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  1. Fully integrated Personal Photo Galleries will be added some time next month [Editor: That was written in October so we mean this month - November]. The delay is due to minor software bugs - which are being worked on as I write. This gives you plenty of notice to get your collection of interesting pictures together and have them ready to upload! You can still upload pictures to posts, and, of course, those brave enough to start a blog can include their own graphics. But, the Galleries have automatic thumb-nail/photo-album creation, voting, commenting, extensive linking support to ensure minim
  2. Do NOT squeeze the tube of superglue BEFORE you've carefully unblocked the nozzle with that straightened paperclip! Arrrgghhhh!!
  3. Not then you are a Star Wars fan? --> Brett: Oops - sorry I didn't recognise you!
  4. We need a forum for peeps to ask questions about using the software, and to flag features like personal galleries, PM, events calendar etc. I've already had a user question by phone. Something like: How Do I...
  5. Bulletin Board in final test - accepting new members.
  6. I never dish out advice - I always bill it! Anyway that's the way people used to talk pre SMS. Is that CB under the moniker there?
  7. SOAP: This is the story of two families.... Confused? You will be! LOL http://www.televisionheaven.co.uk/soap.htm
  8. Bedlington, West End Junior School class (c. 1916) - second row back I think. Bedlington, Church of Christ Baptists (c. 1930s) - almost bang in the center. The 1916 one isn't too clear and I seem to remember a much better print of it in Evan Martin's booklet - for which I probably never thanked him for the compy copy.
  9. P.S. Where's me background?
  10. Ummm.. how do you spell 'successful' again! A hearty vote of thanks to fourgee for configuring the software!
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