the left loves to muddy the waters by conflating them. Though, at the end of the day, the both represent an existential threat to our country and to Europe as a whole. My views ar anything but radical, though representing moderate views like mine as radical and extremist is the way the left furthers its own brand of extremism. People aren't quite as stupid as they think, though decades of infiltration into the media and education system is going to be a hard one t
  15. Note that the above in no way represents the ongoing dilution of the native population it's simply new immigrants. The last census was seven years ago now, and can't include illegals - of which the government hasn't a clue how many. If you are advocating further mass immigration then you need to tell us how many is enough Pilgrim? I can tell you right now that the population HERE really does feel threatened. All that is keeping a lid on things is EU slush/hush money, a lot of which is going into the hands of unscrupulous people. That money can't continue, and the numbers are still goi
  16. Islam's time horizon is a lot longer than any Brit's (including me). Islamists are still living the crusades, and if you think this is a fiction I''d be happy to enlighten you. This afternoon I cycled 35Km over the dirt roads on the coastal plane here - no Italian would do this. I was chased by feral dogs but got a glimpses of the conditions many (mainly) sub-Saharan Africans are living in and spoke to a couple. Stick to your illusions - until the wake up call! There are millions more on the way!
  17. No CL, I'm not an immigrant! I'm British, and my documents clearly say "resident". I'm not going to argue with that in any way at all. Quite unlike foreign residents from the EU who come to the UK, I don't get to tell my hosts how they should run their country, and that is how it should be. I wasn't permitted to vote in the recent referendum on constitutional change, and I wouldn't have presumed to do this anyway, as at best I've only a lifetime interest. If I'd been forced to vote I'd have agreed with the majority, and said "we don't trust the EUrophiles". They are actually about t
  18. We don't need to dig our own bunkers here as there are plenty of illegals who will dig anything for peanuts. In fact Italy is now discovering the British lawn - formerly impossible due to the 24/7 labour intensive nurturing of real grass. No, bunkers aren't necessary anywhere; though I would advise avoiding any public gatherings in a few years time when the sleeper jihadists are activated.
  19. If you can't see the core difference between someone who sneaks into a country flouting all the rules, and someone who goes through the proper immigration procedures and is accepted or rejected on their basic merits and value to another society, then I'm happy to pass on this medication to someone who is in far greater need - you! Please tell us where this universal right to the product of other people's (and their ancestor's) labours ends? With most socialists it seems to end at their own doorstep. BTW I'm told that Happy was over the moon with his new bike and sent me his regards, but
  20. Correction CL: you are a LEGAL immigrant! You're also someone who isn't lying about persecution, or even where they come from, in order to obtain economic advantage. I also doubt that you are in touch with fifty relatives who also want to sneak in without paperwork. And... if the Swedes say ENOUGH you probably won't call them racists for not wanting the major social problems that unlimited immigration causes. Anyway, it's Spring here and all starting up again. The offer is still open: tell me how many you want and I will point them your way. Something even more worrying is that there are
  21. We must leave the EU completely in March 2019 - No transition period, No delay Elizabeth Watson's petition is doing amazingly well: 27,147 signatures now and about 5000 up on when I signed it last night. Actually... pretty disgusting that we should even need to petition so very long after the referendum. Vested interest walks the corridors of power in our country, and we've a long way to go to "drain the swamp".
  22. Two f's in Rediffusion! Which was the trading name of Broadcast Relay Service Ltd. Last full owner was The British Electric Traction Company plc - them wot formerly operated the trams in many cities - demise of the whole thing around 1988 I think.
  23. We seem to have two already, and only one of that two is me! Here comes the rush!
  24. Keep clicking to enlarge.
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