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  1. In an ideal world: we'd all live forever, and the Earth's population would now be approaching one hundred billion. Therefore.. oh!
  2. Those sites that TRY to prevent you highlighting and right clicking to abstract text can be very annoying. That's particularly so if all you are trying to copy is your own text. Unfortunately the message hasn't got through to webmasters that nothing whatsoever can prevent web pages being copied or saved, because that's totally antithetical to the nature of the web. All this kind of nonsense does is inconvenience and annoy honest people who visit your site. One particular shopping site has been bugging me for years, so a while back I added a link to the browser settings page to turn off
  3. My advice - which will be echoed by millions of others - is to remove McAfee in its entirety and install something like Avast (free edition). Life can be challenging enough without McAfee! What exactly does she mean by "get on"? Does she mean she can't view all pages (or certain pages); does she mean that she can't sign in, or can't upload pictures? Chrome is currently experiencing major problems with the latest Windows 10 update, so try another browser. I'm presently having problems on some newspaper sites when using Chrome. https://www.zdnet.com/article/windows-10-april-201
  4. It's a router problem and on Andy's near horizon schedule. It's causing other problems apart from the webcam here.
  5. You agreed with me about the HoL too! Combating extremism is always a problem; but you can't combat it with oppositely polarised extremism, which seems to be the current (PC) wisdom.
  6. Perhaps you need to stop accepting everything you hear on the BBC, and read in their policy manual (The Guardian). "It's a big victory and we can now all go home" is a common delusion, but it's not the way the world actually works.
  7. Got any actual points to make Tony, or does comrade Corbyn do all your thinking for you these days? Please keep in touch as I'd love to know how your extremist-lefty views go down with Mr Orban's crowd. Tiny bit of advice: don't mention immigration, or show any support for the EUcrats, or his Momentum-style bully boys might seek to re-educate you. You will refuse to accept it but Ukip policy represents pretty much the middle ground of UK politics before it swung drastically to the left through the infiltration of our media and education. Sure there are a few nutters, but these a
  8. auriocasio.com isn't a registered domain name! Do you want me to register it for you and activate it? Umm... we could then publish a helpful guide on to how to get rid of it from Chrome!
  9. It's only "a circus act" because people who derive benefits from the EU machine are still in charge and are desperately fighting their corner. They've had things their way for so very long that they truly believe they can ignore a referendum result. We get garbage like "the sovereignty of parliament", and they believe people will accept this. When I last looked the Queen was still sovereign, and she swore a Coronation Oath to uphold the will of the people over special interest. If they are right then we need to dispense with all the state opening of parliament mullarkey and save some money
  10. "The audience of a dozen on here won't get you very far." It's not me that wants to get very far, and you dismiss the silent majority at your peril; ask Dodgy Dave about that one! Will keep you updated anyway, as it's novel to have common cause with you.
  11. Yes, but you still only get one party for your money, not two entirely self-contradictory ones like with Labour. It looks rather well presented to me, but I'm disappointed it doesn't mention HoL reform. It's coming I think, as Ukip policy is made by ordinary members, not behind closed doors in those legendary "smoke filled rooms".
  12. Great to see this one rapidly heading for the 100,000, but I think the establishment parties will do what they always do: mutter fine words about the need for essential reform being recognised, and then do precisely nothing. I'm exploring other ways of lobbying at the moment, as this issue must become a manifesto issue for one party that breaks ranks. It's disappointing that Ukip hasn't picked up on general public feeling and realised that the time for reform is long overdue. A huge vote winner now I think. Recent petitions I've signed: Ensure that the U.K. leaves the EU Singl
  13. You can download it from here. Other parties are cordially invited to post theirs, as (unlike our state broadcaster) the site is politically neutral. I will even try very hard to refrain from commenting on them!
  14. I've struggled to understand that Merc. I thought you were claiming that abolishing this last bastion of undemocratic vested interest "mean all them foreigners suddenly go home"? But as you've signed the petition anyway that can't be true. Anyway, you know all those Eastern European nurses and doctors that were suddenly going to go home if we voted for our independence? Well.. the number now working in the NHS has surged by several thousand. If it had fallen in any way the BBC Guardianistas would be ramming this consequence down our throats regularly. Who was telling porkies here then
  15. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/209433 Looking like one of the fastest growing petitions ever!
  16. .. there's now Telford, and exactly the same deafening silence! The BBC’s shameful silence on the Telford sex scandal Something rather Orwellian about this new diversity, which apparently relies on ruthlessly curtailing diversity of speech and even diversity of thought.
  17. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/03/13/northumberland-job-man-tried-steal-mini-cooper-ends-needing/
  18. Europe is waking up, so perhaps he isn't going to get away with it. Seems there are rumblings about Junker facing corruption charges too. That will surely be the day, as the Brussels mafia has always closed ranks in the past. We look forward to the BBC coverage of all this; but there lies another scandal!
  19. https://www.spectator.co.uk/2018/03/a-very-eu-coup-martin-selmayrs-astonishing-power-grab/ It's worth reading the full article. If you don't think the above is an affront to European democracy then here's a Telegraph post from Chris Snuggs who appears to speak for many (including me):
  20. Moe: My guess - and it's simply a guess - that Merc's position on a lot of things is the same as the much of today's extreme left (and indeed what little there is of today's extreme right) that My enemy's enemy is my friend, and that's why he supports Islam and really wants to treat it like any other religion. But.. he tells us we can't "pigeonhole" him as a leftie, yet he walks like a Corbynista leftie and quacks like a Corbynista leftie, and tells us he's proud to hold left wing views. That's why I am very interested in "his answers". Corbyn's new kind of politics seems rather like an
  21. Here we are back to the indirect ad hominem. The reason you won't answer any clarifying questions is "because I don't think you're really interested in my answers; you're right, and everybody else is wrong, and that will always be the case". i.e. I'm badly motivated, so that apparently justifies the refusal to examine your own highly inconsistent ideas. Yes, I do think there aren't irredeemable people, but if we aren't vigilant and challenge evil belief sets we can easily get into a situation where there is no practical alternative to eliminating the people and not the ideas. That's wh
  22. I'm simply curious to examine your ideas of good and evil. You tell us "some people are evil." I want to know who those evil people are. You see I don't believe there are any irredeemable people, only irredeemable ideas. Islam is one of those irredeemable ideas, and has no place in a modern civilised society. I want to examine exactly why you are an apologist for it. How is determining what you believe is evil "introducing something that is of no relevance" in a discussion about evil? I answer your questions directly, but you seek to dodge mine.
  23. Pigeonholing people is what the left do, and certainly not me! Because of this they do exactly what you do above: rather than tackling ideas which they can't handle they go in for ad hominem attacks. You are telling us that Islam is not an evil. So what in your book is an evil? Let's take Naziism and its own manual Hitler's Mein Kampf - simple question: are those evils? Keep you answer short and straightforward, so's not to muddy the waters please?
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