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  1. He was the Bedlington Coal Company over-manager; in modern parlance the Managing Director. I say over-manager because both the Doctor Pit and the 'A' Pit had under-managers. His son was the 'A' Pit (Bedlington Station) under-manager and my grandfather (James David Millne) was the Doctor Pit under-manager - though grandfather had a manager's "ticket" and was offered colliery manager positions elsewhere which he gratefully declined. Both reported to Mr Weeks Senior - which I've always assumed is the above depicted one. The Weeks family were succeeded at Laird's House by the Crudas family. Mr Weeks was also probably a board member of the coal company, and likely held shares. The house was owned by the coal company, so in fact he didn't actually own it. I can tell you this as a certainty as that's the party it was purchased from in the late 1940's or very early 1950's.
  2. And here's me imagining it was for six of Bercow's car stickers!
  3. https://www.mpsexpenses.info/#!/mp/540 Doesn't look like all those thousands of our money spent on "Publicity services and local paper column writing" delivered any results Ian! I'm fascinated to know what those six items below £1 are, and how much in administrative costs that fiver or so you couldn't spare incurred.
  4. Another farce perpetrated by our utterly biased BBC! I'm not going to bore anyone with further comment, but will simply relay the correct answers to the questions. These are answers no one at the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation actually wants to hear! Credit for the above goes to Brian Chambers.
  5. Really really sad, but all good things do come to an end. It's the way of retailing at the moment, and small retailers are by no means the exception: the iconic Boots is in meltdown, and who would have believed that retail analysts would ever be forecasting that now struggling retail giant M&S won't survive the next decade. I hope Bedlington.co.uk can preserve a bit of the Keenleysides magic for posterity.
  6. Yes, I heard the ruskies hacked the scoring system - we must demand a people's score board.
  7. Some interesting info from Lord Ashcroft's polls about how the establishment parties are fracturing: That's totally astounding, and obviously there are still more to make the jump. The establishment line will be that it's only a protest vote, but the polling indicates that a majority already see it as a permanent transfer of allegiance. So, things can never be the same again - thanks Theresa and Jeremy!
  8. Oh, isn't this fun, and Labour's utter duplicity is clearly getting through to Labour voters too! TBP actually out-polled Liebour in Bradford. A majority of immigrants starting to think just like native Brits is socially cohesive and bodes well. It means Blair's cynical plan to flood the country with ever-grateful voters who themselves have no idea where he's actually coming from, is running out of steam. One more push and we are free of a system which gifts power to some pretty despicable and useless people at multiple levels (I'm looking at you too Mr Lavery) on the eternal basis that they are the lesser of two evils. Britain has finally woken up! Onward the revolution!
  9. ..totally destroy the Tory Party! Yes, you read that right! https://theblueanchor.wordpress.com/2019/04/11/brex-terminate-the-tories/ P45's all around for the current Westmonster lot! May they all rot in hell afterward; because few of them are in any way employable.
  10. You've got the gender of Cympil wrong I think. Nothing wrong with patriotic Kippers, unless you've still got a dose of that leftie "common purpose" bilge they serve up at uni, and I'd have hoped you'd have got most of it out of your system by now.
  11. And another one representing #1, and who refuses to do the honourable thing... Is he going to refuse to accept the money when he decides not to do what he was elected for, but committed to do in order to get the job? Answers on a post card...
  12. Once again Ronnie Campbell does the right thing by his electors and has abstained from a whipped vote for the so-called Spelman Amendment. This attempts to take the no deal option with the EU off the table, and so tie our negotiator's hands. The same can not be said for our Mr Lavery, who is once again playing politics with his country's future! You'll come to regret your duplicity Mr Lavery; your electors aren't as stupid as you assume!
  13. How thrilling for all those people who elected him as one, and aren't going to be given the choice of another.
  14. Why would the people with their noses in the trough ever agree to this without receiving a huge kicking at the polls first? The same is true for constituents right of recall of their MP. When Carswell tried to introduce a RoR bill it was rapidly buried by the establishment. We are going to have to drag the ConLabLib alliance kicking and screaming into the 21st Century!
  15. If you are looking for a currently running petition Eggy then try this one for size: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/242193 BTW, you might have noticed that this is precisely what both those who defected from the Tories to Ukip honourably did, and I think both were re-elected as a result.
  16. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/226071 I disagree with the "not legally binding" bit (because there is a load of historic and constitutional evidence to indicate it is binding) but that's a mere detail.
  17. Yes, my kind of thing Maggie. Post the lot please. People have forgotten what a brilliant idea EFTA was, and that it actually worked well for small business, and was entirely free of political BS. I wondered why we started it then abandoned our friends in it in the early 1970's. The true reasons are now very clear. It's doubtful you'll find this info anywhere else, as it's politically inconvenient to our politicians and big business lobby groups.
  18. threegee

    scan 262.jpg

    Bonzo (#1) again! The back says it was taken 7th August 1929, and he looks to be warm.
  19. James David Millne I Mining engineer who managed the Doctor Pit for the Bedlington Coal Company. Officially employed as under-manager (assistant manager), he held a full manager's qualifications, and turned down offers from other regional coal companies wanting him to manage collieries for them in favour of remaining in Bedlington. He worked together with Mr Cruddace (junior), who's responsibility was to manage (again officially under-manage) the 'A' Pit at Bedlington Station. Mr Cruddace (senior) held overall management responsibility for both collieries. "David" also held public office as a JP (Justice of the Peace), and served on the board of the Bedlington Cooperative Society, amongst other local duties. He was known to many Bedlingtonians as the lay preacher at The Church of Christ (Baptists) on Front Street West. It is largely unknown what he did in his spare time!
  20. threegee

    scan 176.jpg

    The Austin Sheerline A125 of the very early 1950's. Reportedly only around 8000 were ever built and sold worldwide. This one was Bedlington's example (often seen parked in The Marketplace), and was borrowed by Lord Ridley for electioneering. It had a luxury hard wood interior, and there was even a matching fully fitted picknick case built in to the rear seating.
  21. threegee

    scan 172.jpg

    Looks like Bonzo (#1) wants to go for a ride.
  22. James Henry (Jimmy) Millne.
  23. threegee

    scan 205.jpg

    The dog would be Bonzo (#1). He was well known in Bedlington, and famous for carrying long planks.
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